Mistah Fab

Hip Hop Rumors: Video Surfaces Of Mistah Fab Getting Hands Put On Him

Video has now surfaced of DJ Mustard, YG and the rest of the crew laying hands on Mistah Fab.

Fab also made a statement about the altercation:

“7 n****s get on me & Im still on my feet scrapping by myself and walked out with my dignity and respect I ain’t mad. Good ole fist fight and fade now lets move on!!! People and get back to what’s important I knew what I was doing walking into that lions den. F*** guns, f*** jumping n****s, f*** calling real gangstas who bout dat murder game, TAKE A SIMPLE FADE and move on!!! Laugh & live. We move forward get off where u mad at and live with it!! I walked into a venue 3 deep and addressed my issues and death with the outcome. Security what they was pose to do I didn’t have no security or bring hella goons I stood and fought like a MAN! S*** n****s don’t do no more.

What’s funny about the video is watching the Bay Area and Oakland n****s who be acting like we rock together sit and watch that’s hilarious. Kids won’t understand what being a man is about!! A man disrespects you As a Man U go address that at all cost What does respect mean to U. At the end of the day it could have been worst for both parties I could have came with a murder squad, his security coulda pop shots. Last thing ima say!! STAND FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE in EVEN IF YOU THE ONLY ONE STANDING!!!!! LETS BE MEN and MOVE ON It’s not a BAY vs La thang.”

– MistahFAB

Watch the video below:

  • Big Red-Office Hrs: 9 to 5

    Too old for batman draws cuz

    • Dubz


    • therealwayno

      LOL but n****Z really, really like Batman.

    • foshow38

      The batman draws might of helped him. All those niggas on one dude and he was still on his feet!

    • atle fjeldstad

      I remember i had the batman draws back in high school

  • Ipullcards

    This just made me lose a lil of bit of respect for Oakland and YG. Mustard why u rolling with security? But you bragging about knocking fab out in the video? YG u from Compton and u endorse niggaz getting jumped? U gets no stripes for that. And the fact mista fab who I never liked stood up the whole time while getting jumped just makes him look tougher than mustard & security.. Oakland…? The biggidy big? Ya not rocking with a home towner? And all facts that is the bay sound, mustard sounds like rick rock

    • Gervis Lewis

      Fab don’t represent for all of Oakland come out here and see what Oakland is like and not the good parts .

      • Ipullcards

        Bro u preaching to the choir! I got homies from Vallejo to East Palo Alto all the way to hunters point. I got stripes. You ride with ya ppl. Ain’t he from Oakland? East Oakland don’t fux with fab? Ya acting like my hometown. Niggaz take ya sound and style and than come to ya town and don’t nobody take issue with that? This is HIPHOP! And biting/jacking/dic riding/copying that ain’t hiphop!

  • jacksjus

    That is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard. He admitted to going into the lion’s den to pop shit off short handed. What an idiot. I have been hoping he’d catch a fade after defending that POS Kreyshawn anyway.

    I agree with the comment about moving on, but he was best not to speak at all making himself sound more stupid in the end.

    Can’t blame YG and his crew because they didn’t start it.

  • Gervis Lewis

    Nigga get whooped on now he eating humble pie cuz he know he ain’t in no streets like them niggas he to busy at peace rallys lol

    • atle fjeldstad

      What do you mean? You think its better to be on some war shit then being on some peaceful shit?

  • Gervis Lewis

    From what I see some of these cats need to lay off the drugs that got em thinking they superman.



    • i’mreloaded!

      Co-sign dat.

  • i’mreloaded!

    Better to fight it out than shoot it out. Crab in the barrel azz niggaz.


      what u truing 2 say

      • i’mreloaded!

        Just what I said, if there is some form of disagreement, just knuckle up and quit takin da bish way out takin somebody’s life. Crab in da barrel because when Mustard wasn’t bubblin and FAB had a buzz, he wasn’t sayin nothing then. What part didn’t u understand?



      • i’mreloaded!

        Evidently you do, you clicked on it. I’ll just end it here bcuz I see what type of individual I’m talkin to and I don’t deal with ignorance. God Bless You brotha.



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  • trilltalk1

    1st off that ain’t know man shit, that is some stupid shit. you walked up in that lions den and got chewed up cause you stupid. now you wanna type that long as shit about nothing. niggas always talking bout i stood like a man. so, you still got the beats put on your ass for being stupid. like that a 2nd place prize for being stupid.

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  • digitallife

    Mofo’s was in here co-signing shhh when he was the one putting hands on a DJ, now the shoe is on the other foot and it’s stupid. Cowards that beat on people as a pack are what’s straight up wack..if you can’t fist fight by your damn self you are a straight up p**sy who should reconsider your attempts at being about that life. I have zero respect for that pack mentality shhh, cause mofo’s go into a casket alone so you either ride alone and do your dirt or you find another path in life.

    • jacksjus

      What type of crew do you hang with that would allow someone to come into your group and snuff you with no consequence? You need to switch teams if this is the case.

      Bringing a mob with you to confront someone is one thing, but I’ll be damned if I’m with my peoples and some random fool gets out of pocket and everyone just watches.

      FAB was stupid for that because he chose the wrong damn time and place.

      • digitallife

        What kinda crew I got? Righty and lefty..why? If I catch a charge they ain’t got no choice but to serve with me..other people…well i’m in my 30’s i’ve seen some of the hardest men on planet earth broken by the promise of facing years. How many people in your crew you think are willing to end up in a pine box for you? Or do a life bid for you? The reality of the real answer to that would make you seriously reconsider the whole “Crew” thing.

      • jacksjus

        What’s up with all this death and jail-time talk? We are talkin GM about a simple beat down.

        My point is if you were out with 5 of your best friends and someone comes into your circle and smacks you, your boys better mob on that fool quick. If they just stand there regardless if you win or lose, they aren’t friends.

        Now I am not condoning violence or looking for trouble but sometimes things pop off and as friends you stick up for one another. If your friend’s just sit there then they truly either aren’t your friend or they are straight puss. Either way I would have nothing to say afterwards to that friend.

      • digitallife

        Why the death and jail time time talk? Because when you go and confront or handle something those outcomes are realities. All it takes is one punch placed in the right location to put a man in a coma.

        I understand your point and I understand the situation you are trying to paint. All i’ve done is added details and circumstances you’ve left out. I’m also painting a reality that not there is a difference between friends and fam. You and I may be aware of this difference but a ton of the youngin’s that read this site don’t.

        Yet as you said “if they don’t do anything”..what happens in that situation? You should be prepared for the worst in every situation, tons of people lower their guard cause they are with people’s. I’m sure someone in that crowd was cool with fab too and fab thought it was p.c. because “we cool”..my overall point is to be on your guard at all times regardless of who you with.

      • jacksjus

        I can dig it.

    • Celz

      He coulda had a knife.. You get packed out for taking off with no warning. What was they going to stop the concert give refunds so they can go a couple rounds? You set up a fair one or catch em in the streets. Like a dude could crash your party and demand you stop everything and fight fair right now.. Naw you gettin packed out for bein reckless and disrespectful.. And sucker punches aren’t fair ones either..

      He took it like a G tho.. And who knows the sucker punch could have been worth it.. 40 Glocc take some notes..

  • FukYor Mother

    hahahah !! MISSES FAB aint shit , ol lame ass denied it at first but when the video came out now hes on some other shit .. back trackin hahahaha

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    Niggas nowadays refuse to have a fair ones, Nuthing but a lotta cowards swinging on one man. Niggas wear pants off their ass and jump peoples are straight cowards periods. Anybody that rolls like that fuck’em with a aids dick. PAUSE.

    • meanygreene

      I blame drake, and chris brown, and while we are at it, 50 too

    • Celz

      You set up a fair one or let it happen.. Niccas don’t know what he got on em or what his intentions are.. In the middle of a show on stage? A young nicca in Brazil got merced mid performance while he was on stage.. I bet they wish they jumped that dude..


    Cowards all of em. How 20 niggaz jump 1 nigga. Thats some hoe shit right there

    • thats whats happens when 1 nigga talks shit to 20 niggaz.. lol.. you didnt know?

      • jacksjus

        Somebody has some sense here.

    • Celz

      How 1 nicca sucker punch someone and expect a fight to be fair. If his homies didn’t jump in it still wouldn’t be fair.. BECAUSE YOU JUST SUCKER PUNCHED HIM lol

  • loc’d up

    u can’t go anywhere without some dump shit popping off they r to old for this bullshit

  • Poseidon

    “Holy rap beefs, Batman, they’re rat-packin us!!”……………….. POWWW!!! BLING!!! BANG! BOOOMMM!!!

    He came dressed for the occasion.

  • where was v-nasty to help this chump out?

  • Jdilla2982 .

    Nikka Mista Fab face was swole as hell LOL…Talk about Lions Den this is when KEEP IT REAL goes Wrong

  • Quintin Williams

    Mistah Fab makes sense and I agree with him, but he did get his ass beat

  • Celz

    Chill wit that he got jumped shyt.. Sucker punches have no parts in fair ones.. Fab never wanted to catch an even fade.. After the sucker punch it’s not even no more, come on now.. He deserved to get jumped and if your homies wouldn’t have jumped a dude that sucker punched you, then yall aint for the street life..

    He did take it like a G tho.. But technically they even..


    That nigga was wearing ” Batman Underoos”!!!


    Now I know what the FAB stands for Fuckin Ass Beat cause that’s exactly happened to him !!!

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