The Game Settled $20K Bet "Miscommunication" With Kevin Durant

(AllHipHop News) Just 24 hours after L.A. emcee The Game called NBA superstar Kevin Durant a “sore loser” for apparently not living up to a bet, Game is now saying the whole situation was the result of “miscommunication.”

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Earlier this week Durant said Game was lying about the two making a wager for $20,000, and the rapper then blasted the league MVP on Instagram for not committing to donate to his Frogg All-Stars youth program.

Game told TMZ Sports that he communicated with KD about the matter, and the issues seemed to stem from confusion over reports it was cash wager and not a shoe donation.

“He was just talking about we didn’t bet $20,000 cash. I never said we bet $20,000 cash. I just did the numbers. A hundred or more kids, the shoes cost a $150 plus the gear – you do the math it ends up at about $20K,” explained Game. “He’s a professional athlete, so I guess the rules are they’re not to gamble on basketball which is very understandable.”

Game also added that Durant has agreed to donate the sneaks to the Frogg All-Stars AAU basketball program.

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28 Responses to “The Game Settled $20K Bet "Miscommunication" With Kevin Durant”

  1. johnblacksad

    Is that a surprise coming from a guy that gets a butterfly tattoo on his face and then covers it with a L.A. tat? a guy that wants G-Unit to reunite every tuesday and thursday but then screams G-Unot or fcuk G-Unit on mondays and wednesdays?

    smh… this dude done pulled some real lame sh!ts in his lifetime… he has salutable gestures and moves sometimes… but his corny sh!t basket full too!

    Almost messed up with dude’s promising azz career! You know damn well no NBA player even supposed to be caught shooting basket balls outside of his contract, not supposed to be betting sh!t b-ball related etc… but Game had to go and act like he tough… smh

    (btw… ya’ll know of course he was on some basic psychology with that butterfly tat on the first place right? “I’m not gonna do like everybody else and get a tear tattooed… I’m gonna do something original… I’m so tough/so gangsta anyway that I can afford a butterfly tattoo and still look tough/gangsta…” smh… F.O.H…. sh!t was Lame, stupid and corny as fcuk)

  2. elpinchemayate

    he got what he wanted, all he had to do was tell the world, anyways its a WIN for the kids……………

  3. Montezuma1

    Chatty ass social media whore. In such a rush to name drop Durant he didn’t realize the scrutiny he was putting the man under. Then didn’t have the wherewithal to read between the lines when Durant responded the way he did. These entertainment gangsters can’t keep their mouths shut. Just shut up already.

  4. grownassmanchi

    Everybody know what happened here, this media whore went name dropping n bragging on a $20K bet on social media, not knowing KD’s contract with the NBA means he cant gamble on pick up games. TMZ confronts KD and he denies it like he’s suppose to, Game gets all butt hurt and runs to social media again continuing his inadvertent dry snitching. Then KD or somebody from his camp lets him know to shut up and he makes up the BS story about the $20K of shoes “for the kids” to try to do some damage control. Bottom Line: Game has the temperament of a 17yr old hormonal girl. Straight clown.

    • ll3acdafukup

      Bi polar more like it… Instead of picking up the phone to talk to KD he runs to social media that’s some “terry cloth” kinda shit

  5. Mec-One

    KD said he would donate (tax write off) before the so-called bet was even made ……. game is the best for finding new ways of making a fool of himself

  6. Kevin Anthony

    As long as the kids get the shoes that’s all that matters. Kevin Anthony-21 soundcloud tell a friend

    • EDOGZ818

      $150 shoes?
      That should cover uniforms, equipment, etc. too.

      $20K should cover the start up of a small sneaker company or league.
      After they wear those out, what’s next? $10 Spauldings?

      $20K & nothing to show for it = ????

      • Kevin Anthony

        Oh No doubt bro..but think about it..when we were kids..what would we have wanted? Sure those uniforms is what the kids need..but that ain’t what they want lol 20k is a lot of money to just blow on sneakers..but the smiles on those kids faces..they will always remember that.

      • Immortal

        What was those cheap shoes Marburys? Could’ve gotten those, some gear to support them and used the rest in making whatever sport they’re in safer and better or expand on the level of play with better coaches. $150 for a set of kicks for a child who’s feet are still growing seems over the top.

      • EDOGZ818


        Ninjaz will be playing barefoot next year like OmmFooFoo the refugee that came over last year……to own the corner store in the ‘Hood.

        These ninjaz is perpetual consumers.
        They probably have to pay to play in another league, instead of starting their own, etc.

  7. Killuminati

    either way it goes game was lying…he stay lying…these rappers nowadays need to stay off social media it makes em look dumb…..he posts kd owes him 20k then removes the post like he wouldnt see? dumb as fuk…

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