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Loaded Lux: Kendrick Lamar Could Definitely Be A Battle Rapper (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) When Kendrick Lamar’s verse from “Control” was released, it reinvigorated the sport of competitive rapping in the mainstream. During a recent interview with Microphone Bully, one of the most celebrated battle rappers of all time, Loaded Lux spoke on Kendrick Lamar’s potential as a battle rapper and who would win in a battle between the two.

Lux stated that Kendrick’s wordplay ability would be the reason he would be able to excel as a battle rapper:

Definitely. Kendrick is a wordsmith and the game is built on the word. His writing, descriptive writing, he does that very well. Shout out to him and we got a chance to build. Great dude, great individual.

Lux is set to battle Murda Mook on Total Slaughter on July 12th at Webster Hall.

Check out Lux’s full interview below:

  • WhiteBlack

    hustling backwards..

  • Lux willbury K Dot!

    Lomanchencko beat gary Russell Jr, but amatuers with no experience rarely beat the champ!

    K Dot should battle Papoose for a tune up…they again, Pap already mashed K Dot up.

    • Johnny Boy

      Of course Lux would beat Kendrick. He does this professionally.

      But, I think Kendrick would beat Papoose. Kendrick got all kinds of styles, approaches, and techniques for Pap.

      • Yeah, but it’s his heart that is missing!

        Pap would bring the venom!

        K-Dot ain’t built like that!

      • Look At Me!!! ☺

        I agree a lot of ppl would kill k dot in a battle I’ll get hate but Drake would air K dot out

      • SSHhhh! That’s not some ‘chet you say publicly!

      • Terrance

        Drake IS Krazy wit it when he wants to be tho…

        A lot of folks would prefer not to admit it…

      • >>I’m one of them.

      • Terrance

        Ha Ha…

      • Black Adam

        Drake? Foh! Dude would have one verse and forget the next do to pressure and just start singing in between verses. Kendrick alrdy has a battle style built into his rhyme scheme.

      • Terrance

        Ok my G.

        Drake isn’t where he is for no reason.

        Yeah, he appears to be emotional about some things but, I’m not gonna deny his talent.

        That would make ME emotional…

      • Black Adam

        Not denying he is talented either playboy. Just saying his skill set is more swag/emo, while Kendricks skill set is more battle/conscious. Whats Drake going to say in a battle arena? I got more cars and hoes than you? Thats not going to be good enough in a battle with dudes like Lux and them.

      • Terrance

        I got you…

        Maybe not so much now but, Drake sh*t from BEFORE he blew.


      • Infinite8

        YOU FUNNY AS HELL !!!! But true shit !!!!

      • Johnny Boy

        Uh, no he wouldn’t. Kendrick would demolish him with personals alone.

      • Johnny Boy

        Heart? Of course Kendrick has that.

      • Not enough to take on Pap or Joe Buddens, etc.

        Lux is a different beast!
        He’d eat K Dot alive.

        Don’t sleep on Banks though.


      • Look At Me!!! ☺

        Nah, off beat k dot would get burried. I tell you who would murk someone off beat in a battle that boy Drake,Ludachris & Loyd banks as a battle rapper I can hear it. K dot would have trouble he’d have to learn the difference cadance it can’t be choppy

      • Johnny Boy

        Lmfaooooo!!! Drake, Ludacris, and Banks? Hahahaha!!!!!!

  • Johnny Boy

    Shout out to Lux!

  • I have to agree he is a great swordsmith, a great young king.

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    groupies turn into reporters bet he used to rhyme too smh

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  • Soulgasm

    Turn the dayum background music off. Smh…