Schoolboy Q Handcuffed After Shots Fired After Show, Schoolboy Q Responds

(AllHipHop News) Last night (June 19th) three people were shot and injured in a parking lot outside of the Feed The Rocks concert in Denver, C.O. Schoolboy Q was arrested and held for questioning following the incident and responded after on his personal Twitter account.

The event, held at included at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, included performances from Schoolboy Q, Nas and Flying Lotus. Following the event, three people were injured after gunshots were heard in the arena’s parking lot and the individuals were rushed to the hospital after being found in their white SUV on 6th Avenue and Kalamath Street around 11 p.m. The victims are currently in stable condition.

Schoolboy Q was handcuffed and detained for questioning. Earlier today (June 20th) Schoolboy Q responded to the incident on his personal Twitter account:

Check out photos of Schoolboy Q being detained for questioning below:



  • Nigga look like he being locked up for drinking too much shlitz malt liquor in front of the store….lmao cutoff shorts? What yall cats be wearing nowadays. If u got a pair in ya stash nows the time to bring em out of retirement. ..gtfoh….

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      who cares about his shorts? i mean come on fam at least they aint aint skinny but seriuosly who gives a fuk?

      • JerZeBoy

        I agree with them not being skinny, but he do look like the local bum lol

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        nobody want to look up at the stage at a bum

      • I’m sorry if I offended u bruh it was meant to give a chuckle or two…I honestly don’t give a fraction of a fk either

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        nah bro im not offended. i just dont give a shit about what the next nig wears really.

    • He couldn’t have been performing dressed like that, and the shorts would have been cool, minus the arrest & hat.

      Maybe burn the ends?

      • Coloradical

        I was there. He was wearing the exact same shit during the show, just a gray t-shirt instead of a sweatshirt. Same ridiculous hat and cutoff jorts though.

      • Oh Dayum!

        Not a good look at all!

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  • jacksjus

    No excuse for looking like a bum in front of a paid crowd. Star power sells records and hopefully he gets this by his next album.

    • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

      You can’t be serious.

    • Guillaume Pilon

      i was about to say the same thing

      he look like a homeless guy

    • Ipullcards

      Yea but when he start stunting during a recession ppl gunna ask why is he doing so much? He don’t have to have all that jewelry? Let ppl be themselves not every rapper has to wear 39 fuxing gold chains and drive a maybach! It ain’t white ppl it’s us keeping these stereotypes alive.. You like his bars right? That’s enough

      • jacksjus

        Your punctuation is all over the place making no sense, just like all them words put together in between. Grow up.

        And no I’m not digging him lyrically. His crew is slick though.

      • Ipullcards

        Nope you’re just using the grammar smokescreen to divert the fact that u have no argument. Lmao punctuation? This is a blog not an post graduate English exam! you read this hiphop blog full of grammatical errors everyday, but u question a 30 second response. My bad I didn’t use my degree to it’s full potential. I’ll punctuate better next time if it makes u feel like you’re winning an argument.. smh. Find another excuse to why you’re slowing down blk progress with your spewing of stupidity, idiotic rhetoric and white washed stereotypes

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        well ” punonciated “

    • That grown ass man can wear what he wants to, U sound gay #nohomophob

      • Breeze

        jacksjus don’t realize that nigga bum ass shirt probly total his whole outfit lmfao

  • Tyfromthechi

    3 people got shot in his SUV and schoolboy get arrested ain’t he the victim

  • John Q. Public

    That’s a nice ass venue… rap crowds better cut the BS before they stop booking Hip Hop there.
    Couple bad apples gunna ruin it for the whole bunch.

  • TruthSerum

    LOL @ all the comments about what he was wearing as opposed to the actual story. I’m thinking I must have gotten lost on my way to a hip hop site and wound up on a gay fashion blog.


    • Ipullcards

      Girlfriend his color scheme was off! Out of season ass wearing purple when violets more of a spring summery color. Tacky boo! That’s how these clowns blog. They don’t talk about the issues just the meaningless junk

    • Southcidal

      So true.

  • disqus_CGJNiQQTrW

    Once a coon always a coon talentless rapper

  • don king

    “he looks like a bum” really, dude got almost shot, but thats what u gon write a comment 4 on this article? most rappers 2day wear some overpriced gay designer wierdo shit n u r so used 2 it, that a dude with a non designer outfit looks bummy 2 u? rappers wear colorfull spiked all over shoes, skinny jeans, skirts, leather shirts, jackets with satanic symbols on it n a bunch of stupid jewlery, but the outfit costs a bunch of $ n that makes u think its hot? u guys r f-ing stupid!!! he could have lost his life u f-ing fags.

  • Bossladi Thomas

    They need stop these bs rap concert cause they like those death trap house party of the 1980s.

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