50 Cent Reveals Release Date For Next Album

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent was supposed to show us Street King Immortal a full year before he released what has become Animal Ambition. During a recent interview, 50 Cent revealed the definitive release date for Street King Immortal will be released.

Back in November of 2012, while still signed to Interscope Records, 50 Cent announced on his personal Twitter account that Street King Immortal would be released February 26th, 2013. Over a year and half since that announcement, 50 Cent has released Animal Ambition and during his interview with Conneticut’s Hot 93.7’s The Hot Morning Show today (June 16th) and announced the album will be released on September 16th.

Less than two weeks ago, 50 Cent revealed on Good Day Philadelphia that G-Unit’s first album in six years will be released in November.

Check out the full interview here.

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  • Killuminati

    i cant wait for tht g unit album tho

    • Realist4200

      As long as it’s not too try-hard. And as long as it doesn’t go along the same lines as T.O.S.

      Beg For Mercy was the shit though.

      • Killuminati


  • sh4rukha

    Same day as GAME album…

    • Realist4200

      50 should know by now not to play the sales wars any more. He embarrassed himself with that Kanye fiasco. And Animal Ambition…. Those sales were horrible.

      Sales don’t matter in this era, but he made a career out of talking about sales numbers so it was very ironic when his album flopped.

      • Dreday410

        900,000 sales should be embarrassed ?

      • Realist4200

        Not the numbers he did, but everything else. I don’t need to explain it; you know how it went down.

        “If Kanye sells more I’ll quit rapping”

  • Thanx Nerve

    Just another FLOP coming… 50 Cent stans can already start to make up some excuses.

    • 48RAW

      That you Rozay?FOH..Shill comments wont work

  • Ghetto Suburbia

    Stick to movies 50, thats your bread and butter now…

  • Dreday410

    Now these numbers will count unlike AA I really doubt he will be releasing ALL the music for Free before Sept 16

    If he smart he would do what david banner did and release only on his website and Bitcoins…..If you don’t know that is like putting your CD on Datpiff and buying it directly from them instead of an company

  • RightOn

    Nobody give a f&*& 50. Well except maybe for the 40000 ppl that bought your album. LOL

  • water_ur_seeds

    Amazon finally delivered Animal Ambition yesterday and TBH the beats are weak, theres few good verses from 50, but the album as w whole IMO is a disappointment as I was expecting a tough album, the only decent tunes are the ones he released that made me think it was gonna be a dope album in the first place lol

    • Eli Pinilla

      The funeral shoulda been on the album…..pilot was str8 too

      • water_ur_seeds

        Its on my copy man, its a bonus track, its prolly the best tune on the album…

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  • gf

    I c da haters r out early in all different styles,approach n colors,dam can 50 live,n can ya haters mouth rest, even prostitutes take breaks from dik riding,

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  • Montezuma1

    Another album? Is the new one finished selling?

  • gf

    Did u buy the new one montezuma, if u did cool,if u didnt y r u askin,not ya concern,

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  • orlando jackson

    lmaooo this shitt wont sell more than 50k

    • Hector G

      and you probably couldn’t sell a hot dog to a starving person so hit the bricks h8er

    • who buys albums??? the best album in the world i wouldnt buy.

      • jdubba

        Maybe you could buy a couple after you sell your cubic zirconium chain, 40 Glocc.

      • nigga didnt i just say i wouldnt even buy the best album ever made? let alone ANY album… comprehension not your strong suit.

        n why u talking bout 40glock? who cares bout him

      • jdubba

        Aren’t you white, son? Bet you don’t say nigga anywhere but online, or with your friends in the suburb. You should change your sn to One Punch Knock Out

      • where i was raised it was all love, could say what up my nigga to anyone… thats how i know that YOU are from the burbs homie.. cause in da hood its understood… step ya game up

  • jdubba

    There was a misprint in the title of this article. It should have read “50 Cent Reveals Release Date For Next Piece of Garbage Flop.”

    • womp womp

    • Andy

      He sold 40k on a warmup album with ALL songs already released, no high profile features, none of the best beats he has stored, and barely any promotion. SKI could potentially do a a few hundred thousand. You underestimate how massive 50 still is worldwide.

      • jdubba

        Good answer, Lloyd.

      • Andy

        Either jdubba or EDOGZ818, which part of my comment was incorrect? None.

      • Andy

        I can’t reply to your recent comment as it was flagged for moderation (because you are randomly bringing in some weird **** for no reason that was apprently on your mind lol. You have something to tell us buddy?). No, I wasn’t incorrect. Don’t have a cry about it, logically address what I said. Did he release all songs before June 3? Yes. Did he use his best, SKI worthy beats? No. Did he use widespread promotion that he has the finances for? No. Did he have any of the features that have already been confirmed for SKI? No. So stop attempting your weak little insults and address my points. if you can’t, it shows I was correct.

      • jdubba

        probably got flagged cause I called you a homo.
        Im not going to address your points cause it would involve reading the rambling thoughts of a retard. 50’s a washed-up old man rapper who put out one good album a decade ago, and has progressively gotten worse since then. The amount of pathetic nut-swingers he has is just hilarious to me. Im waiting for your next comment to be how much money he has. Yes, he’s rich, but that means he’s a smart businessman, not a relevant rapper. plus, youre a homo which is the worst thing a man could be.

      • Andy

        Why do you have this weird fascination with homo this, homo that brah? No one brought it up except you. Those of us who are actual heterosexuals don’t care one way or the other, we don’t go out of our way to support them but we also don’t discriminate. I have no interest in discussing them, yet you have all these weird mentions of them. Again, do you have something you wish to disclose about yourself? No? Then stop mentioning homosexuals.

        Your comments are full of random unjustified opinions and insults, with no actual facts or evidence. You haven’t responded to any of my points because you haven’t got a single rebuttal. Hahaha.

      • jdubba

        So you’re saying you’re a homo, right? Gotcha, “brah”. Now type up another long boring response. It’s always fun to pick on retards. Especially gay retards.

      • Andy

        Hahaha so I guess reading comprehension is another of your many weaknesses? You didn’t catch “those of us are actual heterosexuals”, “we don’t go out of our way to support them but we also don’t discriminate”, or “I have no interest in discussing them”? There appears to be one homo/bi in this conversation, but it definitely isn’t me.

        Also lol at you projecting. When the best you can do is call someone a retard in response to facts, offering no counterpoint, you are the one who comes across as a massive retard. Try again bro.

      • jdubba

        Why’d you go from “brah” to” bro”? Got insecure cause I called you on it? Fag.
        Now, please, keep rambling on pointlessly, like the trollbait idiot you didn’t even know you were until reading this sentence.

      • Andy

        Shutup brah, you trolling homosexual retard. lolol

      • jdubba


      • Andy

        You mad homo troll?

      • jdubba

        More disappointed that you didn’t run down your moms inner thigh. The strange thing is, I put it in her worn out butthole that night, so you’re some kinda weird butt baby.

      • Andy

        So let’s get this straight (no pun intended). You randomly bring up “butt buddy” 50 cent, homo this and fag that, my mothers butthole (what’s the weird fascination with buttholes?), and you want to talk about how you aren’t a homo?

        Hahaha holy **** you are such a phaggot. Please leave this site.

      • jdubba

        You have ho-like tendencies. Plus you’re a fag

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  • Greg Gorham

    I think Game’s album, releasing the same day, will do better, and sound better, than 50’s.

    • game sucks. and he is an ass clown. and he cant write hooks. he is a one trick pony

      • jdubba

        Yo, whats good, Tony Yayo? Still chokin on 50’s nuts, I see

  • that new unit track.. nah what im talking bout.. is sooooooo fire.. they do more tracks like that and they right back to thye top, nah what im talkin bout?

    • jdubba

      Eat a dick, white boy

      • white boys rule the world. now go n cry about that.

      • Andy

        Both of you are ****ing idiots. Two opposite sides of the same racist coin.

      • im not racist. lol Im ignorant.

      • IceBergSlim

        That’s your imagination talking those days are gone ..step your game up and stop useing race as your trump card ..it is played Donald

      • Nah, its still truth. Not that iu agree with it… but its still true. So step ya game up!!!

      • IceBergSlim

        Cuz chill wit that look for harmony instead of ignorance to speak

  • King Cold

    Who cares about sales these days? Lmao. Quality over quantity

    • DLOUPO

      It’s funny as soon as 50 flops it’s who cares about sales but when 50 was making videos talkn about fat joe, lox, dipdet, French it was all good…. Karma is mutherfucker

    • IceBergSlim

      lol.. you trippin I guess that’s your boy ..who cares about sales..lol..you are funny

    • King Cold

      Smh. Hoes sure are thirsty today. Too bad u gets no water from me. Speed on b4 u get peed on

  • IceBergSlim

    His sales stink because he isn’t saying anything of substance how many times your going to talk about the gangsta lifestyle. Talk about something people can relate too guide them especially these youngins.

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