Juelz Santana

Hip Hop Rumors: Juelz Santana Doing Infomercials?

When the checks stop coming in…

Are you low on cash? Well Dipset member Juelz Santana says he has a way for you to put some money in your pocket, and if you miss out on this, don’t say he didn’t try to put you on.

Peep the video below and see if you’re up for the challenge.

  • George Kush

    b1tch azz niqqaz

  • GP

    he must be low on cash cause ol boy doing shit when nicca sleep.

  • Killuminati

    hes doin sham-WOW infomercials


    I can’t knock juelz…..unless it turns out to be a ponzi scheme. Aye!

    • Celz

      Turnsout? Man the shyt is a scam, they make more cash off selling dreams than a tangible product..

      He better watch Ichann and the whole Herbalife FTC inquiry that’s about to go down.. And if you don’t know what a Ponzi Scheme, Carl Ichann, or the FTC is… Then catch up my nicca and use Google

      • TALK_BOSS

        Huh?? Catch up?? Show me something that isn’t a scam/scheme…..its all good until people stop getting some sort of return on their investment. …I was speaking on his reputation being at stake for KNOWINGLY endorsing a fraud…..its like gambling or playin the stock market….u can make bread but u lose at some point….

      • Celz

        I wasn’t tellin you to catch up my G.. You already on game.. Them otha niccas who think it’s just an infomercial need to catch up..

      • TALK_BOSS


  • $21384666

    They paid him 5 racks to say a min and half worth of shit, recorded from his house probably, and ppl are makin fun .? Shit get ur dough homey

    • cuz its a pyramid scam.

    • i’mtelling

      more like 4 racks.

    • Guest

      This is the problem w/ us!!! Really?!?! “GET YOUR DOUGH HOMEY!! If Juelz goons kidnapped your wife & made her turn over all your assets to them will you be like “shit get your dough homey”. The hip hop community has become morally bankrupt & the masses have been brainwashed w/ ideology like “stop snitchin”, “get rich or die tryin”, & whatever else these “millionaire” rappers brain wash you w/

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    lets make this money juelz!!!

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  • baller187

    you know this nigga broke by now, what happened to your album that wayne was gonna produce, been 2 years and u can spit but when u done u done

    • Killuminati

      Or the collabo album with Wayne ????

      • Breeze

        sad part is. . . I believe he just signed to young money. dudes career has been clownish

  • Eric Cartman

    Why are people talking shit? Legal hustle > illegal… He shoulda been more hungry 6 years ago when he had a huge buzz but I dont think any rappers could see their downfalls coming #memphisbleek

    • $36424596

      Nigga you stupid AF.
      Bleek rich forever, Jiggawasn’t playin on that track wit Ye….
      He keep Bleek wit money and positions in his company. IDK what that nigga did for Jay… but he rich forever.

      • Breeze

        word tho. . . bleek never gonna go broke. he probly bodied a few niggaz for jay lol

      • Eric Cartman

        LOLOLOLOL you mad dumb. You probably believe rick ross when he says he a gangster… You don’t remember bleek doing those wack commercials like 5 years ago? U probably new to the rap game. Gullible ass nugga

      • $36424596

        Dude on the board of directors on Jigga liquor brand…
        Dude networth is 2 mill and hasn’t done shit in over a decade.
        Jigga not lettin that man go broke.

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  • I’m hoping that dude has done his research on this company and not just desperate for cash.

  • Sleep

    Infomercials for my Boy, guest on a wack track for my Boy, I need money Oh Boy

  • Killuminati

    Shit if he’s doing infomercials then now is the time to hit him for a feature lol. . He will prob do a feature for shorts

  • i’mtelling

    Back when Dipset was on top of their game, they tried to join Chelsea gym but it cost too much for Cam and Juelz. They was trying hard to get a discount. They wanted one membership for both of them. They ended up leaving with no membership.

  • Let this be a lesson to you all, it’s more than just having great rap skills, it’s about having a business mind as well…..Let the record show that very few rappers remind rich and famous for the rest of their lives…..Most end up broke with nothing to do….But I respect him for trying something different….Be real with yourself, cause at the end of the day the public is aware that most rappers don’t own anything that they present to us in their videos and or music.

  • LoverOfHipHop


  • Juelz Santana wants ppl to join a pyramid scheme !!?? -_- man comon son !!!! smmfh

  • dee

    pall wall in the same company i bet they making 100 grand a month off this everything is not a scheme people need to educate themselves.

  • Get this money…….. Ay!

  • Mr007

    There is nothing wrong with working for a living. I’m sure he’s done ZERO research into the product he’s promoting. Maybe if…..just maybe dude had really took it easy with the jewelry and countless other pointless purchases he’d be doing a commercial for his OWN product???? Oh well it’s easier to floss and throw it

  • digitallife

    They get like 5% of all profits..this is how Montel Williams been keeping up his lifestyle. Hell Montel made like 20 mill last year off them infomercials.

  • Breeze

    “Mr. Aye
    Mr. Whoooooooo”. . . . . .seriously dude????

  • Southcidal

    What’s the problem with this? Is this any different from Nas doing Hennessey commercials?

    • Yes there is bro, research the company that he’s promoting.
      I suppose some peeps will do anything for money.

      On the other hand there’s nothing wrong with doing an infomercial for a legitimate business module it’s better than selling drugs and being busted by the forces and going to jail.

  • RGeezy

    This cat drops albums as often as Dr.Dre.