Hip-Hop Rumors: Azealia Banks Claps Back At T.I. & Tiny!

Azealia Banks didn’t mince words after T.I. clapped her up on Instagram. But Banks didn’t cower fully. She returned fire (that was largely ignored), and managed to get her sh*t off too.

I’m a T.I. supporter, but she definitely goes in.


  • Nemesis_Enforcer


  • Casor_Greener

    Got at that boy

  • Jay Smith

    That is funny as hell!!!!! She got him. Can’t we all just get along.

  • Walwyn Morgan

    If only she could promote her music the same way she promotes this shit. Ass backwards

    • Killuminati

      This is the way she promotes it

    • Twonpass

      Bass Ackwards…….

  • Jay

    Crazy shit lmao

  • Fosho3528

    Ouch… That Mason Dixon crack was fantastic. She’s got wits. Unfortunately she lacks maturity. Should have put half of that into a song.

    • Twonpass

      dammit man, the nail hurts……hahahahahaha

  • scullyson

    Whoa …somebody went all the way in. Tip leave it alone . Lol…let it ride

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      too late now dawg – lol

      • scullyson


  • scullyson

    That pic though ! Smh..lmao

  • Montezuma1

    TI asked for this. Can’t be a social media tough guy with a chick or a fag. They’re gonna win every time.

    • 48RAW

      LMAO! preach

  • chippc

    You can pinpoint the moment when she thought it was gonna go bad for her because she pulled out the classic “he threatened a girl ya’ll” line. Twitter followers must have pumped her back up after that cuz she started firing again.

  • Chris

    Azealia Banks seems like the type of woman that’ll have you pleading your case in front of a judge in a domestic battery case. Sometimes it’s just best to let these types of people wallow. SMH.

    • OnlyFaDaReal


    • Schooly B

      LMAO! But really though fam you right!

  • kardsufur

    yoo she put nigga on LOCK. she bout to end T.I. career wit dat ether

  • Chris

    That pic is funny, though.

  • Tre C

    does she pay AHH to report the bullshit she does on a regular basis?

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  • dehova

    It was once said smart people don’t argue with fools as people from a distance can’t tell the difference. Silence here would be the best remedy then, in 5 years when she’s married to a white guy, you get some stripper to embarrass her in a restaurant. Bitch.

  • RapItUp

    She’s so annoying though.. She’s definitely on my “Man I wish they would go away” list. Her, French Montana.. Ray-J.. Ray-J and this bimbo are tied. Donald Sterling. He’s not hip-hop, but AHH reports on him, so fuggit. And lil durk. He just sucks!

    • Megapsycho84

      Hell yea, I concur

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  • OSBKE3000

    Azealia Banks needs to be drug out in the middle of the street and shot … who’s buying/listening to her 💩💩 ASS MUSIC, keeping her relevant? not me

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    SHUT UP HOE!!!!!!

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  • Poseidon

    Somebody skull-fuck this broad already so we can hear the sound of successful people talking again… Smfh.

    • B.U.


  • t1m3b0mb

    The problem is every time she goes on a rant all the sites be promoting her twitter, no wonder she always falls back to the rants that’s her claim to fame, and ti a hoe for trying to be tough with her he’s only putting the battery in her back again.

  • ihatefaggots

    She telling the truth

    • Megapsycho84

      So you co signing this bullshit she on? Lol. Tip will destroy this dumb ass broad. The bitch is in the middle of the ocean, and crying for help.

  • disqus_8gQkV1Y55t

    on the real ppl…..who is this bitch?

  • iamjustsayn

    she likes older white men like (sterling) so are you suprised she talking this way album will brick tho

  • Biig Cuziin

    it seems like she is begging for attention. honestly i never heard not one song this girl has made…….even worse when i looked her up that shit was wack…..ijs if u gone talk shit at least have the talent to back it up

  • B.U.

    Dumb little girl. How does this help her?

  • CaronGeddesppa

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  • Obi Won

    TI and Azelia are both corny, TINY is a G. Tip got lucky when she took him serious

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Ti fights with bitches because he’s gay

    • ATGreat

      You must be scared of bitches, bitches be looking for trouble and acting like men

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        I had to dumb myself down to read that

      • ATGreat

        No you have become insecure

  • Ipullcards

    Who the fux is this stank beetle? What song does she have?

  • Steven Wright Montgomery Of Co


  • Megapsycho84

    She just want tip to tip drill her lol. She’s hater yet can’t make up her damn mind if she is a fan or not.

  • Dayum!

    She didn’t even touch on the Mayweather fight.

  • angie

    Those damn sub tweets though …