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Hip Hop Rumors: Jay-Z and Beyonce Head To Couples Therapy?

Jay and Beyonce are willing to do anything to save their marriage, and sources are revealing that the couple is seeking outside help.

Seeking advice from their good friend Gwyneth Paltrow, the couple has decided to seek couple’s therapy to put their marriage back together.

OK! Magazine reports:

“Supercouple Jay Z, 44, and Beyoncé, 32, just can’t put Solange’s elevator fight behind them, and—on the advice of pal Gwyneth Paltrow—they’ve turned to three-times-a-week counseling to rescue their marriage.

We still don’t know exactly what caused Solange to attack her brother-in-law in that elevator after the Met Ball back in May. But many people believe that the brawl was caused by Solange accusing Jay of being a womanizer, so he’s vowed to change his ways. In front of Bey, he called rumored mistress Rachel Roy to end their relationship: “No more cozy dinners, no more late-night phone calls,” says the source. “He’s even deleted her number from his phone.””

Jay, we hope you get things together quick because we all know how the BeyHive gets down…

  • atlantahiphopshop

    On tour and in Couples Therapy at the same time? WTF? MF’s are just making up sh!t now. SMH

  • Jared

    Deleting a number doesn’t mean shit lol

    • atlantahiphopshop

      Right. Plus who would really know all that?

      • Jared

        They always reaching like “the source” is right there listening lol

      • atlantahiphopshop

        And watching. Like they saw Jay delete the number. SMH “Look baby, Im deleting her number, see, she gone”.

  • hoeyuno

    Hahaha….how come everytime these celeb couples do something scandalous there’s always a thirsty “friend” who they called up right after and told the whole story to!!?? Haha…..and if Jay really was getting caught up cheating why would they need Gwyneth paltrow to tell them to go to couples therapy! !? Haha

  • johnblacksad

    Jay a Mac, no Apple, no Beans!

    “Ma, our time together is our time together
    and our time apart is our time apart,
    so love Jay witcha mind and not your heart…”

    • Check it …you will like….even JaRule’s part!



  • baller187

    its just a matter of time , we all new this wasnt gonna make it, he is just great at hididing things this nigga is the master of it

  • Markus

    Their therapy is going to be this tour. Going to a doctor to work out problems isn’t going to help their performances if they’re mad at each other in the day and have to do a show later that night. That’s a lot.

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    You know it’s bogus when the article opens with “Supercouple Jay Z, 44, and Beyoncé, 32, just can’t put Solange’s elevator fight behind them”. The MEDIA is the only one that’s not over that. I’m sure for Jay and Bey, it was over before we even knew it happened.

  • RightOn

    Hahahahaha this is funny as fu@#. Out of all people, why would they seek help from Gwyneth whom just ended her marriage from her husband ??? That’s like asking Stevie Wander for directions. I swear these HH blogs are just horrible at what they do.

  • i give like zero shits about their relationship.

  • all this rumor bullshit is fake.. they gonna come out with a duet album and sell it down the throats of dumb ass people

    • baller187

      wrong they been on the rocks for years, u dont go to couples counsiling for the heck of it

      • Weedras

        how can you confirm they’re in couples therapy? how do you know they’ve been on the rocks for years? you got the one up on info? after all this is a rumor section.. and OK magazine is also speculating, so where’s you solid info from?

  • El Dogga

    They have problems yet are currently on tour together??? Right………marketing ploy.