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50 Cent & The Game To Drop Albums The Same Day (POLL)

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent has always been an outspoken follower of Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. The Queens rapper may have called upon few of those laws – “court attention at all cost,” “crush your enemy totally,” & “master the art of timing” – for his latest move in music.

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Fiddy revealed recently that his next studio album Street King Immortal will be released September 16th. The Source points out 9/16 is the same date former G-Unit member and longtime 50 rival The Game is dropping his next LP Blood Money La Familia.

If both albums’ release date remains unchanged, this will set-up an interesting sales battle between two emcees that have repeatedly thrown shots at each other over the years. Prior to 50 Cent announcing the date for his 6th solo album, Game seemed confident he would have the top-selling album the week of his release.

Blood Money La Familia will be another #1 album,” said Game in a statement earlier this month.

50 is no stranger to album sales competition. He famously went head-to-head with Kanye West on September 11, 2007 when Ye’s Graduation outsold 50’s Curtis in first week units sold.

One year ago this week three rap stars dropped their albums. Kanye’s Yeezus, J. Cole’s Born Sinner, and Mac Miller’s Watching Movies with the Sound Off all hit retailers the same week. That three-way battle ended with each emcee/producer topping 100,000 units sold opening week.

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  • Killuminati


  • The Legendary Troll

    50 got desperate. Dude trynna use game to market his new album like he did Kanye

    • gf

      Game used 50 to get a name so y not,have u hussle before or have u been hussled,wish one

  • will

    September is the 9th month not the 11th. Do you guys even read what you write?

  • ChiVa02

    “Fiddy revealed recently that his next studio album Street King Immortal will be released September 16th. The Source points out 11/16 is the same date former G-Unit member and longtime 50 rival The Game is dropping his next LPBlood Money La Familia.”

    — Was the calendar rearranged? Isn’t 11/16 November? Or is November going to relocate itself?

    • Ipullcards

      Way to pay attn bro! They both in on it!

  • Casor_Greener

    I’m not buying either of these clowns albums

    • DLOUPO

      You gotta be a real nigga

  • jd

    Who will win? Interscope.

    • Ipullcards

      50 isn’t with interscope anymore smart guy! Try again

      • Dreday410

        Never is game.

      • jd

        I know this. But they still win. If there new albums sell, it will undoubtedly increase sales of there previous albums, which happens to all artists. Which are the better albums. Which are on Interscope. They still win, no matter what, smart guy.

      • EL_BARK

        Nice attempt to spin your dumb comment but again your wrong. Neither album will sparks old sales from
        Any of theirs albums.

      • jd

        Not true. It happens all the time in music. Check the Billboard. When MJ’s new album came out, his sales for his old albums increased. When Adele’s album 21 came out, sales for 19 increased. Its happens all the time little fella. This is no different.

      • EL_BARK

        U comparing MJ a legend and adele a mega pop star to two old has been rappers.

        Neither one of these two RAPPERS will spark albums sales for their old album.
        Come on just take The L on ur dumb comment. Smh

      • jd

        Son, 50 Cent sold 10 Million out the gate and his 2nd album’s 1st week sales were the 7th highest selling of ALL-TIME with 1.7 sold in the 1st week. The game sold 5 Million with his 1st album. 3 Million on the 2nd. Yes, sales wise (Which is ALL I’m speaking about) I can make the comparison. You gotta read. I’m sorry if I’m over your head, man. But study up.

      • EL_BARK

        Take this L

        They are has been rapper now u diverting to. Their album sales, from 10 years ago. To take the focus off ur first dumb comment. How interscope wins when either one of them signed to interscope. Have several seat to go along with this L…

      • jd

        How don’t you get this? Are you slow? New album sales increase old album sales. I don’t care how old of an artist you are, thats the truth. And the company that has the old albums is Interscope. So when those sales increase, they win cause they get paid from the old album catalogs. Do you at least get that?

  • IceBergSlim

    No what’s funny neither one of these dudes has made an impact in the rap game when they both came out they had some much buzz..10 years later they have both declined. I do not see growth in either one of them only thing 50 grew is his bank account not bad but as far as his rap skills still the same the only thing he learned is how to be more shady and underhanded. 50 fan base is weak his fans are wannabes

    • WeakSauce

      His fans are wannabes what?

    • gf

      Wat u consider an impact boss man, we r lucky to have da chance to make comments about these entertainers/ -entrepreneurs n we dont take da rite approach, get out ya feelins n research 50 impact to da rap game new york scene to worldwide,since it seems u been slerpin for all these years, negative or positive,u like or dislike,his impact is solidify, sumthin like wat da asteroids did to da dinosaurs, lol, dat impact cuz dem to exist no more boss man,who ya fav artist n tell me how they show growth n how have they impacted rap or humans n general,who else besides their own mouths they feedin,talk to me

  • do yall have to pay for the pics u use in these stories? these pics are like 10 years old..

  • John Holladay

    incase yall didn’t notice 8/16 and September 16 are not the same dates..

  • Dreday410


    Well if the Game is signed to YMCMB aint no way his album is coming out on the day they say it is unless you Lil Wayne or Drake…..Cash Money has 943 artist and only
    4 put out a CD from the record company on the projected release day

    But I read game is signed to E1 music…..not sure

    So no need to even make it like it will happen…..Besides if one is on a major the other has freedom to release it on more platforms then just Itunes and record stores

    • Tre C

      he actually did sign to YMCMB? i thought that was just a rumor

      • hes not signed.

      • Dreday410

        I’m hearing he signed to E1 Music but saw a old video he had with young buck where he rocking the Cash Money Chains (which don’t really mean anything)

    • Jl££

      waynes release dates always change, so you can disregard him in this convo.

      • Dreday410

        Well that is my point then the Game album will probably do the same

    • GP

      Cash Money has 943, Lmao that’s epic.

  • LoverOfHipHop

    Do either of them have a single for these albums?

  • ATGreat

    The game might win because he hasn’t dropped a dime in a long time, but fifty still has more money tho 😉

    • he dropped an album last year…

      • John Q. Public

        that was a compilation not a solo album. he had like 3 guests on almost every track

      • hes done that on every album. If thats your logic, he never released an album before.

      • John Q. Public

        that’s just not true

      • The documentary- 18 songs, 12 features.

        Doctors Advocate- 16 songs, 13 features
        LAX- 19 songs, 18 features.
        RED Album- 21 songs, 22 features
        Jesus Piece- 13 songs, 23 features.

      • John Q. Public

        about half of those if not more are an artist singing the hook.

        He does have a lot of features but the 1st 3 were solo albums for sure. The Red album was garbage I don’t even remember it to speak on it. and Jesus piece was advertised and released as a Complilation/Concept album.

      • I agree, he’s one of my favorites and his last 2 were duds. But feature heavy is still feature heavy. Thats his style. Most people spend more time complaining that he has features or name drops than actually listening to and appreciating his style. But yeah, Ill give that to you. Jesus Piece was more of a concept/ Compilation that a straight forward album.

      • John Q. Public

        I had to Wikipedia RED album just to remember it. The City ft. Kendrick was prolly the only track I liked, weak album

      • GP

        ^^^Lmao. did not know the Lame dropped all those albums except the first 2. but damn out of 87 songs this dude had 98 features. Sound like somebody need help selling albums.

      • Killuminati

        yea thats why dre brought 50 in to help game on the documentary…he submitted the album and dre said nah were starting from scratch….u can actually hear some of the songs from the albums they were actually called untold story 2 and west coast resurrection they were released after documentary…they were horrible

  • If 50 wins we can look forward to a video of him poking fun at Game. if Game sells more, we can look forward to 50 looking the other way as if nothing happened.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Why does the game bite people so much? He steals everything song titles. Now album. Blood money okay that was cnn album. La familia as in the Roc. hahahah

    • Killuminati

      was a song on CNN album…off the war report

  • Dreday410

    Now I understand why Game would just come out of no where and diss the XXL Cover for NO REASON he got a damn album going and need to create a buzz to not be overshadow by G unit reunion

    I wonder if he would have diss XXL Cover if someone from TDE on it
    Then again Ty$ was on it and that is YG homeboy

    • Killuminati

      isaiah rashad is from TDE

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  • Business Wise i like 50 over Game anyday…but Musically lately Game makes the Better music, ironically i was just listening to Jesus Piece album yesterday and checked out Animal Ambition last week…Game is winning the bettwr music race, but 50 is 50 so he’ll win numbers wise.

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  • I put my money on game….he lost against ye and Rick fawlse

    • V C Pittsburgh

      You goina lose money then

      • 50 track record ain’t been good when beefing except wit ja rule….how am I gon lose bread…or u a Stan who doesn’t wanna come to grips that ya favorite rapper is done…he couldn’t out rap game, kanye, or rick ross, what makes u think he gon win this time? Keep it real, I’m asking you seriously.

  • Killuminati

    its gonna be close.. the only thing game has goin for him is he has been makin music the past 5 years consistently…even tho his sales have been declining steadily since…

    • Nyga07

      I hope they both do good fug it.. Game a lil wish washy but he human and I personally like 50 better simply bcuz he been the same way from day 1 period.. Now I don’t agree with everything he does(buck call,going at nas,etc) but I’m not suppose to we are 2 different ppl.

      • Killuminati

        yea i agree…im a 50 fan over game and it seems like lately all game does is try and call out names on his tracks to build hype….which if he hates 50 so much why is he taking the approach 50 did to try and get a buzz…its played out

  • Amy Anderson

    50 cent! Everyone and their mothers know who he is.

  • johnnydrama

    The Game kissed so much ass on his new single. He disguised his asskissing in a song where he attacks the newbies and tries to be all gangster about it. f*cking pathetic