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50 Cent Talks Sex With Chelsea Handler, Jay Z Being "Most Overrated" + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent appeared on E! Networks’ Watch What Happens Live and openly discussed Jay Z being “the most overrated rapper of all time”, sex with Chelsea Handler and more. In other words, 50 Cent had a regular 50 Cent day.

Last January, 50 Cent compared  having sex with his ex-girlfriend, new Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler to wrestling with gator. When asked about those comments, 50 reveals that he still calls her “gator”.

When the topic shifted over to 50 Cent discussing who is the most overrated rapper of all time, he used Kanye West’s 2010 posse cut “So Appalled” to find his answer:

Jay Z, he would say he was overrated. ‘Rather be overrated than underpaid.’

Check out this part of 50 Cent’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live below:

  • I rather be over rated than under paid too!

    • Dreday410

      But when both of the subjects is worth over $200 Million no one is under paid

      • i’ve been saying jay is over rated for years. he drops a gem every here and there. he raps for the hell of it now. same with 50. they dont need to rap but they want to. they still have core audiences.

  • Casor_Greener

    He’s not wrong though. Jay-Zis highly over rated. Still getting props from like 5 of 15 aLBUMS

    • mike1994

      so 13 number one albums is overrated?…oh i get it

      • Flight_91

        Just because they went #1 don’t mean..they’re all good

      • SBRon

        Don’t believe anyone said they were…?

      • Flight_91

        Ok..So how would how many times his albums went #1 be relevant to the quality of music?..

      • dee

        Claiming having a number one album is overrated cause you can easily drop a album on a Tuesday where it’s no competition dropping that day.

      • Dope

        Your get a number one for a full week, including all artists from different genres, not just for one day. True, there can still be planning to release when no major artist is releasing, but let’s simply look at the numbers, Jay didn’t get that number one album by selling 100K, he consistently goes about 400K

    • 80nigga

      u do kno 50 cent new album was number #1 album on billboard right so number 1 means nothing its what you do to move the culture that does and 50 cent doin mixtapes like he did changed everything in music he created a lane for u to kno t.i, young jeezy, rick ross, the game, lil wayne, 2 chains, drake and everyone who got signed because of the mixtape he created that

  • regalpimp

    If 50 days he’s underrated, everyone’s like, “he has a point.” Game says Jay is underrated, he is a bi polar name dropping fake banger…got it..

  • Word7

    Ok I can take that wasn’t nothing crazy

  • TheOnlyCoop

    5-0 is just mad because he’s overrated and irrelevant.

  • @44wade

    at last someone said it. most people to scared to say anything now, 50 always keeps it real.
    jay is dope but way overrated.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      50 just repeated what jay already said………

  • Dubz

    Out of the 2….50 is the overrated one. After GRODT…his music hasn’t been that great.

  • Hood Oracle

    50’s opinion no big deal, the notion that Jay-Z is the greatest is a opinion as well.

    • johnblacksad

      Hov got stats tho! no enumeration…

  • GQ

    ….But would you rather be underpaid or overrated? Moral victories is for minor league coaches/ And ‘Ye already told you we major you cockroaches….

    • keepitthoro

      Right! That line right there ironically shows you why he’s far from overrated.

      Nothing more to be said, next article.

  • Elayorx El

    Hmmm, I’m not sure that sentiment is totally accurate. People may be forgetting(for those in the know), just how long Jay has been in the game, and what he has accomplished. He was considered the best lyricist breathing at one point, and I think all of his other, “off the court” endeavors, may have tainted memories, and mixed up perceptions a bit. I’m not the biggest Jay fan, but even without the mainstream glare, Jay’s resume kind of speaks for itself. He is probably the most influential rapper of all-time, and for those that may think he has had help, I’m not sure other contemporaries who chastise him for this, would have even turned down the same situation, if given the same opportunity. If your condemning it, and would never do it, that’s one thing, but to do so merely out of spite, because it is not you, is something else entirely, and something most would scoff at. We all know 50 is not a Jay fan, or at least that’s what it looks like on the surface.

    • IceBergSlim

      That’s right break it down ….Playboy

      • Elayorx El


  • 5789007

    If Jay is overrated then 50 isn’t even on the radar

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  • dee

    This is true his lyrics is not like that. Me personally I think fabolous is a better lyricist than Jay and could beat him in a battle past or present.

    • 5% Hov

      Never. Fab doesnt exist without Hov

      • trapzilla

        Hov doesn’t exist without BIG

      • Super-Khalifah

        Correction….Hov exist BECAUSE we are without BIG. If BIG was still around then Jay would have never been as successful as he is.

      • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

        I think he exists because of Big L’s death, Hov ain’t go shit on Big L

      • Mec-One

        That’s just stupid

      • Bulli$hPride

        If Pac was around Big wouldn’t have lasted long without a peace treaty of some type.
        -You don’t understand

      • Nyga07

        Doubt it diddy still here and he got zero talent and I respect diddy hustle but can’t stand his character

      • 5% Hov


        Hov came out in 89′ with Jaz O.

      • 5% Hov

        Hov existed before and after BIG.


      • Flight_91

        He existed..but he was A nobody..and didn’t have any success until ’96..and that was mild..he didn’t take off until ’98..this is A fact

    • Jared

      Present yes, pre-Black Album? Nah

  • Johnny Boy

    Lmao…if Jay is overrated what that make 50? Even MORE overrated. 50 only got 2 good commercial albums. Thats it. Curtis was trash, Before I Self Destruct was trash, and Animal Ambition was trash.

    I do believe Jay gets hyped a lot but, that dude got classics. Way more than 50.

    Reasonable Doubt
    In My Lifetime
    Hard Knock Life
    Life And Times
    The Blueprint
    Black Album


    • 5% Hov

      AmericanGangster is classic.

      Vol 1-3 Not so much

    • water_ur_seeds

      No one ever puts 50 in their Top 5 DOA though, unlike Jay Z…

      I cant watch the video, but the only Jay albums that are dope start to finish are RD, BP1 and BA (which is still impressive) Vo1 1-3 have a couple good tracks, Watch the Throne etc are wack as fck…

      I forgot American Gangsta thats a dope album, its more of a soundtrack type joint though, but I still count it as a Jay album…

      Ima massive Jay fan, and have him in my Top10, but thats purely on his older catalog… He still has clever lyrics on his new stuff, but Im not really a fan of it…

      • SBRon

        AG is not a soundtrack at all…the studio wouldn’t let him star in it & then wouldn’t let him do the “official” soundtrack. So, yeah he was inspired by the Frank Lucas story, but it’s still more about Jay’s own upbringing…

      • water_ur_seeds

        hes rapping about frank lucas story though isnt he??? Like the song ‘blue magic’ for example… but yeah like you say its not official, and its still a jay album, but its got a connection to the movie, its kinda like 50’s ‘get rich move’ soundtrack, which is mad a dope album

  • trapzilla

    Jay is overrated his whole style and lyricism comes from the book of Christopher wallace.

    • don king

      nas, young chris 2 n lately even 2chainz flow on beyonces drunk love track 4 example.

      • Jared

        Finally someone sees that comparison with 2chainz, smh

    • IceBergSlim

      They are two different rappers come on man..They both talk about gettin money one Biggie is cut throat with his lyrics Jay z different not as articulate and cut throat like biggie was, however Jay z metaphors are not to be fucked wit.

    • Bulli$hPride

      Now Biggie is overrated. Don’t get me wrong I love “Ready To Die” but it doesn’t get much play anymore. Fact is Big has one hot album and stood for nothing unlike Pac.
      Biggie is made out to be the equivalent of Pac but Big’s lyrical roots ain’t that deep. Big L & Pun were better than Big if it comes down to str8 bars but Pac made music to fuel the fire in Blacks coast to coast.
      If one hot album does it then DMX “It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot” is right next to “Ready To Die” along with many others from Outkast, Twista, UGK, Mobb Deep, Big Pun, Jay, 50, Em, Cube, Public Enemy, Nas, Common, etc all have at least 1 classic album.

      • SBRon

        Yeah, I can dig most of this…

      • Junior Ichi Gunnz

        that’s because of wack ass radio dj’s who are trained to dick ride


    JAY IS TOP 3



      • The Black Fist


      • Qudus

        You Ain’t Never Lie

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  • johnblacksad

    I won’t entertain this bullsh!t…

  • Clondyke Classic

    This nigga always talkin about Jay Z

    • Hiphop head

      That’s because he’s trying to balance the scales

  • IceBergSlim

    50 cent that bamma is a hater str8 up..Jay z has put in work period and this bamma needs to bow down. Anytime Pac calls your name out on a record you know you the shit or you are on the brink of success and Jay z is consistent he stays throwing out hit records. He re-invents himself he stays with the times as well as ahead of the game.Lets chalk it up this bamma is a Jay z Groupie

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      reinvent himself business-wise but musically jay Z been fall off…. 50 aint no slouch on the business either. That show Power is about to do some numbers, that joint is alright

  • Hiphop head

    50 has 3 classics same as Jay. Power of the Dollar, Guess who’s back & Get Rich or Die. People underestimate how influential fif has been through the years go back to those 3 albums & you’ll see things he said that changed the culture. Jay is also a giant with RD, BP1 & black album. But jay’s influence is soooo magnified by the hype that I need not speak on it.

    • SBRon

      50 is NOWHERE near Jay’s level…NEVER will be! “Classics” gets thrown around WAY too loosely, IMO…

      • Hiphop head

        That’s in your opinion I beg to differ. 50 at times has surpassed Jay Z even when you listen to 50’s thug love you can tell a lot of the Beyoncé Jay z style is based on that. There is not one Jay Z song which captures more emotions like Many Men, Jay z has not got a bigger club anthem than in the club nor has he got a bigger street banger than I get money. When it comes to street material he hasn’t quiet written a piece like ghetto Quran. Jay at his peak provokes thought I give him that, 50 at his peak evokes emotion. I do agree classics get thrown around loosely that applies to both Jay & 50

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  • SBRon

    This clown LOVES hearing his own voice & seeing himself on camera…”Lights, camera, action!” Time to stick to actin’…

  • 80nigga

    50 cent created the mixtape you listen too today thank him for that his impact gave you young jeezy, rick ross, 2 chains, drake, the carter lil wayne, wiz khalifa, the game and etc…all who got signed because of mixtapes thats because of 50 cent he created that dont believe me dont make me post the link where dj drama him self said 50 cent did that

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