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Hip-Hop Rumors: Whoa! Chris Brown And Justin Bieber Crews Clash?


I heard this one last night and I mulled it over and was like…REALLY? Chris Brown just just outta the bing and there are already rumors that he’s clashing. And Justin Bieber is out here calling people the N-Word and wanting to join the KKK (or something like that). And they go into the studio? So, over the weekend they reportedly went into the studio together and everything was reportedly “la la la,” I am hearing something else.

I am hearing from sources close that the crews got to fighting! This all went down supposedly at the Record Plant in Hollywood. Apparently they got into it right outside of the studio in the wee hours over the weekend. But, it had to be bad, because people were seemingly frantic to get out of there. They were Ubering and calling cabs like mad people. There were presumably a lot of girls there too. Hoping that Breezy doesn’t get himself into any more trouble Also, hoping Justin…ahhhh never mind.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Where’s the video?

  • Tiffany Hill

    Yasssssss I thought they sent Jb back to Canada

  • foshow38

    Trouble seems to always find chris…SMH

  • ryan987

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    • Slick Blak

      Feds will try anything FOH

    • wickedjones

      you seriously trying to sell dope on the internet? 1st I hope they find you. 2nd I hope you get locked up. And lastly 3rd, I hope you get f*cked in the ass in jail.

    • Escobar

      Better hope you’re using an Onion Router, flushing you DNS, statically and dynamically changing your IPv4/IPv6, requesting low-traffic input/output packet networking before I trace your ass just to slap in the f**king mouth.

      FOH, guy. For real.

      • Gonja

        That would be dope af

      • ll3acdafukup

        Won’t do any good cause he’s posting that from his cell phone

      • Escobar

        Makes it easier. Cellular providers use DHCP that don’t change and are permanently assigned and continuously connects to their node. It’s as easy as converting this webpage into a cache file and use Charles Proxy Logging to pick up each individual comment for it’s host….

        Using a computer, your ISP changes your IP by the hour by law, but what do I know? I said too much.

      • >> In Flavor Flav’s voice : “Yo! Kick the ballistics G!”

      • FRUKOH

        DHCP = dynamically assigned IP address, not static, so it does change.

      • Escobar

        I’ma stop here and say each IP gets renewed, regardless. Depending on your service provided. We can go back and forth with this tho.

    • Breeze

      Smh. . . You are a straight up dummy. Local you going strait to jail. And based on what you’re advertising you’re family won’t see you for 10 years

  • soyhiphop

    I wont rest till I seen jb catch a jab to the jaw and falls out snoring..oh who am I kidding I never cared for this little bordenline wigger half neo nazi confused kevin from home alone looking ass canadian kid who obama purposely hired to distract you zombies from the real drama..I said too much

    • rozay

      that shyt already happen in my city toronto .Justin was in a poplar club down here and almost got stomped out on the dance floor

      • Escobar

        It is was Wet Bar, or Paradise, you dun know this bucket wouldn’t want this beef ting.

      • rozay

        i think time night club . its on youtube styl . u from tdot

      • Escobar

        I visit T.Dot often. My main stay is Brampton. Been out here tho stilly so you know it’s all blessed.

  • soyhiphop

    Think about it for a second…all these mofos where planted by the distraction for the weak minded who dwell on ignorance who watch these so called reality shows and download songs because they heard the radio play it 75 times in a 13 hour span..tmz mto mtv bet name your poison and sadly blame illseed cause ahh turn into that too..I dont watch tv im out in central park watching my kids play..wake up cuz..stay awoke to the ways of the evilest kind..sorrounded by crash dummies and empty minds..prodegy the genesis

    • ll3acdafukup

      awe shit bruh was that you with the kids and frizbee?

    • AK

      its just entertainment calm down

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  • Gonja

    Lmfao!! Catch that fade Bieber, it’s coming regardless..

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  • Brindle

    anytime two blond kids fight, its corny

    • Yeah, but……wait, there is no BUT!


    Goon shyt




      If Bieber get locked up again they’re gonna loosen that a$$ up.

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  • TheAkademik

    1st time I’m on Chris Brown’s side of the fight

  • Executive

    Turdman and gayweather would be in full kkk uniform to protect Beiber.

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  • My question is…Whytf was Chris Brown going into the studio with JB in the first place???

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      easy money

    • because they both some punk bitch ass pussies

  • jdubba

    This might be the most poorly written, grammatically incorrect articles AHH has ever published and that’s saying something! I can barely make heads or tails of the last half

    • oh stfu about grammar… if u want grammar go watch old episodes of Frasier.. and get your kelsey grammer fix.. lmfao.. and all this coming from a dude who forgot to capitalize his god damn name.

      • jdubba

        eat a dick, white boy

  • hoeyuno

    Arnt they both celeb bloods…I feel for the biebs a bit but lil man that is the only word on the planet white people cannot say and weather u were 14 or not America loves to see the rich and famous fucc up everything. If I was you biebs I would go down south to the most racial tensed town in Mississippi and give one million cash to the church and buy every person in that bitch a Mercedes Benz. ..just a start. .

  • man id love to see justin beiber get jumped.. he thinks he is all street know.. soooo funny

    • AK

      why jumped? hes just gonna act like a badass and say they were afraid of the 1 on 1

      • why? so he can live in the real world for a few minutes.And have them film it and dont stop untill he is crying like a lil bitch. then he cant say shit!!!

  • Emmet Willis

    “And Justin Bieber is out here calling people the N-Word and wanting to join the KKK (or something like that)”

    Six years ago, so not at all in the present. Talk about making noise for no reason.

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  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Honkies unite.. LIES!!

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    justin prob was recording his latest hate underground record and chris had to put hands on em !! i doubt anyone needs to get violent with Justin … but its the better than what ymcmb has been doing in the situation

  • A lot of times if no other site carries a story then it’s been made up in the AHH reporters’ head. A lot of these exclusives could be a result of smoking a bad bag of WE?D LOL

    We all have dreams and nightmares but we don’t always take them as fact.

    I hope you get enough sleep tonight “Illseed” not getting enough sleep is not good from the brain.

  • meanygreene

    both of them are softer than newborn baby sh*t

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  • Joey Barz

    Beiber’s crew vs Brown’s lol you gotta be kiddin me them boys are softer then a goose-feather pillow fight on top of a tempur-pedic with silk sheets…f.o.h ahh you mfers are trollin wit this one

  • kardsufur

    Beeber would bang on chris brown. Bieber on that roid rage he would fade chris brown badly

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