Chene Park Issues Statement About Rick Ross Cancelling Detroit Concert Appearance

(AllHipHop News) Reports began circulating over the weekend that Miami based rapper Rick Ross was not able to perform at HOT 107.5′s Summer Jamz in Detroit.

Ross’ cancellation was allegedly caused by local rapper Trick Trick’s “No Fly Zone” laws which prevent artists from making money in the city without getting their “clearance papers” approved by the Goon Sqwad member.

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Ross was confronted by over 100 people outside the Chene Park Amphitheater – the site were Summer Jamz was being held. The Maybach Music Group leader and his management team reportedly felt his life was in danger and decided to leave the venue before performing.

The Right Productions, Inc manages and operates Chene Park. The company released a statement about the Rick Ross Summer Jamz cancellation. Shahida Mausi, president and CEO of Right Productions tells

This incident greatly saddens me and our entire team at The Right Productions who work so diligent to host and produce outstanding entertainment performances at Chene Park. Reports from our venue operations and security teams indicate as a result of between 100-150 individuals lead by a local rapper, prevented and threatened to harm Ross if he entered the grounds to perform at Chene Park Amphitheater. The band of individuals orchestrated a human blockade around the service entrance to the venue – preventing Mr. Ross and his entourage from entering the premises.  A decision was made from Mr. Ross’ team the conditions were becoming threatening and posed a security risk.

We want to extend our deepest regrets to our patrons who attended Summer Jamz 17 who should have been treated to an outstanding performance from Rick Ross.  We have the upmost respect for our guests at Chene Park and they deserve better.  This is the fifth Summer Jamz event we have hosted with our partner Radio One and Host 107.5 FM – and until this point with no incident.  Acts of intimidation, bullying, threats or violence of any kind that compromises the security and enjoyment of our shows will not be tolerated at Chene Park.

I will be reviewing this matter with our collective team and sponsoring host to ensure the integrity and respect we hold for our patrons and artists is upheld for future acts performing at Chene Park Amphitheater.

Despite missing out on headliner Rick Ross, the people in attendance at Summer Jamz 17 were able to see B.o.B, A$AP Ferg, Sevyn Steeter, Rico Love, Boldy James, and Scarface. Customers who purchased tickets for the event can receive a discounted ticket for a future show at Chene Park. For more information visit

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221 Responses to “Chene Park Issues Statement About Rick Ross Cancelling Detroit Concert Appearance”

  1. The Notorious GUNS

    Forget a discounted ticket for a future event, these people are due a full/partial refund. The headliner was not able to perform due to circumstances beyond his control. As a ticket buyer there was no one (all respect due to Scarface) on the bill that these people would’ve paid top dollar to see. And furthermore, as a ticket buyer why should I come to a future event if there are alleged threats against artists. Like the potential violence can’t/won’t spill into the crowd. It’s been proven that atleast these particular organizers don’t have a grip on security.

    Money can’t be made, & business can’t be done like this. This “No Fly Zone” will only hinder your city. Way to go niggaz!!

      • Scarelly Moe

        We are our own security, just ask that fake ass fraud nigga that just got shut down, the police actually saved that nigga life for real!!!

      • Aaron Robinson

        dude, Ross was just here at the masonic temple a few months ago… NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. yeah he had that bus incident before, but who cares (he doesnt). he got paid. u think he care about cred (or tricks cred)??? it was 3k people at chene park that anted to see this MUSIC ARTIST. aint nobody pay no ticket price to see some fool pushin dope or killin… we pay to see a performance of our favorite songs (and by all the gold an platinum albums he has… HE HAS MANY). Ross went to the next city, next meeting, and did his JOB. trick didnt shut down shit… if that was the case Ross would have never came back from the 1st time, let alone 2 more times, and STILL GETTIN CHECKS EVERYTIME HE COMES. ha! PUH-LEEZE. if my boss gave me a check for work up front, and i got there and people wasnt letting me in (or made it just the least bit difficult), i would have dipped too! ha! what does he have to fight for, or prove? let me fight, or buss some guns for what?

        and also, the protest reference he made on his twitter came from TRICK TRICK. trick and the goons were staging a “peaceful protest”. they wasnt rowdy or chin checkin ross… he never left the convoy. they was just deep, standing by a barricade, blocking the entrance, with police in front of them telling what they could and couldnt do, and that was that. chene park was lucky them rowdy ass hood ass east-side concert goers didnt tear that place apart. ha!

    • EDOGZ818

      “Nigga want the juice but he don’t want the hassle
      So we’re trying to overthrow the castle
      Better yet the temple I’m coming to your town black down
      The rental, the pistol cocked
      If you don’t want to burn from the Glock
      Then beware, I buck shots, meaning what?
      The buck stops here, no more dough will be made
      Unless it’s being made by who?

      What’s that rhythm, whatAnnotate’s that sound?
      Party people getting down
      When it hit no doubt about
      Just release, yo delf!!”

      Method Man

  2. Casor_Greener

    Now if Ross’s goons would have started busting we would have called him a fool, but since they didn’t he is labeled a “chump” or “punk”. This was a no win situation and he did the right thing. the only people who really lost are the concert goers as I’m sure everyone else was paid in advance. I’d sue Trick since he is all on the net saying he orchestrated this garbage.

      • Casor_Greener

        I’m speaking if I was the promoter or concert goer

      • Killuminati

        Ok well I wouldn’t pay to see Rick Ross. And he wouldn’t be bustin nothin anyways…..he’s a phony. He jus looked at that as a night off

    • EDOGZ818

      Ross wouldn’t bust a grape in a food fight! He wouldn’t throw rice at a wedding! He wouldn’t… get my point!

      Ross crossed & got checked.

    • Scarelly Moe

      Rick goons didn’t bust because they knew what time it was and so did he…If they would have busted, they would’ve simply got smoked in Motown, home of the Hit Man!!!

  3. Detroit's Finest

    I can feel what Trick Trick is doing for our city. You have a lot of outside artist that come to the city of Detroit and won’t even let a local rapper purchase a verse from them. The city has been overlooked for so long as it pertains to rap music. If you were a local artist and you see people who don’t even respect your city or its people you would be pissed too. People have you remember that the rap industry is a whole new playground. Look at New Orleans for instance. Have you noticed that every time a rapper performs there he brings out a local rapper to show love to the city but they come to Detroit and only a few people do the same. Its real rap up in tha D and these label artist have to understand that. By the way Trick Trick isn’t doing this for himself he is doing this for the local rappers as a whole.

      • Detroit's Finest

        Exactly my point. By the way people seem to forget that Fat Boy talked cash shit about a guy who has done a lot for the city and that guy is Eminem. You can’t do that and expect to perform in the guys hometown. Gotta respect tha D for sticking together keeping that old school rap shit alive. You can’t be from another city and talk shit about The Fake Rick Ross and go to Miami and perform. So why is it all up a sudden OK for him to do that to Detroit. It’s not like him performing there is going to help out the economy or anything. They had million record selling artist on the bill so I am quite sure a hundred thousand selling artist will not be missed.

    • 1hiphophiphop

      Quick question,, do the “gangsta” rappers ride for J Dilla like that? Are your guys helping Ma Dukes?

      • Detroit's Finest

        Actually they do but you probably never heard of Dilla day or anything and Trick is trying to make so the local artist don’t need help from these frauds.

      • 1hiphophiphop

        I know a lot about J. Dilla and yes I know about Dilla day. Dilla has an amazing underground following but he barely gets any mainstream shine. Like if it’s all love in Detroit like that, all Detroit artists need to keep it all the way Detroit. All Detroit rappers work with nothing but producers from Detroit and do some shit in Dilla beats and kick it back to his foundation. I don’t care about who’s a fraud and who isn’t in rap because like 95% of these dudes are frauds anyway. Like I said keep it all Detroit so y’all can all make money.

      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, we heard of Dilla Day!

        I can’t get into the whole economics, etc., but I support this Trick move 100%.

    • Guest

      They because the local they put on actually have reginal hits.. ain’t a no name rapper from someone bathroom is gonna get on stage.. New Orl4ean local artist had hits regional..

    • REEL

      They do that because the local they put on actually have regional hits.. ain’t a
      no name rapper from someone bathroom is gonna get on stage.. New Orlean
      local artist had hits regional..

      • Slick Blak

        Trick Trick already has a official studio album and features by Eminem a few years ago.

  4. Jakne

    The dude trick trick just exposing william for the actor he really is……I think the money and the name “rick ross” has went to william’s head. It isnt cool for a rapper to come make $100,000 then fly out w/o showing no love to that city. Other cities should do the same.

  5. The Legendary Troll

    this is wack. Would they do this to Billy Joel or any other popular act like that? or is it just rappers? and Who is trick trick anyway? Dude need to find him some business. People payed their hard earned money to see ross in person. I’d be pissed if i were them and put Trick on a no show up to any future performances zone

    • Scarelly Moe

      William is a fraud, he out using a Legend’s name that ain’t even dead. He ain’t paying no homage so the streets is responding. The whole world knows Detroit is the hardest city in the United States, if you doubt it, try flying into the “NO FLY ZONE” and see what we really is. This former cop, now self proclaimed, drug dealing/rapper ain’t no boss, he gorilla pimping, using another man’s identity to make money, without showing no love. Luther Campbell couldn’t do it with Luke Skywalker Records and William can’t do it with “Rick Ross”, at least not in the “NO FLY ZONE”. Peace to my nigga Trick Trick, shout out to the entire GOONSQUAD. Detroit/313/722 Schoolcraft 100 Years!!!

      • JUSROMAN

        You call the real Rick Ross a legend?? A legend of what?? I understand the whole William using Rick’s name and persona and all, but a legend?? If Rick Ross is a legend in your book, then your probably part of the problem, and definetly not the solution.

      • focus on you

        Detroit is not the hardest city in the states, its just the poorest city in the states.

      • Scarelly Moe

        Obviously you don’t go to the Dee, if you don’t think we the hardest, you name just one person you know that moved there and set up shop!!!

      • wilhen123

        Emily Thornhill, founder of Homeslice, Kimo Frederiksen, owner of True Body Fitness, Bob Marsh, founder of LevelEleven, Andrew and Ryan Landau, co-Founders of Chalkfly, Victor Nemirovsky, software developer of iRule, Veronika Scott, founder of The Empowerment Plan…and that’s just to name a few. Just so happened that all of them are white. Detroit is one of the hardest cities, unfortunately for black people. We find a way to hate ourselves. The irony is with all of the talent that Detroit has in it the most famous rapper is a white boy that every black person in that city loves. He can use the n-word and call black females B’s all he wants and it’s ok, he’ll still get a pass. Yeah Detroit is hard as hell because it’s a lot of crab in the bucket nonsense going on!!

      • focus on you

        BG moved there after Katrina, and BG is from the hardest city in the state, New Orleans, and he had no problem setting up shop, with the music and hustling. Obviously you aren’t a hustler. I stay in Atlanta, and I have met many hustlers from the D, and they hustled to get out of the D.

        Who really wants to move to crappy, poor, Detroit? Noone I know, a hustler has more sense than to set up shop somewhere where there’s no money.

      • Slick Blak

        He IS a legend that was used and supported by HIGHER UPs in the U.S Government like OLIVER NORTH and the C.I.A. to move dope to buy guns for the Contra rebels in Panama or some place like that…google that name. The REAL RICK ROSS is a legend and part of U.S. history even if it is for a negative rumor. Most drug dealers go to jail come out a forgotten smuck or simply die!

      • Eli Pinilla

        The only reason we know of the corruption with the cia and the Nicaragua contras was because of Rick Ross…..The man wasn’t released from jail. He didn’t snitch. He didn’t serve his time. He was pardoned by the president. George Bush pardoned this man before he left office. He would’ve rotted in jail if not for that.

      • Scarelly Moe

        He is a street Legend in terms of a young black entrepreneur who ran a 300 million dollar profit a year business. If he was not a legend, why would a cop try to portray his story and life style under his name? Also in terms of a solution, a solution for what? Ain’t no solution for fraud except to expose it with truth and ain’t no problem except, all fraud will be exposed!!!

      • Allis Follpfosten

        Honestly, eff that. You got the nerves to call a drug business “entrepreneurship”? That’s so brainwashed, fools made you believe that it’s respectable as long as it’s bringing in high figures, when in the end it’s just living off the misery of others. No respect for the real Rick Ross, much respect to the Rapper, as he made money the legal way.

      • Allis Follpfosten

        Oh yeah, and the only ones that got damaged are the local promoters and the local crowd, so all Trick Trick did was damaging his own city.

  6. Eli Pinilla

    This dude is gonna get a phone call and his tune will change….sad to me that people listen to “gangsta” shit but when that shit really goes down, people get all in they feelins about it. Bringing up the economy. Black on black crime. Blah blah blah. Look, a suspect dude got checked by a real one. End of story. Everybody else got to go on but him. There’s a reason that happened……Everybody that defends Rick Ross always says it’s just entertainment. But why don’t Rick Ross say that? Why don’t Rick Ross ever talk about it just being entertainment and that it’s not real?!??! Cuz it’s not just entertainment. And he wants you to believe everything he says.

    • focus on you

      1 suspect dude got checked by 100-150 dudes, what’s real about that? You are a fool if you believe any words that comes out of these rappers mouth. Rap is just entertainment, if it wasn’t all these rappers would be locked up for murder and dope selling, which is what they mostly rap about anyway.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Go to compton and see if what them west coast boys is talkin about is just entertainment. Go to Miami and tell them boys the life rappers talk about is just entertainment to them. Obviously them Detroit boys don’t think it’s just about Chicago or the real Rick Ross for that matter….. That’s the problem. To the people who live it, it’s always been real. It’s the people that don’t know anything about that life that look at it as just entertainment. Entertainment doesn’t mean not real. You can be entertained by reality.

      • WeakSauce

        Yeah tell em to ask my ChiRaq boys if it Chicago is entertainment lol

      • commonsense

        dude your logic is so far off man…it’s just entertainment
        man, just like movies man, whatever your favorite movie maybe, it was just
        entertainment, fictional characters made up by people who have some ability to
        make up a good story, or put clever words together, but my question to you is
        this, how about the top-tier rappers in the game today, Kanye, Em, Jay, Lamar,
        Drake, Wayne, Jeez, Cole, 2 Chains the list goes on, or how about the old heads
        the Wu tang clan, Pac, Biggie and the list goes on, so bases on your logic,
        they all were killers and everything they rapped about they lived it right?

      • Eli Pinilla

        Again, it’s entertainmet, but entertainment doesn’t mean fake. Doesn’t mean false. You know why movies that are “based on a true story” are marketed as such and hold more weight? Cuz it’s true. For every scarface, there is a cocaine cowboys. Casino, goodfellas, paid in full, ect mean more to people cuz it was based off real events. Even movies that are fiction in story are stilled based off real situation and events. Not no terminator shit. But boys in the hood shit. So there’s a difference……As far as rappers. Yes they are entertainers, but again, there are those that tell true stories and those that dont. And if you want to be technical, rza done beat a murder rap. Nore actually did a murder bid. C Murder is still locked up. Slick Rick did time for shootin his cuzin. Chuck d was really about empowerment, it wasn’t just entertainment to them. Or ice cube or krs one. They wanted you to hear that shit and take heed. Eminem entertained you about his life, but it was still his life. Nas did get divorced. Ill Will did die. Biggie did sell crack. Pac really got shot 5 times. 50 mom really got killed. It’s not fake cuz it’s entertaining to hear…..The art of rap is entertainment. The shit they basing it off of isnt. And when ypu saying you from the part that isnt, that part is gonna come check you. Just like the entertainment side does when you don’t entertain.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Maybe it’s the “deeper than rap” album title lol

      • EDOGZ818

        Eitherway, I be telling these frauds like Butchcraig / Truth Teller, (MAG) to watch that BS they be yapping, before someone actually believes them & acts accordingly!

      • Eli Pinilla

        Your right. And that’s exactly what happened ross

  7. soyhiphop

    Crab in a barrel dont wanna see the next man eat (and that man loves to eat) funny thing is this trick trick..nobody cares for his music this little n!gga moment incidents is as far as his name will ever go and when he dies (you know murdered) people will have clear records of all the evil shit hes done

  8. 1hiphophiphop

    I mean Rick Ross has been around for like 10 years now maybe longer. If they wanted to kill him, they should’ve done it a long time ago… Naw everybody would be on some “this violence has got to stop” bullshit if that happens.. I would live to know what people want Ross to do.. I mean people will still be on his back if he just stopped rapping. Do you want him to go by William Roberts and continue rapping? What do y’all want him to do?

  9. ShaStud

    Funny how Ppl is happy that Rick Ross got checked so to speak. Its just hate point blank let that man get money. He don’t owe nobody shit but proly his hometown keep it G’d up. Yeah he’s a fraud (Rick Ross) we know that, He’s fake or whatever we know that but Ppl should move on and care about they own life that need fix in.. O_o.. Get on ya grind..

    • Detroit's Finest

      He is getting money but he just can’t get it in Detroit until he reaches out to those artist there. By the way he talked cash shit about Eminem during his 50 Cent issue and Em didn’t have shit to do with it at all. It’s called defending your hometown.

      • The Legendary Troll

        Nigga shut up and tell trick to invest his own time and money into fixing his broke ass city

      • Hector G

        anyone with a drake profile pic is not to be listened to, so hit the bricks.

      • PeoplePlease7

        Sadly, trick trick being the thug that he is, failed to defend his town from the crooked politicians who stole wealth and vulture capitalists who are swooping in to feast on city resources (pensions, vacant lots). Farrakhan told the people to start buying land there, but few listened…

      • Detroit's Finest

        So now you want him to be a politician? You are reaching with that one but on the other hand Ross could be one. I mean the main prerequisite is you have to be a compulsive liar and I must say he has passed that with flying stars. You on the other hand must be a the type of guy who blames Grand Theft Auto for kids being mental screwed up or the type that blames President Obama for the country being in dept and starting a war with Iraq looking for WMD’s.

      • PeoplePlease7

        No, he should be a man and truly be a torchlight for his city as he claims. As it stands, he is just as much of a liar as officer fake thug ricky and they are both bad for Detroit.

        To think trick trick is defending anything but his own personal interests is foolish given his cosign of those politicians (kwame kilpatrick) who helped run Detroit into the ground and drug dealers who poison the city. Notice GM got bailed out, but Detroit didn’t. In terms of media effects on behavior, media can stimulate certain behaviors in certain people. If you disagree, please prove the entire advertising industry (which uses sights, colors, sounds, imagery) wrong since they spend billions to influence people’s behavior (using video games to).

      • Killa

        Actually when Kwame was mayor crime was lower, the street lights were on, trash was being picked up, the buses were running, and the overall morale was better in the city.They had to take Kwame out so old ass Dave Bing could come hand over the city to the state and Snyder after it was all developed..where u from

      • PeoplePlease7

        “They had to take Kwame out”… You obviously have not researched his terms in office, theft from the taxpayers, railroading criminal investigations and political cronyism. Delusional people (voters) with lame excuses keep thieves in power…

    • Hector G

      “ya he’s a fraud and whatever but..” ” ya he’s fake we know that..”……smh. You just said it bud. It’s not mr ross either, it’s mr roberts. He actually does owe people something too, you are wrong. He owes hip hop fans an explanation about why he is lying and adapting a drug dealers persona, claiming he’s done things he’s never done, pretending to be him going around making money as music performer when in reality all he did was work as a correctional officer. LOLOL

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        if thats the case, then we need apologies to a whole lote more rappers not just rick ross.

    • Killa

      Funny how people forget Trick Daddy did the same thing to Trick Trick in Miami about ten years ago..and nobody was callin him a hater…Trick Daddy soon after came to detroit and got his fronts knocked its history here..the whole no fly zone probly wouldnt be in effect if Trick daddy didnt do it to Trick Trick back then

      • Eli Pinilla

        Trick daddy was talkin sh*t bout trick trick using his name and them Detroit nggz set up a fake show and booked him just so they could check him.

      • Killa

        Thats Real shit…despite the job situation i wouldnt rather be from anywhere else in the world…Its good to make a lot of money but we the only ones that seem to get it without giving up integrity

      • Eli Pinilla

        Truth….I’m not from there. But I respect Detroit and it’s hiphop scene. To me it’s the most authentic and still true to what it was. More so than even New York. They still let groups like doughboyz cashout live, but they show the upmost respect to artists like dilla, eminem, royce and all the other greats to come out and rep the city

      • Killa

        Preach…u a real nigga Eli..dont forget about slum village who gave birth to the old bakpack Kanye and gay ass q-tip and bussa bust…its more hip hop heads that listen and make boom bap music of the 90’s than dilla

      • Killa

        Oh and Bush pardoned the Real Rick Ross because he the one gave him the work in the first place lol..Im gone

      • Eli Pinilla

        Real recognize real homie……Yeap. He did tribes 3rd album. Stakes is high from de la soul. Busta shit and common. He also did d Angelo voodoo child to….and elzhi, imo, is the best natural talent out Detroit.

    • B.U.

      You could easily argue that Ross is the one hating. He ain’t respecting the game. If you planted a tree, nurtured and fed that tree, eventually it would bear fruit. Now imagine some guy comes and picks the fruit off of it and sells it in your neighborhood and tells everybody he planted that tree, what would you do?

  10. diggdoug

    love the real shit. wish my city was more like this . ny been soft since snoop came though and crushed the buildings

  11. RazaBladeKing

    Jeezus, why is everyone acting so dramatic? This ain’t about “The Plight of the Black Man”, “The Plight of A Fallen City”, or anything else. This is a fraud made famous by glamorizing an unglamorous lifestyle, getting checked by somebody actually living it. It used to happen all the time in hip hop, before all these sensitive sissies started holding hands and singing Kumbaya together a few years ago. All that chopper talk, all that lettin-them-pistols talk that got him to booked for that venue [by the system] got him revoked from that venue [by the people]. No mas, no menos. Anybody invoking MLK or Malcolm X as it relates to this situation is delusional. Anybody that thinks this will have any sort of significant effect on Detroit’s economy is delusional. If anything, accepting this con artist or his fairy tales as a symbol of ‘the black struggle’, ‘the black hustle’, or the authentic black experience is the real problem. Quit whining.

    • Ipullcards

      Ppl won’t read this cause they’re dummies and paragraphs scare them but you’re right. It’s ignorance meeting total ignorance. At least they made a human chain as a response to violence. Shows me maybe blk ppl still have non violent way of getting things done. More things like that need to happen but not over this fraud! Who stole someone else’s name and that person doesn’t even like him. How are we giving him respect? How is he not getting touched at every show? This isn’t hiphop! I’ve never liked him personally from what I’ve seen from him. His music is good would be better coming from a person really in the field

  12. Nyga07

    Ross did the right thing he was wrong if he reacted blah blah blah… no Ross did the wrong thing a long time ago and that is why he stay in these situations…. keep it real with yourself and the rest will play its part. I see why hip hop is in the state it is in now, a bunch of soft fans support soft rappers. No we don’t want killers literally in rap, you can be yourself but Ross is not on either side of that , he surfing in the middle on some other shyt and it’s not respected period. Talib aint hard, Mos Def wasn’t, Common didn’t see fit too but he checked Cube, Its not about being hard or a killer just flat out respect, don’t be mad when rappers who are not on that let’s be fake friends shyt don’t accept it. Ross will still get money and do shows don’t be sad!

  13. REEL

    Real G don’t fk with no one money… From what I’m seeing Trick Trick doesnt do shyt for other cities.. He not even built like that and he have no hits at all thats why is a famous LOCAL artist.. Bully your way get u no where..

  14. Eny Daboss

    i have seen a lot of shit in my life,but this one is close to stupidity, trick trick the name itself is coonery, Detroit is the poorest city in the usa, nikkas talking bout ross dis or ross dat, if ross didnt go can you count how many fans would have been shot or dead, ya think ross gives a fuckk bout having ppl dead at his concert lol dude has ppl to protect him not the fans, they could sue the city if rick ross didnt leave, ppl say tricc is a real nigga ok how much money did he invest in his town to help black ppl? the same shit happened to diddy, 50, eminem and fat joe in miami, this is extortion… and like ross said in all birds, if it wasnt for him you would never hear bout them, jeezy has to sign nikkas from the D to stay ok over there.

  15. dehova

    Here’s the thing, would these 100 brothers (I’m assuming it was brothers) stand up to white oppression or racist white entertainers?

    • RazaBladeKing

      In a way, they kinda did. Consider that “Rick Ro$$” is a corporate invention manufactured in a board room to sell a message of “Kill n****s/Sell dope in your community” to impressionable teenagers. For one night, they shut that s*** down. Is former CO/current make-believe drug kingpin William Roberts really the guy you wanna take this stand for, even if it’s a good stand?

      • B.U.

        Exactly what I was thinking. Ross is a trojan horse and he woulda been left alone if he checked in.

      • PeoplePlease7

        The Black community (and Detroit) would be better off without officer ricky and trick trick…

      • dehova

        I would agree with you but by all accounts, Trick Trick raps about the same things. I think we know there is a gulf in the respective authenticity of their raps. It just seems sad that the cycle continues where you have 40+ year olds still trying to be the hardest. I heard trick was defending Em when the whole racist lyrics surface. WTF that all about? 2 things are natural to you. Your gender and your race. Defend both with pride. Not an over grown patch or plantation with a name

      • RazaBladeKing

        Here’s the difference. When a Trick Trick, Gucci, or 50 raps about the same things, the audience also sees the negative consequences (prison, getting shot, etc). When a fraud that isn’t living that life says it, all you see is the jewelry and cars. And when that audience is too young or too stupid to see the difference, the cycle perpetuates, and the system wins.

      • dehova

        Couldn’t disagree more. You got all these kids in Chicago that are well aware of the consequences and are still getting mixed up with the shit. Man, the point is we all gotta go back to a time when we looked after our community

  16. @44wade

    ricky rozay brings all this negative attention on himself lol. most
    rappers tell white lies in their music but outside of the booth they
    dont, william has taken his character way to far and even in interviews
    boasts about how gangster he is, how much dope his sold, how he is good in
    any hood etc etc so real niggas are gonna wanna test him

    you dont hear 50 cent jay z jeezy game etc in interviews boasting like they do in their music

    when that GD stuff was going down he done that silly rant on the radio saying how he is the biggest boss and untouchable and is good in any hood with 100 shooters on deck

    you cant feel sorry for the guy.

  17. Qaadiru Rashaad

    Well first and foremost, let me preface by saying I think Rick Ross is a great artist. I love his ability to make good music and in some cases timeless records. He undoubtedly made an enormous contribution to the musical landscape of HipHop culture. if he were not to make another record, he would go down as one of the greatest hiphop artist ever, in my humble assessment and opinion. I also admire how he’s built businesses, as well as provided a viable avenue to help artist not only develop their brands, get their music to the world but build potential financial empires. With all of that being said, his career was built on the premise that he is from “the streets” and he was a “street nigga” from jump and a big drug dealer. He’s never said anything different. With that being said: REAL “Street Nigga” principles were applied by a REAL “Street Nigga” whose about that life. Anyone one whose hustled knows you Can Not hustle on somebodies block without a pass, an ok, or an arrangement for lack of better words . So those street principles were applied.

    • B.U.

      Good points but I think the second point about Ross negates the first. You can’t be one of the greatest anything if you aren’t authentic. The difference between good and great comes down to character. Are you a man of your word? Do you stand for something bigger than yourself? Do you you have integrity? Nothing great was ever built on a lie. Ross has oratory talent and he’s a capitalist but that’s about it. He’s basically a rap politician.

      • Qaadiru Rashaad

        Fam you are absolutely right. Well said. #Facts

      • ILL Will

        I was rocking with some of your comments above but u did it on this one bruh….good sht…

  18. Elayorx El

    Street sh1t at it’s finest. No harm, no foul, for now. I’m inclined to think there is much more about this, than what has been reported. Also, goons ganging up for an effect of this type ain’t nothing new, but had Ross had to leave without getting any money at all? That would have been impressive. So to me, that’s kind of a lose/win. I think Trick is also wisely trying to capitalize off his, “celebrity” as of late, as he has become more popular outside of the D in recent years. That song with Royce is also pretty hot, although I wish the, “No Fly Zone” was for ANYBODY coming through, and not just those from a certain demographic, or ethnic background. Now that would be power, and as many have echoed on the board, that build up could be used to help reverse the economic status of the city, at least in our sector. Notice I said, OUR, and no, I’m not from the D, but many folks who look like me, and that are from the same situations I came from, are. Hopefully, Trick will give the real update on this soon, as he has been known to do in the past. Until then, business as usual.

    • B.U.

      LOL Especially when he partook in absolutely none of the lifestlye he glorifies. Yeah, that man gotta pay the hood toll to get in.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      oh im sure they got plenty of that with Ferg and Boldy james and especially if Trick took the stage

  19. Jason Mazur

    And still got paid I’m sure. That upfront portion is non refundable when it’s not his fault. “Thank you, Good night Detroit and God Bless.”

    • B.U.

      Yeah but he’s taken a lotta losses over the past couple years and I ain’t just talkin about the stomach staple thing. His G is on trial big time.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        his money still coming in, as far as we can see, so how much of a loss is it really?

      • B.U.

        Respect and integrity don’t have a dollar sign next to it.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        i feel you fam but i dont think that ninja worried about that shit.

      • Dmac Uno

        for real tho, all the people beefing with Ross don’t pay for music or anything for that matter so its just words and chest pumps to him

      • Detroit's Finest

        Man I miss the old days when you had to be the person you said you were in songs. You know the DMX early Jay-Z days.Now if you can manage to steal someones identity you can sell plenty of records.

      • commonsense

        are you freaking Kidding me!!! DMX…Jay Z, you a fool if you believe that stuff they were and have continued to talk about…

      • B.U.

        Dog, are you trying to say DMX and Jay Z aren’t certified? Both their backgrounds check out. Rozay’s doesn’t which is why these dudes wanna tax him.

      • Celz

        I feel you but exaggerating and plagiarism are two completely different ball games..

      • B.U.

        Nah, Ross ain’t worried about that. He’s just leeching off the culture and proud of it.

      • commonsense

        so what is Wayne, Drake, Jeezy, Jay Z, Kanye, what are they doing??? your logic is so off man…sad my dude, just sad

      • B.U.

        I didn’t say they weren’t leeching. I never brought those names up. What I will say is at least they would’ve been smart enough to make that courtesy call. All the other artists performed without incident so what does that tell you?

      • Jason Mazur

        His fan base don’t care about his G. There might be 10K of them at most that do but it’s not enough to stop the rest of the cornballs from buying his hype. We are well past the time in Hip Hop where people bought records off talent and credibility.

  20. Killa

    Damn man its nothin wrong with leaving intact.but dont go and get on twitter and talk tough after u in a safe place..just like two chaniz..still wax dissin the niggas that got him in the bay.. Anybody can get it in any city..This type of stuff dont happen to real niggas and i dont mean hard or violent niggas when i say real..I mean people that dont portray a image they dont want no part of….Shout out to Boosie who performed in the D last night with Trick hosting the event..Real niggas do real things

  21. soft detroit thug


    Rick Ross addressed not performing at Summer Jamz on Twitter.

    Luv #Detroit I wuz ready to killm 2nite,heard it wuz a peace protest wit picket signs and locked gates haa 😂😂

    — Mastermind (@rickyrozay) June 22, 2014


  22. WaltWhiteDFB

    This was gay, do Trick Trick think this gone stop Ross money?? And You want to stop people wit a “No Fly Zone” when your city doesn’t have no money anyway? This is bout hate, and just making a scene. To make it to Allhiphop to promote your new video, niggas always want to prove something to otha niggas, and that just retarded. Let this had been Justin Bieber in town, you think he would have tried that F**K S**T?? NOpe. Ok You feel Ross Fake cool, But if you got 100 niggas following one misguided hater, 99 of them niggas was weak as hell. Id rather be the Shepard Than The Sheep…

    • Guest

      One guy had corporate power, one guy had street power. It is what it is. I’m personally thrilled that Wyoming Street beat Wall Street for once.

    • stealth

      You make a good point . Why he aint taxing white artist ? Katy perry got more money to donate than rick ross. Her and beiber got enough to build a school..

      • B.U.

        I don’t think it was about that. If Ross was a pop artist he wouldn’t even be on the hood radar.

  23. disqus_8gQkV1Y55t

    anyone who would take place in this type of idiotic behavior……please do us all a favor……go as far away from civilization as possible and kill yourself please

  24. Dmac Uno

    even if do don’t like Ross this is still wrong, your stopping your city from making money, what if rappers decide to boycott Detroit, would the D still stand by Trick Trick

    • Detroit's Finest

      Charging people money and then taking it out of the state is not making the city any money at all. It’s not like it was a huge event that lasted a couple of weeks like the Dream Cruise does. Maybe a few people have a job for say a week paying crumbs and then they are right back out there looking for another job afterwards. It’s funny how no one notices that higher selling artist performed with no issues but this fraud of an individual shows up portraying a drug kingpin and couldn’t even make it to the stage. Welcome to tha D

      • Dmac Uno

        I hear u, I guess im talking for vendors and local bizness that might have tent at the event, im not sticking up for Ross because he made his own bed, but there is a bigger picture

  25. jacksjus

    These are the cases when you need city police escorts. We’re talking a lot of money here and shame on Chene Park for not having the necessary security detail. Smh!

    • Scarelly Moe

      They had enough security, that phony made a conscious decision not to perform because he know what it is. A fraud always knows he living a lie and my city don’t allow you to live a lie period…

      • Celz

        If the D ain’t fuccin with Ross tell the promoters don’t book him.. He spending Detroit money he didn’t even rap lies for on junk food right now..

  26. $17637591

    Rick Ross aint NEVER….EVER….EVA…. coming back to the D. Only way he comes back is if his Kin folk with badges escort him. The cops couldn’t even help their cousin rick ross….they were out numbered that night.

    • Antoine Hart

      i wouldnt want to come back to a bankrupt city neither lol.. that same Detroit vs everybody mentality is the same mentality that keeps Detroit artists local and local only

      • Scarelly Moe

        If the city was so broke, why did he go there to perform for money???

      • Dmac Uno

        To bad yall cant take all the unity and energy and use it for a good cause other then destruction, next time some kids get shot or wrongly accused of a crime you take that same 100 people and storm city hall or the police station wanting JUSTICE #Moor #Life

      • Celz

        Sounds too much like work my dude.. Niccas just want to have fun.. Niccas is so fly jobs should come looking for them.. Smh.. How about y’all protest and boycott the radio station for booking Ross.. Ross got still got paid regardless he’s a fake and I hope his career ends tomorrow but the well being of your city is more important that any one fucc nicca..

    • Scarelly Moe

      He better not come back if he smart, last time his bus got smashed, this time, he got the message, and they’re will not be a 3rd time, digwhatimtalkinbout!!!

  27. Bossladi Thomas

    I thought them GDS said they got members in every city,must b true.didnt them GDS say before any show around here that u need to check in??must b true.hey bro I think u better check in or cut the check u make the

  28. wilhen123

    Detroit is hard!!! Unfortunately more so for black people, cause we are going to find a way to hate ourselves!! Eminem can say all types of crazy things and we’ll have no problem with it, if black person said that type of stuff it would be another brother trying to make him look bad by calling him a weirdo!! smh

  29. foshow38

    It’s Sad that some of Ya’ll think this shit is cool. All this is going to do is not have some of ya favorite artist not perform in Detroit. Sh!t is already bad in Detroit and Trick Trick with this BullSh*t is not helping. As well now that this sh!t is known national your gonna have a bunch of tough guys doing this in other cities and yes I’m aware this happens already…. How do we move forward, when we hold each other back?? How is this good for our culture let alone rap?

    • Killa

      Its not cool bro but its real…these niggas dont got shit else but black on black violence is cool…but dont portray that image if u dont want that reality..and watch yo fuckin mouth and u will be good

      • Killa

        besides dissing Em who Trick rides for, all that shit about he can put a 1000 niggas on any corner in the US, and he not cuttin no checks after makin his bank off of a stolen identity and name dropping the two most certified niggas form the d and the chi

      • commonsense

        Oh, so because he diss em, and because he’s fake, you believe as though what happen to him was fair? What has this trick, trick guy done for the community, besides the turkey passing and the toys for xmase, how has he help build back up the city that filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy in 2013? How is he trying to help curve the black on black voilence? How is he trying to stop drugs in the black community? How is he mentoring African American kids? And most importanly what has he done for you??? If none of those things mattered to you and all you cared about was that Rick Ross was embarrased and that he can never come back to the D again….then my dude i feel bad for you. And it’s not an insult to you at all,

      • Killa

        Im not condoning, or impressed with what happened, this was a huge step backwards for him (Trick) because it negated everything he did positive…it doesnt matter to me .. I was jus giving u the method behind Tricks madness…because u asked what did Ross say correct? Its just funny to see the chickens come home to roost so to speak because Ross dont do shit positive either and its little niggas in MIA dying behind his image im sure
        Soon as I seen the no fly zone video I knew it would soon come to this…its not a good look for him cuz the nigga damn near 50 years old. and if a nigga from detroit say Big Sean goes to MIA and they hold him responsible for Tricks actions it would really be bad…
        people need to understand that this is just hip hop bravado.. its nothin new…he not the first person to say no fly zone..the song actually is a remake of crooked I song..he made for niggas comin to LA..the only difference is he didnt actually enforce it and Trick did. but to keep things in perspective..the economic state of Detroit is way past Trick and Ross’s reach. Peace 2 u

      • Schooly B

        Sir, you sound like a f-ing idiot. You speak as if you are from Detroit and if you are then you are a really sad case. You support a thug that doesn’t give damn about the place he calls home. Instead, he’d rather sit around acting like a bum arse version of Issac Hayes in Escape From New York talking about people need to check in with him before they make money there. Really? That dude is a straight clown. Trying to get some rec because he couldn’t cut it in the mainstream industry. And while he’s doing that; he’s stealing the opportunities that should be yours and your fellow D-Town residents. Investors don’t want to do business in a town or area that they deem unsafe for their employees or business partners and this shite right here looks bad for the city. And you wonder why they seem so content with just bulldozing entire neighborhoods and letting other buildings sit vacant to rot or have squatters. They are trying to run you dumb fvcks out so they can bring in the outside dollar. They want to gentrify that entire city and your stupid arse along with fvckers like Trick Trick (and who the fvck is this clown anyway) are justifying the cause and making it easier. Driving down the property value even lower for it to be snapped up by real out of town mtherfvckers with real money and real business sense. Don’t believe me? Look into what the local government is doing to entice startups to move their bases of operations to Detroit, check out the incentives. Then, look at what their doing for other businesses that buy property and invest in Detroit. Most of that is not coming from the black dollars. They want you out dummy!!! Oh, I know Trick Trick love the kids. He did xyz last year for the kids. Right, so as long as you give a few turkeys and toys for the holidays you get a pass to destroy the community, huh? He’s keeping it real, huh? Life doesn’t have to be so hard in Detroit; it’s idiots like Trick and yourself believing in this overly macho bullshite that make it so.

        Now, I know you’re probably asking who the hell am I to talk like this so I’ll tell you. I’m a Chicago dude that owns properties, pays taxes, and and gets money in Detroit. And guess what; I don’t check in with no sucker as$ fool named Trick Trick whenever I touchdown. That’s because real money getters, real business men, don’t even care about dude. He’s not even a crumb. He’s a nuisance at best that thinks he’s making more noise than he is. I care about Detroit. I saw the writing on the wall after the auto industry collapse. I knew the mass exodus and gentrification was coming. So I invested in the city to ensure that my people still had representation in a city they helped build. I know so much about that city that your ignorant arse can’t even begin to fathom and it angers me to see you playing an active role in your own destruction. Doubly so, when I see you championing a destructive non productive member of your own community that is so selfish and self centered that he blindly does the devils work for him. Smarten up son. And do better.

      • Killa

        Nigga u sound like a idiot…nobody talkin about niggas doing real business, we talking about a nigga portraying a image thats worse than Tricks and then wanna cry when the negativity he raps about doing hits home.. and no one is glorifying Trick actions. and they been pushing niggas out of the city since the casinos came..So next time u should read and understand what u r reading before u go trying to insult niggas . prick..everybody knows u can buy a hundred houses in the D for 100k..but who gonna live in them with the crime the way it is and no city services or jobs…once u renovate yo over yo head unless u got property downtown..which i doubt u do or else u wouldnt be on all hip hop commenting on blogs and jumping to conclusions son…and u downplayin a nigga passing out toys and turkeys..thats all that some of them kids get man. I respect yo opinion bro so we dont have to talk down on each other. but dont insult my intelligence son. Peace

      • Schooly B

        Few points:
        1.) You’re still rationalizing the same actions that lead to the communities destruction by saying what a man says in a song or in an interview about a piece of land none of you own (eminent domain) warrants another man to act like a child playing red rover when some one that could bring a positive revenue stream into the area arrive.

        2.)You’re right about the lack of jobs and skilled employees to fill those positions available in Detroit. So, a few of the people I know and work with are working to bring training to Detroit. The plan is to train people in business and technology so that we can put people in a better position. The trainings free and the trainees get paid and help landing a job afterwards. The meetings have already happened and now we’re just staffing. Theres a big difference between keeping the people you victimize needing you (handing out toys and turkeys after you run off potential investors with your stupidity) and giving the people the independence to make their lives and the lives of those around them better by teaching them to fish instead of giving them fish. When you hear about the program I definitely suggest signing up for an interview.

        3.) I love Hip Hop. For all that it is the good and the bad. So, why wouldn’t I be here? I also hit OkayPlayer too. Stop drinking that hard luck kool-aid man and drum that sucker out of town. He is a cancer. And he is doing the city more harm than good.

        No disrespect. I just refuse to let my brothers and sisters to be led astray.

      • Killa

        Thats what it is man Hip Hop… and unfortunately things like this occur all the time..niggas been dying behind this game since Scott la Rock…Yeah u right the nigga is inconsistent cuz one day he passing out toys and the next they stompin a nigga unconscious in the club…but its people way more cancerous than him in politics… but we love this game so much we can tend to get caught up in the bs…but i still say Trick on his best or worst behavior has no affect on the economic climate of the D..he’s just the face for everything negative…Peace Bro good convo.

    • Dmac Uno

      Its not like there doing it to a rapper saying something with meaning in his lyrics, ross raps about that life so has to deal with that, but TRUST change is here and its time to take back the culture #Moor #Life

  30. Guest

    Bottom Line…u cant shit on detroit or anybody from here and think its gonna be love when u come thru…thay had Gibbs shook not too long ago..not for beefing with doughboyz cashout but for gettin on the breakfast club saying he disses niggas in they own city// not in the D u dont. This aint Macon nigga disrespect to macon niggas

      • Guest

        Fasho I fux wit Gibbs..he a real nigga but he messed up talkin about what he would do in Detroit and niggas vandalized his tour bus with him in it

      • PeoplePlease7

        So some hardcore gangster gun toting murder untouchable invincible thugs spray painted a bus? Spray painted? How do you know Gibbs was in it, or is it heresay?

    • focus on you

      Didn’t that NY rapper who checked Trinidad James, check Big Sean? Hell even weak ass Ja Rule dissed Em and the rest of those weaklings from Detroit, and no one from the D did anything.

      • Clondyke Classic

        Didn’t no ny rapper checc Trinidad James

      • Guest

        Why check Trinidad James when no one is checking for him and I dont remember him coming here ever

      • Guest

        nobody had to do anything to Ja after 50, g-unit, obie trice, em,dre and busta killed his career in the span of a couple weeks..and that big sean diss went under the radar. u wont ever hear trinidad again in life..and big sean not a rah rah nigga..drake dissed him on his intro and lil homie didnts say nothin so niggas dont get points for comin at Big Sean

    • PeoplePlease7

      No one had Gibbs shook, he announced he was coming there, performed and left unscathed. Fortunately, investors are purchasing up Detroit property in anticipation of the time when those violent feral coons are gentrified out of the city and normal Black people can have some peace of mind.

  31. Guest

    Shout out to Trick and Ross for at least sparking some kind of social commentary besides thots and whatever else niggas rappin about today..niggas had some real discussions

  32. stan jones

    funny enough… This is gonna cause problems for detroit in bringing in any big artist that dont wanna call ahead and get clearance like they were going out the country. Fact is. I do believe in the whole “If you gonna make money here< you gotta spend money here" thing. Bless the city as you roll thru. I don't think this action was called for but sometimes the only way to get to people is thru an act as this. Big ups to Trick Trick and THE "D".

  33. Clondyke Classic

    Detroit aint gon have nothin but low level rappers there from now on and they only got 1 nigga to blame. I hope them zoes put a green light on every rapper from Detroit.

    • Pat

      Shit… we still got some of the best rappers/producers in the game. You can keep Ross and his fake ass garbage… and the rest of those “high level” played out, ignorant fakes rapping bout the same damn shit every song with the same weakass metaphors over the same shitty trap beats….

  34. Duck Delt

    This is just sad all around….

    First there is Rick Ross, who glamorizes a life style that, according to various sources, he didn’t live. So when you say or rap certain things you will eventually have someone test the validity of your claims, and this is the end result, so I don’t have any sympathy for him, but……
    You have Trick Trick, who has some sway over these groups of people, but instead of using it to bother a rapper, why not use your influence to get your fellow Detroiters to finish school, build up there neighborhoods that you all claim you love so much, stop the senseless killings. At the end of the day the African American community suffers the most from this nonsense. People will have yet another incident to point at and use to further promote the stereotype that black people are nothing but animals…..

  35. dontworryaboutit

    I am so feelin Duck Delt. I live in Ann Arbor(home of U of M) and I have family that lives in Detroit. I love Detroit, it brings a sense of normality since all I am surrounded by are Arabic-speaking individuals, Asians, and Europeans. It feels good to be surrounded by and engaging with your own kind from time to time, thats for anyone it’s not racist it’s just natural. However, over the years I have seen Detroit deteriorate more and more. It is mainly due to Dennis Archer giving the city to State to demolish, then came Kwame which was like giving Suge Knight executive political power, and then Rick Synder put the nail in the coffin. Detroit is a city of struggle but through it all the “remaining” citizens are making it work. This was once a city with over 2 million residents and has now dwindled to a little above 700,000. It appears as though Trick Trick may have some influence on a large number of people in the city. Instead of glamorizing all of the outrageous and detrimental stereotypes of Detroit, such as the murder rate, the fact Detroit has no basic services like trash pickup and Emergency response, which is sad and embarrassing, this city should band together. There are a lot of young and talented individuals who have no hope. So in turn they idolize rappers like trick trick and who I like to call tricky ricky. This reminds of Chief Keef little ashy self making money off pure ignorance, all those poor innocent babies dying in the Chi just like the D and instead of stopping it, it is glamorized.

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