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ALLHIPHOP EXCLUSIVE: Torae Dishes on New York Hip-Hop

Powerful, heavy, yet delicate—words weld unlimited possibility. Within Hip-Hop, competitive MCs are challenged to use their words to reflect the human condition. To learn the of art of balancing humility and hubris, an MC must believe in his inherent talent while constantly maintaining a student mentality.

Representing the city that birthed the genre, New York MCs must work diligently to distinguish themselves. In this AllHipHop exclusive, Torae dishes on New York’s lyricism and its place in Hip-Hop.

Here’s the question that evoked his response:

Torae, on “Make You A Believer,” you say, “…who wanna collide with us / it’s obviously obvious the North won the Civil War / it’s better to side with us…” This made me rewind the track. As far as Hip-Hop and its culture, please expound on that. That slick mouth has a lot to say!

Torae’s Response:

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