Angie Martinez Explains Why She Left Hot 97 For Power 105.1

(AllHipHop News) People are still attempting to wrap their heads around the fact that Angie Martinez will no longer be on Hot 97. In an interview two days after announcing her resignation on Twitter and Instagram, Angie Martinez explains why she left Hot 97 for its biggest competitor.

Angie Martinez does not start her new show on Power 105.1 and Miami’s The Beat until July. However, according to Martinez in an interview with Billboard, her move from the station she’s worked at for over 20 years was based on her “growth potential”:

The thing is about the move – it’s not just going down the dial. It’s about joining a team and a company that really offers me all kinds of growth potential.

Martinez says her departure was amicable, but states she “had to take my emotion out of it” when deciding to leave. Her former colleague Cipha Sounds was announced today (June 23rd) as the replacement for her 3 P.M. slot.

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77 Responses to “Angie Martinez Explains Why She Left Hot 97 For Power 105.1”

      • Twonpass

        yeah I think so, larger network… more growth……
        Revolt is behind Power now… so they playing with some numbers…
        might pan out well for her…

      • kasino31

        Angie is kind of a big deal bruh….I’ve never heard of a veteran in the game making a “lateral” move

    • stealth

      Only if she sleeps in all that make up she be wearing. I seen pic w/out it. Not the same chick but she still is sexy regardless.

  1. Markus

    She abandoned a sinking ship. Hot97 has been falling off in all areas and martinez was smart enough to make the jump.

      • Markus

        Public Enemy isn’t even part of the music I grew up on but as a true hip hop fan even I know better than being disrespectful to a legend like Chuck D.

      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, he shaped hip hop in the Golden era.

        Hot 97 is gonna take mad “L’s” from here on out because of that! Chuck D just released a letter from Pac on Twitter.
        Another L for Rosenberg & Hot 97

      • Joshua

        Fight the power was the golden era. Sorry you missed it. Chuck D and other artist like him are the reason hip hop became what it is today as far as being accepted globally.

      • Markus

        Well luckily for me my older brother put me on to a lot of old school music and it stuck with me. The difference between hip hop music today and back then you could drive a truck through it. The music itself is so simple and mechanical I know the hip hop purists don’t even relate to this new era.

      • Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

        Ebro will be fine. He will apply for a job in Minnesota or
        somewhere else where people don’t know the history
        and they will be very happy to have an “expert” who ran
        a radio station in NY.
        Just feeling bad for Hot 97. In the 90s I used to travel to
        NY and recorded hours of tapes of the music they were
        playing. Nowadays it doesn’t matter so much. You
        pretty much hear every urban station playing the
        same music. No more surprises.

      • Sack-Man

        They have their “playlist” and they stick to it like a religion,DJs used to be able to play what they want,nowadays deviating from the playlist can cost DJ their job

      • Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

        DJ used to be hired cause they knew what’s hot out there.
        Now the program director tells the DJ what they have to
        play. Hot 97 was the s**t when they had. Red Alert,
        DJ Evil Dee, Stretch and Bobbito and even Flex was
        really Flex, who broke records other stations would never

      • EDOGZ818

        >> In Ebro’s voice: “It’s negative Forty outside on this beautiful May morning & Minnosota’s Hot 24 is still bringing the heat! Coming up next, we have our YMCMB Hour with limited commercials! YMCMB every hour on the hour, here on Hot 24, the home of Hip Hop in Minnosota!”

      • EDOGZ818

        “As we pause to pay the bills with a word from our sponsor, we leave you with the song of the day : “BuuRRrrrr! It’s a Cole world” by Gucci Mane feat J. Cole”


    • digitallife

      Wrong! Angie’s own mother ruined hot 97…this is a fact. Hot97 has never recovered from Mrs. Martinez’ reign at the station.

      • digitallife

        I highly suggest you do some homework…ok you say ebro right and it wasn’t before him right…it wasn’t the pay to play culture created by flex and angie’s mom right…so tell me how power that wasn’t offering any added benefit had so many rappers jump ship? Oh that’s right cause they got tired of paying the dj’s and got tired of supplying them cars. Tell me who paid for Angie’s yearly CLK…the one with the Rocafella sign embroidered into every seat…since you know so much…

      • GQ

        Wait a minute lil dude, I didn’t say Angie and Co. didn’t run that station into the ground. Didn’t say the “pay to play model” wasn’t the cause. What I said was, TODAY, EBRO is KILLING and KILLED whats left of the building. A lame ass LA dude running a NY “staple”. He’s a cancer and anyone can see that… since you know so much..

      • digitallife

        Ebro came into to plug in seen the kids cartoons where the character is plugging holes with every finger and can’t stop the flow of water? That’s ebro right now…since I know so much I can give you this tidbit..Hot 97 tried to recruit close to ten people to take the place ebro currently hold, nobody wanted to risk their career at hot97 not even the dude in control of Miami’s top station. They even offered angie the position and she said no..since I know so much…Angie was being groomed to be station director going on close to half a decade under her mother’s guidance and flex’s..

      • digitallife

        Don’t know the history? Son I sat in them offices negotiating an advertising budget in exchange to get music played…I know more than you ever could. The problem isn’t Ebro it’s the pay to play structure of hot 97. Why you think so many rappers are showing up at the other station instead..

      • GQ

        Wow bruh, Chill yo hostile ass out. Nobody said you wasn’t stating facts, homie said spit that knowledge for those who don’t know the history.

      • digitallife

        Ain’t no hostility cuz, if anything i look forward to dancing on the grave of hot97.

      • digitallife

        @Ipullcards don’t get yours pulled with that you sound like a n***er bullshhhh.Keep being a b*t*h behind a keyboard see if I don’t really pull your card. I’m all cool with civil conversation, clearly dude ain’t have a problem with my replies later on. You want to talk about emotional yet here you are being all emotional and stupid. People act like its hard to get their information from disqus, watch your mouth chump.

  2. digitallife

    Growth = More under the table money to sit there slurpin’ artists on my radio show for an hour. Bigger radio station groupie hasn’t ever existed.

  3. Htwn5440

    Nothing is hot about hot 97. power 105 is backed by revolt and is syndicated across the Country. Power move for Angie.

    • Sack-Man

      Smackfest,the tsunami song,banning nas music in favor of jay-z,flex making niggas put their demo in a cereal box?? (this is peoples art,their creations,thier lives!!,and u treat it like its a fuckin joke??,a cereal box??)-thats when i “tuned out” from hot97,and if you remember the box thing u know how long ago that was!! Lol

  4. Guest

    Ebro is the classic example of a dude from way out of nowhere, coming to New York and re inventing himself as something he’t not. I couldnt even believe he addressed Buckshot. Dudes like Buckshot came from the streets with nothing and turned their brands into worldwide Hip Hop staples. Ebro, filled out a job application, and now he plays the part of being “In” the game. Dj’s who Dj like Rob Swift are “In” the game. Ebro is like Larry Merchant, trying to step in the ring. Come on man. Just give commentary on the records you play.

  5. Mr007

    When keeping it real goes wrong…… Ebro played himself when Jay dropped the record after the Cuba trip. Going “on record” for “his city” saying he was responsible for a few DJs on power station to lose their jobs with Hot97. He called them sell outs for not owning their own brand. How they have no choice of the music played blah blah blah blah…….. That whole tough guy moment didn’t pan out I guess

    • Sack-Man

      The real founder of death row (micheal harris) told suge knigt once: “i told suge,stay off tv,stay out of magazines,because your power comes from being behind the scenes,but once he saw that spotlight,he wanted it for himself,and i warned him that would be his undoing”-this exact quote applied to ebro as well

  6. Clondyke Classic

    Fucc the radio. Y’all put too much stocc in that shit in ny. Ny artist always complain’n about radio play. Real niggas don’t give a fucc about that shit

    • Jeff Van Gundy

      realest comment of the day Ny artists be actin all spoiled n shit n complainin jus make hot music all the biggest artists came up from tht underground/mixtape wave anyway (50 cent,Wayne,Drake)

  7. yasmeen

    Lemme keep it real. Hip hop was created by blacks and originated in New York. The fact that a hip hop station has hardly any black folks employed is clearly a bad business move. Angie was sick of the stupid reality show and the disconnection from hip hop’s roots. Power 105 struggled in the beginning, but with the breakfast club, they found their foot hold. Angie, is aware of this, and the ability to expand her career through syndication and other media attention. Hot 97’s attempt to do a “reality show” was pathetic and only showed the lack of authenticity of the station to the streets. I’m happy for her. Hot 97 is a sinking ship. They need to fire everybody and get back to the roots. They need a modern R&B station in new york for people that don’t like wbls, but don’t always want to hear hiphop either. They should think about doing that, and maybe I’d listen to hot 97 again.

  8. Black Adam

    HOT97, Ebro, Rosenberg, Flex and the rest are doing exactly what they are being told to do. Which is to soften up NY. New York used to be a gritty, grimmy, Hard Knocks type of place where you had to be tough to make it and survive here. Now the “plan” is to change it into a Metrosexual urban sprawl. They want to make it safe for the new transplants to the city. Gentrification across the BOARD! But dont fret. Real heads are still here and the pendulum will swing back the other way. There will be repercussions for chumps like Ebro and Rosenberg for the parts they played.

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