Slowbucks Regrets Press Conference on 50 Cent Investigation, Denies Snitching + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) A Hip Hop artist co-operating  with the police will hurt a person’s brand quicker than a chain snatching, apparently. Yesterday (June 18th), Slowbucks denies he snitched on 50 Cent or anyone involved in Slowbucks’ assault and robbery at Summer Jam and  speaks on regrets of the now infamous press conference.

On June 5th, Slowbucks held a press conference at Bostany Law Firm in New York City and had civil Investigator John P Bostany explain why Slowbucks would be investigating 50 Cent and his affiliates. According to Slowbucks during an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, he regrets the press conference due to the fact he did not speak for himself:

That press conference killed me, it hurt me. Honestly if I would (do it again) I’d be the one speaking like I’m speaking now. Not gon’ let nobody speak for me. The press conference actually let me know who’s who.

Less than a week after the press conference occurred, 50 Cent affiliate Mikey Fingers was arrested in connection to the June 1st assault and robbery of Slowbucks during Hot 97’s Summer Jam. While Slowbucks does admit to participating in police questioning over the incident, he explains how a potential lawsuit against 50 Cent and co-operation with the police did not constitute “snitching”:

If you get into a car accident and you sue, is that considered snitching? It’s the same thing. I see a lot of tough guys do that so I’m just asking. Snitching? If that person can provide some paperwork or is going to jail I’ll sign my company over. You get picked up for questioning. How you not gon’ get picked up for questioning. I got picked up for questioning. There’s no snitching on my record.

Check out Slowbucks’ full interview on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club below:

  • @44wade

    after watching that interview i have even less respect for him, i actually feel sorry for him.

  • Ipullcards

    Nigga u a rat lol! He ain’t say sh1t! He’s doing nothing but copping pleas, in a non copping plea way lol. This guys a clown.. he’s shutting down his own brand! See niggaz think cause theyre getting a lil check that they can take pictures with ppls sons and poke at the animals. Lol he’s doing a lot of regretting now

    • “Never kick a tiger in the @$$, unless you have a plan for dealing with it’s teeth.”

      That ‘ole be in a fortune cookie type ‘chet!

      >> In Nicolas Cage’s “Gone In 60 Seconds” voice :
      “You fugg with the bull, you get the horns!”

    • Casor_Greener

      there is no slowbucks brand…

  • hoeyuno

    Nobody want your busted ass company….

  • stutterbucks

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    is he going to have a press conference to talk about how the last press conference about 50 crew jumping him ruined his “brand”

    • Nah, he’s gonna have a press conference about how some hungry Ninjaz jumped him & ripped his pants clean off his @$$ looking for that 50K, then beat him like he was Butchcraig when they couldn’t find it!

      • ll3acdafukup

        Any Nlgga that run up on a fool that talks to the police is a FOOL himself poice laying in the cut waiting for suckers to run up on their “narc” SMH

      • YEAH BUT FOR 50 RACKS?

        i know plenty of ninjaz that will take them odds….& leave Slowbucks stinking!

  • then he threw shots at 50’s album sales then tried to say ashanti is different. how is it different? she went from a major to an indie, been out of music just as long, was writing books (being proactive) as well. lets be honest. nobody is waiting for a slowbucks album. g-unit album? people actually (in my 50 cent actually voice) wants that

    • I ain’t gonna front, G Unit & Game would rock the game….but you know it’s time to retire when Ninjaz is checking for Tony Yayo before you & they know ya’ll both.

      SMDH @SBOE

      Slow Bucks On Everything

      McDonald’s MONEY slow!

      • ll3acdafukup

        Man leave it alone bruh The Game?… after all his shenanigans I don’t want to see that. Fif needs to get some real spitters from NY and shut it down with a new G-UNIT formation. JS

      • >> In Ed lover’s Voice : “C’Mon Son!”

        You don’t want to see Game’s bi-polar @$$ within arm’s distance of FiF…at Summer Jam?

        Think about it, if nothing happens, it’s still the hottest Summer Jam in a minute, if it does pop off, it’s still the HOTTEST Summer Jam in a minute!

        Ninjaz need to bring out a boxing ring & let these dudes get it in:

        ( Drake Vs Breezy )

        ( Breezy Vs Tyler )

        ( Game Vs 40Not )

        ( Weezy Vs Beezy’s manager { Beezy = Justin Bieber )

        (Game vs 50)

        (DMX Vs Zimmerman)

        (DMX vs JaRule)

        ( 50 Vs JaRule)

        (*50 vs Zimmerman*)

        ** Semi main event = Mad Ninjaz jump Joe Budden **

        * MAIN EVENT *

        Immorrtal Technique Vs charles Hamilton

        *** Yeah, I know I’m bugging & there’s no beef between them, but someone needs to fugg up Charles Hamilton for that Jimmy Iovine comment )

  • Burger Bunny

    this guy is comical, check out the 30:00 minute mark…this guy is on drugs

  • Brindle

    now I see why they call him Slow

  • Killuminati

    G stands for GANGSTA…UNIT stands for U NIGGAS IN TROUBLE

    • Is Lloyd banks a gangsta too?

      • Killuminati

        Lol… Don’t kno don’t care. More rappers come out the burbs nowadays or drop outta college with a 4.0 to pursue rap (2 chains) in these times it don’t even matter what ur background is my friend

  • Poseidon

    Bad analogy, homie. You’re talking civil litigation with that car accident but what you did at Bostany triggered a criminal investigation whether intentionally or not. You can’t talk your self out of this one. It was clear to everyone in rap that you were making a dumb move, personally and especially on the hustle tip. It was practically blasphemy in this game and you should’ve known that. Fifty didn’t kill your brand that day. You did a day later when you walked into the lobby at Bostany. A quiet L would’ve been the more appropriate route.

    Back pedaling ain’t gonna do you much good now. I assume you’re a laughingstock by now amongst all your (former) Queens peers. Smfh. Any smart man will tell you that was a suicidal business move on your part. I’m sure you’ve been watching your online marketplace numbers decline steadily since that day at Bostany. You should’ve went at Hot 97 for inadequate/lax security and took a check and kept it moving. Now you turned a lower case l into a capital L and you ain’t even begun to feel the real repercussions yet. I bet hindsight is 20/20 right now, huh….

    • and he is up there talking reckless saying he’s a goon without saying it saying i got 50k on me. run up./ now he’s inviting negative attention to try to prove himself. smh

      • I hope he didn’t say that, every Tom dick and Harry gon be on his azz tryna take sumn….bruh should just take whatever guap he got left and fade to black…he can’t come round here no mo

      • he also pulled the money out the bag and put it on the table smfh.

      • That’s what u call trying to hard…I put money he gets accosted again just for playing too much out of bounds. Dude just refuses to take his on the chin and keep it moving. If u ain’t planning on getn no real get back let that sht die….

      • These Ninjaz have no elders / guidance.

        They don’t respect their elders nor themselves, judging by the way they handling things.

      • Terrance


        Haven’t heard that word in a minute.

      • That’s that tryna save face….it’s too late bruh ya money means nada…forever labeled a fk boi. I’m telln u, cats gon be tryna make him run his sht all day now…..he might as well move to Toronto or sum sht.

      • ll3acdafukup

        Nope nobody will run up on him now remember he snitching SMFH… He’s like a mfer with leprosy time to bootleg the snail and go make me some money in the south before they find out!!

    • I was gonna same the same thing, just not quite as eloquently!


    Horrible attempt at damage control

  • $30071418

    You’ll want to be known as a “gangster”, up until you encounter a real gangster. Forget pride B-U

  • B.U.

    Man he just made it worse.

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  • yamotherlovesmeCRACK

    you’re nobody til somebody kills you

  • Didn’t click on the video…40 sumn odd minutes? What he gon say to fix anything? It’s an impossibility to spin the story to his side so wtf they talk 40 mins about? Nagga please I ain’t clickn….

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  • AMIR

    See I told u snitches he didn’t snitch 50 is the real snitch he’s lame and washed hating on lil Winslow…. We did it slow get bucks

    • They couldn’t charge mikey Fingaz without SlowBuck’s statement pressing charges.

      “While Slowbucks does admit to participating in police questioning over the incident”

      They asked, he answered, they wrote the complaint & Slowbucks signed it.

      • TruthSerum

        The hate for 50 Cent is so unreal that people will justify anything as long as it reflects negatively on him.

        Dude goes public crying about illegal activity, Throws a press conference with his lawyer announcing his plan to pursue legal action, leading to one 50’s crew catching a charge, and the Anti-50 brigade is tripping over each other looking for ways to condone it.

        Honestly, internet rap fans would side with a pedophile if he were taking shots at 50.

      • LOL~N

        True Dat!

        Still, Slowbucks is about the only 1 who could fugg up a sure thing like some Anti-50 support! Slowbucks even has JaRule boo’ing him!

      • Poseidon

        True that. Slowbucks gave the nod to this attorney to do an
        “INVESTIGATION”. The attorney almost certainly outlined the steps he
        would be taking BEFORE Slowbucks would even agree to go through with it.
        Slow knew what the outcome of that would be, point blank period.

        I mean, what needs to be investigated?? 15 seconds of film lol? Slow
        had to of told them the names of the dudes in the video, of course, just
        to expedite the “investigation”. I mean, he wasn’t gonna wait for his
        attorney to try and figure it out on his own since he knew them by name
        already lol. Smh.

        Crazy thing about all of this is I didn’t see fingers grabbing that chain (lol *drysnitch). He just came in and got a couple of licks off after. If anything, he’ll take the full wrap like a real G though, just to ingratiate
        himself with Fifty and hopefully get a couple racks for his loyalty and
        time served. Shit, whether Fifty pays him or not doesn’t matter cuz for
        a street dude like him it’s a high just to be part of a guy like Fifty’s inner
        circle. He’d do it just for the mansion parties and residual pu_ _y that
        comes with the association.

      • True, then again, Mike Vick’s cousin flipped, then again, so did Mike Vick…*Allegedly.

  • baller187

    SNICTH, CANT BACKTRACK NOW NIGGA, THIS WOULD END YOUR CAREER, never knew you even had a career anyway

  • theG

    Why is this fool still throwin shots at fif tho.

  • AMIR

    You gotta love 50 snitch fans lol we winning by the way we winning slow bucks better then no bucks