Hip Hop Rumors: Trina Goes In On Instagram Follower For Mentioning Khloe?

Its obvious that Trina is hurt behind French dropping her for Khloe Kardashian, but one fan took things too far with Da Baddest B**** and decided to give their take on things, calling Trina a “rat” and saying she’s been with every rapper in the industry.

Ms. Trina didn’t take the comments well and held nothing back when lighting ol’ girl’s a** up…





Mmph. Pretty sure Trina lost a follower that day.

  • Tre C

    Trina letting instagram followers get to her?

  • TressTress

    Trina is too old for that BS. Her clap back was childish.

  • hoeyuno

    Do you get points for fukkin the ugly kardashian!!? French a fool if that’s really how it all went down..trinas hip hop gold!

    • Terrance

      Regardless of her pedigree, she is one of Hip-Hop’s naturally sexy chix.
      #305 #954

  • Terrance

    The wide nose comment is NOT a good look coming from a person of color. That said, I still think Trina is SEXY!!!

    • Eli Pinilla

      Agreed with both lol

      • Terrance


    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      the bitch had a wide nose!!! wide noses dont symbolize black people maybe in another world but the majority of us do not have wide noses.

    • >> ** Extends arm out front, palm level with the ground, and then alternantely raises thumb & pinky about Trina being sexy **

      Mentally, she’s ugly as FUGG!

      • Terrance

        She is who she is and dubbed the name #BADDEST for a REASON.

      • >> In RunDMC Voice : “bad meaning BAD, not bad meaning GOOD!”

      • Terrance


  • meanygreene

    if its the truth, why is she getting mad?

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    her response had nothing to do with the mention of khloe…. the broad dissed the shit out of her and called her a rat. get ya facts straight

    • Msd1amonds

      She did and what’s funny it seems someone forgot what they looked like before Hollywood cleaned her up made her into someone she’s not. Bleached skin not to mention all the surgeries she’s has had to make her into this fake ass she is today… I think it should be a complimate someone compared her at all!

      • Terrance

        When “baddest chik” came out, she looked pretty good.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        she was bad as shit lol

      • Terrance


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  • GP

    Trina the sperm cleaner. how is this washed up girl getting air time.

    • Terrance

      I don’t know how many men she’s had but to me… she’s a sweetheart.

      (I wouldn’t fall in luv) but, sometimes you gotta like a hood chik that can dress and a probably bust a bottle on a violator.

      I’ve never heard of her startin any sh*t tho.

      She seems to be a chik from the hood that just does her own thing.

      The TALENT is there.

      Just seems like her handlers didn’t know what to do with her. I would know tho…


      • GP

        she started shit with BG. on that what’s beef diss she made going at BG.

      • Terrance

        I’m a check it.

      • Terrance

        Sounds like she’s DEFENDING herself to me…

        these “RAP BEEFS” *YAWN*

        Good lookin tho.

        Sounded aight.

        At least she named names and was FOCUSED on what her message was. As opposed to spitting out incoherent sh*t.

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  • Immortal

    Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have slept with over 2000+ women in his time. I think Trina could double that with the men and equal that number with the women. (let a bisch straight lick lick the clit…) She’s still fine, but needs to realize that if they gave out frequent flyer miles on her snatch, all of us could go on worldwide vacations for the rest of our lives

  • wickedjones

    This is one of the reasons I rather be the Mack in the back, than the Chump in the Front. “i stole that from Method Man.” This social media bickering is getting out of hand.

  • $25041764

    s/o to all my nigs that said fuk trying to read all that small blocked up bullshit

  • Trina has issues with wide noses?

    • Terrance


      You’re funny today Bruh…

  • trlvman357

    Seem like the chic was on her side!!