Slowbucks Crew Drops 50 Cent/G-Unit Diss "0 – 300 Real Sh*t"

(AllHipHop News) It was only a matter of time. The most talked about moment from Summer Jam 2014 – Slowbucks chain getting snatched – led to social media insults, press conferences, allegations of snitching, and now the inevitable diss track.

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Slow Bucks Over Everything released the attack record “0 – 300 Real S**t.” Borrowing the beat from Drake’s “0-100” and referencing G-Unit’s version called “Real Quick,” SBOE calls 50 a “b***h” and Tony Yayo a “Fraud” on the song. There’s also the line, “last I remember you the leader of that telling s**t.”

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Listen to SBOE’s “0 – 300 Real S**t” below.

  • PorchBoySlim

    This shit is so trash…..I don’t even know what else to say, the shit is just trash!

    • Yeah, but the beat is OK!

      • PorchBoySlim

        Yea it’s Drakes beat though.

      • I know!
        LOL~N & SMDH

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    The dude rapping at 0:45 sounds alot like 50 if you ax me

    • Product of Da Reagan Era

      And the person rapping after him sounds like KIdd Kidd. Slowbucks just bodied themselves by making this record.

  • Dreday410

    You got robbed in front of 70,000 people live and probably 1 Million online stream
    let it fade out….If I was the judge and I heard this after you try to get money I would throw out the entire case.

    “0 – 911 nigga real quick, real quick, whole squad on some telling shit.

    “0 – 911 nigga real quick, real quick, cops on speed dial, get your ass locked up from that snitching shit”

  • Dointer

    This dude is so corny, I am not a die hard 50 fan, or a Slowbucks hater. But this dude is looking weak….Calling 50 a bitch, and Yayo a fraud, really doesnt hold much weight in a successful diss.

  • soyhiphop

    This is more embarrassing than the beatdown lol give it up snitch

    • Jovaughn


  • Carl Moritz

    Get’um Fif!!!!

  • Carl Moritz

    LOL smack’ em , and then what, run like hell LOL

  • soyhiphop

    So is ok to claim yous a gangsta but when you get your ass whooped and your chain snatched like red in friday you run to the law lol and than u have the nerves to drop a diss record on some gangsta shit?

  • Jovaughn

    These dudes are not smart. If you plan on pursuing litigation on 50 and trying to protect your brand then why make a diss song. Pursue your legal case and keep it corporate. Any smart real businessman would of done this. If you was gangsta you would of taken the L and handle it in the streets. Anybody can get touched and any real dudes in the streets know this. You probably would of got more respect if you chose ONE route and stuck to it. You can’t go back and forth and expect to be taken seriously and respected in either field.

  • The Legendary Troll

    smh now he wants to be a tough guy. this nigga went 0 to 100 real quick to the police station.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      real quick lmao

    • hahahahahahahahaha lol lmao!!!

  • Now you deserve everything coming your way.

  • Killuminati

    man this been out for like a week now where the fukk u been illseed?

    • idk i thought they were thinking they dont wanna promote a wack diss song.

      • Killuminati

        truuu….man dude aint even hyped in the song either…man ur chain just got snatched!!!! lol….sounds like he still scared

      • its not even worth a response. unit should just keep it moving. i’d like to hear them do a song on lit

    • not like the song hot or nething… lol… nigga name slowbucks… it takes a while

  • imma darkboy

    smh…..if u really wanna show the people something and build ya brand back up…..go and get 50’s chain

    • 5789007

      That nigga don’t wanna die

  • Super-Khalifah

    I didn’t know who they were till I saw them on that Summer Jam stage getting taken advantage of.

  • water_ur_seeds

    So this Slow Bucks, is/are they a crew??? Whos the dude that got his chain snatched??? Mr Slow Bucks or something???

    Anyways this a wack track, people really aint got talent but they still drop tracks, how they get a buzz in the hood let n lone the internet???

    • hoeyuno

      Apparently they have some deal with sha money. .im gonna guess hes the one putting all that fif is a snitch shit in there head.

  • Phibes


    • hoeyuno


  • tra mo

    if I was 50 I wood keep it on wax and get back on my get em buck isshh and let banks have a field day

  • Ipullcards

    Listen these dudes don’t understand it’s personal! Not a rap beef. Conveniently they come out with a diss after his 1st week sales were in lol.. It’s safe now but you’re helping him sell records. Credibility is lost on their end since his ‘press conference’.. Once 50 sells 100k the machine will kick in and his platform will be greater and their diss will just fuel a bigger response esp since gunit reunion. These guys need not go this route or they’ll be stagnant in their “brand”

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  • Question: So which one of them is next to get a beat down by 50? A. Slow (again) B. Bucks or C. Trav hahahaha….these dudes just don’t learn…Slow got beat and jacked at Summer Jam on stage in front of thousands of people lol…Trav got “Pushed” (no pun intended) by 50 and was about to get his ass kicked if it wasn’t for Meek Mill (go look it up on youtube)….these dudes is just askin for more beatdowns lol

    • #SS

      50 can’t beat em. they snitchin!

      • 50 already beat him… where u been? the 1st time i ever heard of slow bucks its because 50 cent beat that nigga.. lol dumbass

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  • #SS

    Snitch Hop? Aint that a bitch! I aint listen to these snitches!

  • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

    This shit is pathetic…

  • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

    Worst diss in the history of rap, pure trash…Ok, maybe the ICP diss to Slim Shady is worst than this, but this is down there with some of the worst diss records ever recorded…

  • Sadat

    50’s a genius. I could be wrong but I think this beef mighhht be fake. 50 ‘s album drops, his series on Starz, “Power”, airs, G-Unit gets back together and now a beef that doesn’t even make since cause 50 didn’t actually take the nigga chain. The nigga knows how to bring attention to himself. I just saying. I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard a song with him, Game and Olivia singing the hook.

  • nigga name slowbucks…… he slow…………….

  • HatingWhitePeopleSince85

    @Sadat… What does 50 Taking his chain PERSONALLY have to do with anything?? O_O … 50 DIDN’T TAKE JA RULE CHAIN HIS HOMEBOY ROBBED JA AND IT STARTED A BEEF!! So that has zero to do with the issue

  • RealSpit

    I dont under this new generation of weak ass rap niggas!! Bunch of keyboard gansters talking all this hardcore tough killer shit on their songs wearing mini skirts and shit. Then in a face off they get a L and run to the laws trying to sue a nigga or put a nigga in jail. WTF happened to hip hop??




    This cat gets his chain snatched in front of hundreds of people, and he wants to put out a dis track???


    Where was his crew when his chain was snatched??? Now he wants to play tough guy!!! These young cats today are softer than rotten fruit!!!

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