Hip-Hop Rumors: A BIG Riff Between Jay Z & Kanye?

Kanye West and Jay are a helluva team. They are always interesting to listen to and to watch. All that great stuff. And YET…there are these persistent rumors of friction. It didn’t help that Jay and B didn’t show up to the big wedding. Seems like Kanye has been performing and when he performs, he has been removing all references to Jay Z from his rhymes. For example, on “Blood on the Leaves,” ‘Ye says “I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to Jay Z. He ain’t with you, he with Beyonce, you need to stop actin’ lazy.” On a recent rap, he said, “I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to … . He ain’t with you, he with Beyonce, you need to stop actin crazy.” He just didn’t say his name. And he apparently did that a few times. This has formulated rumors of friction. Well, that is Kanye’s “big brother” so you never know.

And then there is more to this rumor…from the tabloids, where they got dudes sounding like birds in these streets.

While many are speculating that Mr West is still fuming about the wedding snub, we hear the feud escalated over another matter. Apparently it was Jay who got annoyed because Kanye recently tried to offer marital advice, after wrongly assuming he and Bey were on the rocks following [elevator]-gate.

US sources told us: “Jay thought it was laughable that Kanye was trying to give him tips when he’s only been hitched two minutes.

“His jaw dropped to the ground when he got the call.”

“Kanye said he thinks Jay needs to stay focused on his marriage, ignore the negativity surrounding them right now and told him to ‘take care of business’.

“Despite the fact Jay agreed with the sentiment, he thought it was ridiculous that Kanye was trying to act like he knew it all.”


Do you really think there is friction between these dudes?

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Jay a fucked up person just look at all the niggas who was apart of his come up. Every last one of them niggas aint in the picture now..well minus Bleek. If this rift is true Kanye should of seen it coming

    • Jonathan Cephas

      So its his fought he put grown men in the spotlight and they aint know how to stay in it? Lil Wayne was the least of the Hot Boys at one time. Its all about hardwork and dedication.

      • Ipullcards

        Nah bro ogres up down there during their reign he was always the 2nd or 1st most relevant or noticeable members

      • dee

        Turk was always the least of the hot boys

      • Jonathan Cephas

        Regardless.. Juve and BG was the front runners. Who the blame for they fall off?

    • dee

      People dont see that tho like I always say his success over way his wrong doings thats why people dont care if you point out facts against him people quick to say you a hater. To me he’s one of the guys I would least trust in the industry. Keep in mind to he never believed in kanye til he started to blow up then he wanted him by his side.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Kanye has even said what you’re saying isn’t true. What was the first album that Kanye every appeared on?

      • mike1994

        if he never believe in kanye and waited until he blew up…why the hell did he have kanye rap on the song the bounce on the blueprint 2 before kanye even had an album out

      • dee

        dame dash thats easy everybody know that

    • TheOnlyCoop

      Until you look at the back stories of those fall-outs. Just look at Klein.

    • meanygreene

      every click that was hot and then fell off always had at least one person stay relevant. case in point for me was hit squad. who is the one that stayed the most relevant as of late? Redman

    • Weedras

      ya’ll reading way too deep into this shit and y’all aint much different than illseed with the speculations lol!! i would friggin laugh too if Kanye tried to give me marital advice when i done got 6 yrs on him… lol!!! and with his bitchass ego of course he’s gonna feel some way if any of this is true any way…

  • JD

    Kanye cries like a little girl every time something doesn’t go his way.

  • Sean Power

    this sound like the kardashian PR time leaking rumors

  • Clondyke Classic

    Can y’all stop speculating and deal in facts? Them niggas chillin. And if they was beef’n you know they wouldn’t do it in public

    • Weedras

      That’s why the post the crap over here bruh its the rumors section…

  • Escobar

    Honestly, each time I give marital advice to homies and they have that same reaction eventually they call and apologize saying I was right.

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  • The Legendary Troll

    Kim Kardashian is the destroyer of worlds. look what she doing to this nigga life

    • Immortal

      Ye is going to find out the hard way that his song Gold-digger was a prophecy of his own life. She has her own cash flow, but hers is short money, where Ye’s IMO is going to be longer through sales and royalties. Nothing better than augmenting your own bank account with the money of someone else’s when they can do nothing about it. I hope Ye saved that Hyundai he talked about.

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  • i’mreloaded!

    $hit. Why da fucc did I click on dis?

    • ghettogov

      Who the hell writes tabloid articles and how much do they get paid to just make up Shit? Seems like a great job honestly…at least they are being creative lmfao

  • ShortDogg

    Who shit cares? Worthless article! Two pop artists bitching!!!

  • baller187

    jay be full of himself

    • kanye as well…. clearly, but kanye is also full of jay from time to time i bet…

  • Swiftest Fox

    illseed, please look up these two words: riff and rift

    • knomtawkinbout

      I was waiting for the audio clip!

    • Changeclothz

      lmfao exactly

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  • Who cares, he just go married and the hype is now over……What else are Kim and Kanye going to do for attention?

  • Joey Barz

    ”now i aint sayin shes a gold digger”…and then he marries one lol how do you go from ”jesus walks” to calling yourself ”yeezus”? Seems like once the industry gets ahold of you all belief in god turns into self-pride and ego. Diddy even goes as far as to call himself a ”god” lol back on topic.Jay shouldve smacked kanye thru the phone for that b.s. whats he been married like 10 minutes? I cant wait for one of the kardassian sisters to smack kanye up in an elevator…


      Because that nigga is crazy!!!

    • he is an ass clown. the definition of one infact.

      He wants to make all these clothes and yet he wears louie vatton and all dat homo stuff.. lol..

  • SheenaJeetyib

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  • Honestly, I have a life and better things to do than
    stupid rumors like this!

    • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

      Apparently not.

    • and yet…. here… you… are!!!

    • DL

      apparently you don’t have better things to do except sit at your computer and comment like everyone else

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    wow that picture doesn’t make Yeezy look good at all…They both go this “I don’t know this nigga” look on they face

  • gee… kanye acting like he knows it all? nahhhhhhh… never that!!!

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  • GP

    Wtf. this Rapper Tayne Vest got on some wrestling hart foundation glasses. Beyoncé wig looks like she cop’d that shit of da ave from some Africans and JJ evans look stupid. I mean you cant blame jay for pimping with his 2 chickens!