Hip Hop Rumors: Kanye Shades Jay-Z For Missing Wedding?

This was bound to happen.

According to RadarOnline:

“Kris Jenner may claim that Jay Z and Beyonce’s shocking no-show at daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Italian wedding “was the last thing on anyone’s mind”— but it seems the groom is actually fuming.

During his June 7 performance at the X Games in Austin, Texas, West, 37, suspiciously changed his lyrics to exclude his onetime best friend and music collaborator’s name.

In his song “Cold,” the star usually raps “Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team.” But in his latest concert, West simply left “Jay” out of the line.

And in West’s tune “Blood on the Leaves,” he typically spews “I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to Jay-Z.” In the first performance since his opulent wedding weekend, he said “I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to (silence).”

Looks like West can’t take his mind off Jay Z and Beyonce’s snub.

As Radar exclusively reported, insiders say Beyonce actually refers to Kardashian as a “scandalous social climbing wh*re” behind her back, and Jay Z brushed off the extravagant Kimye wedding, calling it a “circus.””

Check out the video below:

  • Joseph Thomas

    this is such a reach…..jay can’t drop anyone from any team anymore…..and besides…dude ain’t even in brooklyn no more….

    • meanygreene

      the owner of the team said he didn’t even have the power to do it

  • Obi Won

    Aint no friends in that bullshit business. Now Kanye can move on and do business & music on his own. You got your wife and kid, he has his wife and kid.

  • 1SOFLO1

    Now you know where you stand. Circus or not, wrong or not, you support your boy. I had many fights knowing my boy was dead wrong. I let them know, but we still do our thing. That’s what friend does.

    • Joseph Thomas


    • GP

      you said it the only way “REAL FRIENDS” would carry it! ?Pac Said Jay was gay. he might be mad kayne married kim, I mean it could be a bad look for bizness but all in all kayne grown so jay should support kayne, esp after he made all the banging ass beats that help the roc put out hits.

    • Real spill!

      You tell them they wrong & they accuse you of siding with the other side.

      You respond, nah, I’m on your side 100%, even when you wrong, you wrong right now, but we can still do it…..just letting you know you wrong.

      >>. Friend : “REALLY?”

      Yeah man!

      >>friend changes mind and does the RIGHT thing, etc.

    • Sonny Tutimez

      And that’s real…i would be upset too cause if I’m your homeboy then you supposed to be down with me especially my wedding

  • foshow38

    I’m pretty sure if the wedding wasn’t a VH1 sponsor event Jay & Bey would’ve went. But they don’t wanna be apart of the reality shit. Kanye is just being Kanye, Emotional. He’ll get over it, there is to much money and GOOD music to be made to let this break up there friendship.

    • Celz

      Kanye is definitely not speaking to Jay right now… … … But messaging is cool tho.. #drakeshit

  • Gervis Lewis

    Dat fool didn’t get the memo no real friends in showbizzness let him go broke he gonna see everybody including his wife disappear.

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  • 5% Hov

    Hov don’t respect that copping a white girl shit.

    He knows it. We know it/

    • digitallife

      Like Jay hasn’t had his d*ck in more white chicks than the entire NFL combined…

      • LOL~N

      • Celz

        He’s one of the few celebrities that married a respectable black woman though. So he gets respect for that..

      • digitallife

        How low must the bar be for anyone to call Beyonce a respectable woman. A
        chick one wrong dance move away from showing the world her clit or nips
        ain’t respectable bruh…If you are in the business of selling sex you
        don’t fall under the category of “respectable” by any definition. At best we can call her a respectable business woman but that’s where that shhh ends.

  • digitallife

    LMAO watch the bandwagoners on here go from calling Kanye a genius to a drama queen because Jay’s involved. Jay is like the new Jesus..cant do no wrong lol.

    • dee

      always … he does no wrong in peoples eyes cause of his success

      • digitallife


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  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    why nigs acting all surprised he knew Jay didn’t want to partake in this event from the beginning, especially with the cameras rolling.

  • 1st time im even hearing about this, jay cold mane, but he smart, he know kim k and kanye are klowns

    • Celz

      “What.. your wedding is THIS weekend.. Nuh uh.. Damn I thought it was next weekend.. Me and Bey got tickets to see that new Spiderman movie.. … … Did you hear Jamie Foxx is in it? Wild huh?”

  • Dope

    I hope for Kanye’s sake he won’t act stupid with Jay Z now.. we all know how he’d end up. He should just realize they don’t want none of that Kardashian stuff tied to their name and move along.

  • dee

    Its been proven time after time you cant trust jayz as a friend and kanye know where he stand now

  • ebonyhud

    I can’t always get online with Radar’s news, but I would assume that Jay-Z knows Kanye and that they’ll get over it sooner or later(remember that Justin Timberlake incident). Kanye knows how private they are. Jay-Z knows how shady he is. Of course this is speculation though, so