Tech N9ne On Making Forbes List: I Wanted To Keep My Income Secret (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) When a lot of rappers are named to Forbes annual Hip Hop Cash Kings List they are usually quick to spread that accomplishment through raps, social media, and interviews. Tech N9ne is usually not one to follow trends, so it is not surprising Forbes’ number 18 ranked rapper in 2013 did not want his income shared with the entire world.

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“I wanted to keep it a secret. When people feel like you won the lottery, they call you. Cancel your Facebook and everything,” Tech told “When you make that much money, I guess they have to report it. Forbes wants to say, ‘Look what this guy did. $7.5 million this year,’ and I was like, ‘Don’t say that’.”

The creator of 2014’s Strangeulation album came in just behind Swizz Beatz ($8.5 million, #17) and above 50 Cent ($7 million, #19) on last year’s Cash Kings list. Tech N9ne was one of the few independent artists to make the top 20.

“I’m proud of it. That was bigger than the year before,” added Tech. “We’re steadily on the incline, and it’s a blessing to be able to do it independent. Our own money, without major radio or video – still on the Forbes list.”

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Watch Tech N9ne’s interview below.

  • Sinbk Legend

    They sleep on this dude so much…legend


    now he is the #1 “independent” selling hip hop artist for a few years in a row now..

    • Jonathan Bacher

      Yeah but…No but….Macklemore is.

      • Celz

        Macklemore makes poppy radio music.. The last time Tech was on any form of mass media he was probably dropping freestyles on the wake up show. Mack might sell more records but I bet Tech has more money and more real fans..

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Although I think you’re right about Tech having more money (he’s been in business for 2 decades…) it doesnt change Macklemore is the biggest hiphop indy artist at this moment.

        What are “real” fans ?

      • Celz

        Mack sells what he does because he caters to a mainstream pop audience g and his marketing and promotion is bigger than most majors. I mean technically 50 Cent is Indy. Tech has more real fans because he’s mentioned with guys like Mack and 50 and he caters to a sub genre of Hip Hop with no pop fans and no mainstream marketing. A lot of Macks numbers come from him being on TV and the radio. Techs sales come from a loyal fanbase. It’s a ridiculously huge difference Mack hasn’t accomplished anything compared to Tech honestly.

      • Jonathan Bacher

        If I had listened to Thrift Shop 1 month before the release, I would have waved that shit away.

        Mainstream adapted. Aside the gay song, it wasn’t catered to. The budget came available only after their initial success.
        Also, don’t tell me Tech HASNT have access to a similar budget after being 20 years in the game and 3 years (latest) on the Forbes list.

        Check his Facebook page. Tech also tries to go mainstream with the recent Kendrick feat. but it’s just not working for him.

      • Celz

        You’re right.. And even though I don’t like Mack he’s an emcee for sure.. Dude can spit without a doubt.. Just sayin Tech is more true to the term “top selling independent” if you will.. Mack went mainstream if he never blew up and went pop we wouldn’t even be mentioning him.

        I’m not knocking his hustle just sayin Tech is way more underground then Mack and is still in the same category..

      • Dawg

        Macklemore’s had a #1 hit, and multiple top 5 songs, and as far as I know, Tech N9ne hasn’t even come close to having a #1 hit.

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  • anemia716

    Check out Mursday!!!

  • Twonpass

    real hustle…..

  • IceBergSlim

    Independent too..That’s wassup

  • bigdoe6

    The real definition of a Brand.

  • This dude would probably eat half these niggaz in the industry lunch….highly slept on and can spit it for real. Highly under rated. Tech is raw wit it.

  • youngplaya

    Respect his independent hustle and his persistence. Respect str8 up. Heard this dude for the first time waaaaaaaaaay back on a Deathrow Compilation.

  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    where are all the hating ass niggas that talk shit about indie artist now..(crickets)

  • GP

    mane don’t care who you are you cant talk bad about tech been rocking with dude since angelica. its alive got to be one of his hardest songs

  • GP

    tech made more then 50 cent that says alot

    • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

      tech been doing this shit for years bruh .with a solid fan base he obviously sold more then a lot of mainstream rappers …now thats saying a lot

      • GP

        ^^^ my point. if he out sold 50 cent that telling folks tech got flow and a fan base. I remember I stole that absolute power cd and heard that song the tech 9 experience. smh. fuqq me too this day.

      • RightOn

        “I remember I stole…..” lol #nonchalant

      • GP


    • Jonathan Bacher

      Tech made more in music, at least…

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      not really…. tech is and has been independent, more points on the dollar for each sale and also more money in general. you can sell less on an independent and get more money than someone signed to a major that does more units then you.

    • MidwestNow!

      The fact that 50 Cent went from #3 to #19 says a lot

  • The Legendary Troll

    so why you share it now bra?

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  • RightOn

    Is brotha Lynch is still signed to Strange? They did make similar crazy music.

    • hoeyuno

      Lynch made dope music with them. .

    • Logan Maxwell

      Yeah. He’s about to sign a new contract for two more albums nigga!

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  • J. Smith

    To the people comparing Tech to Macklemore, and saying that Macklemore doesn’t count, because he sells to a mainstream audience, as opposed to Tech’s underground audience, my question is this: If I live in the projects, and try to move my mixtape there, but no one supports me in my projects, and I decide to try to sell it in the suburbs, and they love it, and my mixtape sells out, do my sales count? Or do they have to impress you, to mean something? Tech is accomplished. Macklemore is accomplished. Comparisons and unnecessary competition just further divide Hip Hop. I was excited that an MC I’ve listened to since I was a kid, was not only still relevant, but actually making money in this f*cked up era… until I read these dumb ass comments.

  • Sadat


  • Executive

    This dude will murder your favorite rapper, I was listening to some of his shit and goooodamn he was spitting!

  • tyraydiggin

    Listen to the tech 9 experience fire

  • OSBKE3000

    SALUTE TEC-A-NINA .. INDEPENDENT!! that’s REAL hip-hop, never selling out .. dude does him and has a loyal fan base, I’m not a fan of every song but I can’t lie the spit and delivery are mind blowing since Questions in ’97 .. keep it real dude is making $.70 on the dollar, 70% of everything he makes he actually pockets compared to a measly $.10-.20 on the dollar you get at a major … YOU DO THE MATH

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  • hoeyuno

    Tech and Travis Oguin did everything right with strange. .there’s alot of artists on there label I dont listen to but you gotta respect there grind.. Yo travis you and Panic need to kill the beef(shoot a fare one maybe) and sign that sick ass mexican! !!!

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