Hip Hop Rumors: Jay-Z's Alleged Mistress Demanding Apology

Let’s not throw Jay under the bus just yet, the blonde Becky the media is saying he’s having an affair with has came out and is not only denying the allegations but is also demanding an apology, according to TMZ.

The reality TV star accused of having an affair with Jay Z is flat out denying she ever had sex with Beyonce’s man … and now she’s gearing up for a legal battle.

Casey Cohen — who was on the Bravo show “Princesses: Long Island” — was named as Jay’s alleged side piece in several magazines (such as In Touch) … all owned by Bauer Media Group.

TMZ has learned Cohen has hired a lawyer who fired off a cease and desist letter saying Cohen and Jay Z “have never been in love or intimate” — and dismissing all the Bauer articles as “a foul and phony mistress-rumor.”

Cohen cops to having met Jay Z and Beyonce several times — in the letter, obtained by TMZ — but only through her job working as a VIP hostess in New York City.

She is demanding Bauer issue a public apology to her, Jay Z, and Beyonce … and remove all posts about her from the Internet.

We’ve reached out to Bauer Media, but no word back.”


  • DreamBigLiveLarge

    i can go for some bomb p***y like that. good thing my girl is a dime #blessed

    • scullyson

      smh…You trippin..

      • DreamBigLiveLarge

        how? she bad.

      • RazaBladeKing

        She look pretty regular to me. Then again, I don’t worship pink toes like a lotta the new n****s.

      • RightOn

        Lmao. Nothing wrong with “pink toes” bruh. Though I don’t worship it, I find it to be delicious.

    • $25041764

      thats where you yung boys get it twisted, dimes are a head ache at home, my gyrl not a dime 7.5, but if i get laid off, i dont have to worry about the bills getting paid or running out of shit like newports, get one thats bout that business fuk what she look like

      • DreamBigLiveLarge

        In my opinion, dimes aren’t based on looks only. Your mentality and way you carry yourself makes a girl a dime. From what you said, sound like you gotta dime too bruh

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  • Professional Side piece!!


    That bitch is from Long Island??? Her pops probably whooooped that ass when he heard about his “lil princess” sleeping with a black man!!! He re-enacted that seen from “Jungle Fever” when the white chicks pops found out she was banging a “brotha”, and phukkked her up something nasty!!!