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Kanye West Hit With $800,000 Lawsuit Over Sample

(AllHipHop News) So far the summer of 2014 has been a season of celebration for Kanye West, but the Chicago rapper/producer did received some bad news recently. According to Radar Online, Ye is facing a lawsuit from The Persuaders producer Robert Poindexter.

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In court docs filed in federal court, Poindexter accuses West of illegally using a sample from The Persuaders 1972 song “Trying Girls Out (the Composition)” for Ye’s “Girls Girls Girls (Remix)” off Freshman Adjustment 2. The sample was also used for Jay Z’s version which appears as a bonus track on The Blueprint.

Apparently a previous suit was thrown out earlier this year, because Kanye refused to respond. Poindexter is now seeking $800,000 in punitive damages in this case.

Late last year, West was also sued by singer Ricky Spicer from the group The Ponderosa Twins plus One. The former child star claimed Kanye used his voice on 1971’s “Bound” without permission for the Yeezus track “Bound 2.”

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Listen to “Trying Girls Out” and “Girls Girls Girls Remix” below.

  • The Legendary Troll

    they just now suing for this??????????? side note what happened to this kanye? makes me sad listening to this because this is the Ye america fell in love with. True hip hop head

    • Let it build up, get big, then sue, instead of shutting it down & getting less $$$.
      IE: You got the artist dead to rights, do you sue & stop it from coming out, or let it sell 50 mil & sue for a piece of that?

      • Dope

        This song was on a mixtape and 10 years ago…

      • mfactor

        Dont matter, They still sampled what they didnt get permission for

      • RightOn

        It matters a lot Mfactor, If you are not selling it for profit then you can’t be sued.


        except it’s on the Blueprint

      • A mixtape? never a single or on an album?
        Was the mixtape sold?

        not sure about that part, in regards to just sampling…without selling / making a profit off it.

        i doubt they could win a lawsuit against a DJ for playing it at a house party, etc….even if the DJ was making $$$ off the party, but ASCAP got it’s hands on digital jukeboxes now too.


        it’s the last track on the Blueprint


        It’s the bonus track on the Blueprint

      • It’s a wrap then, someone owes.

      • RightOn

        Yep! That’s exactly what Rick James did to Hammer. Let that brother sell millions and then sue.

      • Yeah man!

        The oldest trick in the book, So old, they changed the law…you can’t wait, LOL~N!


      They tried to sue years ago and it was thrown out because Kanye didn’t respond.

  • 1hiphophiphop

    Both songs go hard

  • Dan_Tebasco

    They didn’t pay for the Girl Girls Girls Remix-sample??? If it was a song that they sampled which they “hid” in the background just the bass line or cut up so you couldn’t hear what it was but that sample is pretty linear and the hook is the same… That’s just foolishness on their behalf… Of course they deserve a check for that, the beat and hook makes that song


      I hate to say it, but… this wigger is right ya’ll.

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  • Super producer = Super Sampler?

    If you crook the hook, you pay to play!

    • RightOn

      That’s straight up hating bruh. You know damn well ‘Ye can come up with a beat from scratch. I am not a fan of his personality but I would be lying if I denied him his talent.

      • Ssshhh!

        Don’t give Ye any propz….he’s already acting the dayum fool!

        We gotta hate on him a lil to keep him grounded.


      Always thought he was an overated producer.

      • Yeah, but he is a dope engineer!


        Yeah, I like crack muzik, and gold digger. after that (Yawn) He’s has talent no doubt. To be a good producers you got to pay dues, He just hadn’t did it long enough to me. JMO!

      • AwdioDrewskiiJohnson

        go to wikipedia and go to production discography then come back and change what you wrote he made shit u didnt even know he made !


        Just cause I Don’t like his music, does’t mean he don’t make good music, I’m just not into pop music.

      • He’s been doing it a while, but I think it’s just that he has a good ear, more than actual talent, but he’s doing his thing!


        Compared to a Premo, Pete Rock, Dr Dre, and Timberland, they all flop a few times, til they got it right, Paying dues, That Auto tune is wickity wack. He take credit for other people beats too. When u become rich u lose that hunger.

      • It takes discipline to have food & not eat! (that’s why Muslims fast )

        Marvin hagler said it best, when asked how he managed to stay retired without making a comeback, and he replied:

        “it’s hard to get up at 5am and do road work..after sleeping all night on silk sheets.

      • CUTMAN


      • Everyone who had to do roadwork at 5am after sleeping on silk sheets all night probably said it!


        I dig bro, LOL!

      • TheLowDown

        I don’t think “engineering” is what you think it is, if you think he’s a “dope” engineer. He’s not.

      • I always thought it was the dude on the track machine.

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  • Quintin Williams

    This was the Kanye I liked back when

  • Sincere Nokwaree

    You aint gonna get shit ova no damn mixtape! Everybody willing takes an L on a mixtape. Get wit the times Poindexter! Prob. some greedy lawyer thinks he see’s $$$!


  • Just some bastard #alcoholic

    Where is the talent in taking somebody else music and changing it up a little?

    • Terrance

      This is a Hip-Hop site Bruh…


      its stealing u stupid bitch

  • jeezuz_walkz

    lmao aint nobody even heard that shitty ass song lol…. 800 k gtfoh your song didn’t even make that much money and you feel you deserve that on a song that hasn’t even broke out the underground ? lmao … good luck.

    • Mark Imakebeats Ford

      your an idiot.

      • TALK_BOSS

        lol sh!t makes me miss the dislike button

      • jeezuz_walkz

        why am i an idiot because it’s truth? do you feel dude deserves 800k for a song that didn’t even make 800K ? who’s the idiot now?

      • jeezuz_walkz

        p.s. your mom’s the idiot. (for having your dumbass)

    • Ill Tal Beats

      The song was released in the 70s….before youtube….

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    stop sampling others ppl shit be original then u dnt haft to worry bout shit like this

  • brotha_man

    unless jay paid up…they need to be suing Bey-Z

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  • bigdoe6

    He sampled the man music, now pay him. Simple as that. The track got placed on The Blueprint album so therefore it was monetized. Just pay the man. That’s all he wants. Pay him for using his intellectual property. He needs to sue Def Jam records. They own the masters for the recording. Kanye for paid a producers fee for his work. Def Jam nor did Kanye cleared it so why can’t this man get paid????

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    it’s time for Yeezy to come out with another “College Drop Out Album”!!! #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

  • Kevin Anthony

    Problem is..nobody makes music like this any more lol Kevin Anthony-21 soundcloud tell a friend

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    People’s attitude towards lawsuits kill me. Half of yall would want to fight someone for stealing your profile pic on twitter or buy the same sneakers you got lol. But you can’t understand an original artist wanting to sue for their artwork being used without their permission?

    You’re lame! Become good at something and you’ll understand.

    • atlantahiphopshop

      I have been saying this forever. People do not know how painful it is for someone to make millions off of something you made 5K for. He doesnt even mention them in any dialogue, He pretends he did it and people worship him for it. Yeezus? SMH

  • digitallife

    Let’s be real, he could be sued for every damn song in his portfolio..we saw inside the studio with Kanye trying to make a beat…that man cannot play music. He can chop it and put drums on it but he can’t play a midi keyboard for shhhh…it’s online ain’t gotta agree with me but the video stands as plenty of proof.

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  • atlantahiphopshop

    He used them on other records as well. Nina Simone and at least 30 other groups/artist could sue him in the next 2 years if they wanted.

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  • Poseidon

    ….But tell me Kanye wouldn’t be the first one grabbing microphones with some shit to say if Guns N Roses was accused of stealing samples from Gladys Knight and shit.

    This dude sometimes….

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