Rick Ross Speaks On Not Performing At Detroit Concert (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) After two days of news stories about why Rick Ross decided to cancel his headlining performance at Hot 107.5′s Summer Jamz 17 in Detroit, the man himself speaks out about the incident. In an interview with Felisha Monet of 99 Jamz, Ross says he never made it to the venue and never spoke to anyone directly about being blocked from the event.

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“The team head over to the gig, so my team is always in front of me. Just to make it clear, I never even made it to the venue,” said Ross. “Me and whoever this gentleman is – we never crossed paths. He never spoke with Rozay, and I expect him to clarify that.”

The “gentleman” Ross is likely referring to is rapper Trick Trick. There were reports that it was Trick who orchestrated the blockade that prevented Ross from entering Chene Park Amphitheater where Summer Jamz was being held. Allegedly, Trick had placed the Maybach Music Group leader on a “No Fly Zone” list which meant the two would have needed to speak before Ross could perform.

“The caravan is on the way to the venue. They get there, and someone has locked the gates to the venue,” explained Ross. “This I didn’t see myself – there was supposed to be gentlemen here who were talking with the police, and it was very peaceful for my team that made it there. They didn’t even know it was a problem.”

Ross says he then went to a local casino, and it was there that he heard it was supposedly a “gang” outside Chene Park waiting for him.

“That’s totally false,” said Ross. “I let that breath for a whole day just expecting somebody to step up and say that’s not true. No one spoke to MMG.”

Ross’ statement is different from what the promoters of Summer Jamz have said about his reason for not performing. Hot 107.5′s program director Jay Hicks said Ross was met by 100 people outside and was “in fear of his life.”

Shahida Mausi of The Right Productions, Inc, which manages and operates Chene Park, said there were 100-150 people outside the site led by “a local rapper” that “prevented and threatened to harm Ross if he entered the grounds to perform at Chene Park Amphitheater.”

“FYI, if this is the scenario, I didn’t see it. Rozay ain’t make it to the venue,” adds Ross. “For any upcoming artists don’t never feel the need to shoot your way into any venue to perform. You not getting paid for that.”

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Watch Rick Ross’ interview below.

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  • t1m3b0mb

    “The “gentleman” Ross is likely referring to is rapper Trick Trick.”
    come on AHH your slow, he’s referring to the program director who made the announcement on stage

  • wickedjones

    i don’t believe it either, you better believe if rick ross was stopped outside a venue. That sh!t wouldn’t be on worldstar? gtfooh. The unofficial mayor called Trick Trick., are u effing serious? “That nigga sh!t.”

  • Young Lou

    This dude is such a fraud. His story don’t even make sense. No one can even vouch that he was at a casino. How does yo entourage go to the venue but you at the casino? GTFOH!!!

    • me4uasu4me

      go kill yourself, Trick Trick is a hater and will remain so. Ross don’t need nobody to vouch for him been at the casino.

      • Guest

        Exactly. And why is he at a casino anyway when he supposed to be at the venue? Because the gates were locked? This guy is marvelous.

      • me4uasu4me

        he was at the casino as a boss so his crew go check out the venue first.

      • Young Lou

        blah blah blah blah blah blah

    • B.U.

      Exactly. And why is he at a casino anyway when he supposed to be at the venue? Because the gates were locked? This guy is marvelous.

    • Eny Daboss

      if he was at the gate why their is no videos? about him being there all they have is ppl standing at the gate… at the end of the day he got paid…

  • Killuminati

    Ross needs to be blackballed from hip hop as a whole

  • B.U.

    That’s his explanation? He didn’t know there was a problem? If he didn’t know there was a problem then why didn’t he come back and perform?

    • me4uasu4me

      his crew already told him cos they got there first…don’t blame Ross blame that old ass hatin nigga Trick Trick..

      • B.U.

        So he was scared to perform. BTW, Ross is the same age as Trick Trick.

  • I think i believe this story cuz if ross was out there, there definitely would have been video out there.

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  • greenhouse records

    So Im suppose to believe a habitual liar….

  • Obi Won

    “aint no checks getting cut” lol, I remember he said that about the GD situation, and it seems here that he’s not think about Trick Trick or none of them dudes. What crazy about it is, this is going to go away, if there was a no fly zone, Rick Ross wont care about it for another year at least. An if he comes back around he’ll do the same thing. Sit in the limo, see they wont let him in, and roll out, simply put. I’ll give it to the dude, he handles little stupid situations like this with poise versus a TI type who would go on the radio and try to prove something.

  • John Holladay

    call trick trick old call him a hater but when he speak the streets of the D listen…Point is Ross aint perform so the “no fly zone” exist. If not why he ain’t perform. You think that mob was out there on their own just because?

    • me4uasu4me

      was Ross paid or not?

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        he got the initial deposit but not the rest so still a win for ross, he spent that shit at the casino

    • Bulli$hPride

      Just goes to show how easy it is to get followers for all the wrong reasons.

  • B.U.

    “Lock the lions innnnn!!!!” LOL This guy is a WWE world champion.

  • El Dogga

    LOL You gotta love how he explains everything!

    I believe him on this one. He figured it would be a problem so he probably had his lawyer, accountant and manager go check with venue security and when they couldn’t get in the building he went on orbitz and booked the first flight out of town! LOL!

    • Yeah, you know he always keeps it 100%.


      like when he denied being a C.O. and called trick Daddy a sucker & the Ninja he stole his name & identity from…a snitch.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        dam EDO i dont know if I ever seen you go this hard on someone, lol. you relentless today fam!

      • My Bad!

        Connect is dry, got me ready to rip a chump’s head off for stress relief!

        These Chuck’s found a way to make more $$ of selling weed than ruining Black lives, so they need to legalize & cut the BS!

      • El Dogga

        No, not saying he keeps 100. I’m saying the way he talks in circles and diverts attention away from things when his back is up against the wall is remarkable.

        Him and George W. Bush are legends at that! lol

      • Hahaha!

        No doubt!

        Them chumps be dodging issues like Ali be dodging punches.


  • The_real

    On top of ALL that ROSS still got paid. You DUMB ASS TRICK!!

    • me4uasu4me

      easy dough for Ross..dumb ass Trick.

  • guccci7383

    ross is a known liar.. like him saying he wasnt a C.o before…

    • Here’s that video incase you need it.


  • John Holladay

    He was paid a deposit..but not the rest. He will get to keep it because quote un quote it wasn’t his fault he didn’t perform

  • Myleage

    so ross got paid anyway, so how did this whole “no fly zone” hurt him? it seems the only one who got hurt was the Detroit promoter who lost out on pay and rep, but yall dont hear me tho.

    • Bulli$hPride

      The promoters prolly just as ignant wit’ a Trick Trick t-shirt on yellin’ bout the D. Incase you haven’t noticed we look at losses like stripes or war wounds lol smh

    • jamal7mile

      I’m hearing that the promoter charged local acts to perform at Summer Jamz/Chene Park. Summer Jamz used to be FREE for local cats. I’m quite sure the promoter didn’t charge Rick Ross to perform. I’ll need to research that one before I call it a fact, but if true, it explains one of Trick Trick’s complaints about out-of-state rappers making money off of people that they’ve disrespected in the past.

      There’s much more to this story… Too many people jumping to conclusions.

      • Myleage

        yeah it may be more to the story because to simply bar Ross from performing after all of the Detroit fans paid to see him just to prove you are a tough guy in your city is way too ignorant lol

  • .

    They didnt put one finger on him. How soft.

    “You dont lock the lions out…. You let them in and then lock them in!”


  • baller187

    ross wins again , got paid and nothing happened

  • Eli Pinilla

    I can tell, just by reading these comments, that the fans are just as flaw as these artist.

    • Calico Joe

      Bruh I been saying that as soon as this clown was exposed and fools was still supporting him. It’s transparent that the fake ones tremendously outweigh the real ones these days. Sh*t is sad.

  • Markus

    All this just so this nobody can release a mixtape to capitalize on the situation. Unfortunately if he would’ve asked the people in the venue, they’d tell him to go home so Ross can perform.

  • Christopher

    50 Cent performed at the same Venue back in 2009 with no problems. Him and Trick Trick are really good friends which means Ross will never be able to perform anywhere in Wayne County, Michigan unless he and 50 squash that beef

    • Eny Daboss

      the beef aint got shit to do with fifty, the thing is that they want ppl to sign their artist, like jeezy didmatter fact remember in 2005 50, birdman couldnt perform in miami as diddy and fat joe, untill they show love to the comunity

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  • foshow38

    It’s funny how nigg@s below calling him a fraud/liar and so on. Please name me ONE rapper that rappers about that lifestyle that is not lying about their lives??? Your favorite rappers talk about pushing keys, Cars and houses they don’t own. Funny I don’t see ya calling out those frauds?? People understand this is entertainment! As long as he continues to make quality music that’s all that should matter!

    • Eny Daboss

      lmaoo tru story, niggas been frauding since 2pac

      • Bulli$hPride

        and my nigga Pac was puttin’ on a show as well. Pac had a plan that went beyond imitating a thug. Pac was a real freedom fighter and that’s hip hop to me

      • foshow38

        Even Pac had his flaws..”Dear Momma” vs “All about you” Even with Pac you had two sides. The only difference is Pac made you believe whether it was right or wrong.

    • /watch?v=vLagEtK8fOM

      He is a fraud & a liar, but by all means, keep listening to his garbage.

      • foshow38

        Ok, and 90% of the industry are frauds too. But I’ll still listen to him and all the other frauds as long as they make good music. As Jay-Z said “it only entertainment”

      • Celz

        Stop it.. Kendrick ain’t fake and plenty others.. Just cuz you listen to lame music and enjoy it.. Exaggerating and fabricating are not even close to the same thing.

      • ^This

      • By all means, “Do You” , but if fake ninjaz are found in my circumfrence, the next day, they pay to get their fronts fixed!

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      funny thing is the same people steadily throwing shade at him is listening to other frauds at the same time.

    • Myleage

      Gucci mane, oj juiceman, bloddy jay, lil flip. there are lots of rappers still trapping because their music aint shit lol. t.i. and jeezy and jay z was still trapping until their music fully popped off around their 2 albums

  • Eny Daboss

    ross got paid and tricc tricc got played, ross still winnin… this shit got me laughing he couldnt even go thru the gate but still got paid while tricc had to use his phone’s plan to make some fool block the gate, no bullet was shot at ross or at his van? this story make more sense than the other stories, how a man gonna fear for his life if he never made it there lol, like ross put on instagram a peace protest at the gate, if they wanted to kill him, he was at the casino

    • Yeah, cuz Rozay would never lie….like he did when he denied being a C.O.


      • Eny Daboss

        50 lied bout not being a snitch go on smocking gun they still have to files, the same website that exposed rozay…. why they didnt let him in and fucc him in…. or start shooting at him

      • They weren’t trying to kill him, just punk him!

  • .
    They should never have locked the gates and formed a human sheild. They
    should have let him in, and then be proactive.

    It was a peace
    protest with picket signs. Haa

  • This reminds me of when the dough boyz spray painted Freddie Gibbs’s tour buss.

    Wow, how lame and soft.

  • Bulli$hPride

    If you ain’t goin’ at Ross on some battle shit or positive pro black shit then fall back. We know it’s entertainment right ?
    I’m no big Ross fan but he’s made dope music, Trick is worse for hip hop than even Gucci or Keef cuz he’s got nothing to offer the game.

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  • Whatbruh

    This the same dude that had his boys attack vlad, but when real dudes comes at him he talks shit from a distance. Ross is fake and needs to be roughed up.


    why the pig talking bout shooting tho?! The only thing he shooting is his load when he see a pile of chicken wings dripping in bbq sauce

  • hitman619

    I’d be pissed as a fan if I paid my hard earned money to see rick ross and he didn’t perform because of some stupid shit.

  • Elayorx El

    I think the issue with Rozay is that he has used his obvious talents in the wrong industry, more or less. Real Hip-Hop music was never supposed to be about “entertainment”(the origins of that word should be looked up, BTW), as we’ve come to know it. It was all about positivity, being happy, making one feel alive, and helping to adapt those who were interested, better to their respective environments, etc. Semantics aside, once it became more like, “entertainment”, the wheels started to fall off, and situations like this one with Rozay, started running rampant. I like Ro, but I just wish he would drop Freeway’s, “likeness”, and do more of what he did in this vid, relative to the things that are truly going on in HIS life. The “OG’s” have a point, as well as the new G’s. If he wants the life he raps about, fine, but the point of leaving this “G” life alone, has long since met us, and Rozay has shown himself quite capable of making great music without that. Wingstops are good, but even Rick has shown us where too much of that can take us(hospital). Balance that out with some fitness centers, and organic cafes or something Rick. ZP I see ya’ll down in Miami:-) One L….

    • Clondyke Classic

      Man get outta here with that farrakhan shit. BDP, Kool G Rap and niggas like that wasn’t talkin no damn positivity. Rap is about freedom of expression and talkin about shit you either saw or been thru so you can talk about whatever you want. Mothafuccas don’t hafta listen to it if they don’t want to

      • Elayorx El

        Ok. First off. Relax. Second. Do some true Farrakhan history, then see if you still feel the same way. Third. BDP, and KGR came along later, and I would not totally call them negative. Fourth, and finally. Exactly. MFers don’t have to listen, just like you didn’t have to comment, if you didn’t fully apprehend.

      • Clondyke Classic

        Fucc farrakhan them niggas killed Malcolm X. And you tellin me that Kool G Rap the nigga that calls himself “the godfather of east coast gangsta rap” didn’t rap about negativity? Hashtag f-o-h nigga

      • Elayorx El

        (snicker)…..reason why I mentioned the Farrakhan history. You are correct about G, and KRS to a degree, but that did not have the almost instantaneous effect of the content, both audio/video wise, later on regarding the culture. I’ll give you seeds may have been planted though. The original point was regarding Rozay though, and his overall meaning. If, “FOH” is how you feel, you’re entitled to that feeling. I don’t think I warrant that though. Be easy.

      • Clondyke Classic

        My thing is niggas hate on Ross like he’s the only person makin music. Mothafuccas don’t ever hafta see or hear that nigga if you don’t want to. Tbh it’s really not that big of a difference between him and 50. The only difference is Ross was a C.O. and 50 is a snitch. But niggas wanna act like 50 some big time gangsta. That nigga just as fraud to me

      • Elayorx El

        Hmmm, food for thought, and I can’t argue with the results. I really can’t condone the, “G” life, especially with no additional messages, at least, about trying to do better. If it mattered, 50 was in the streets, how deep is debatable. Circling back, that’s what it was mostly about, where if you talked it, you had to have lived it. Things started to get blurry when dudes would say they were telling the story of their mans, or someone they knew. This opened up the floodgates, and prompted a lot of “street dudes” to get into rap, because they felt some type of way, not to mention all the guap that was being had. It hurt the culture tremendously, and that’s what it has been ever since. That’s why I stated both sides of the line were correct.

      • Clondyke Classic

        It really don’t matter to me. However niggas gotta get paid do what you gotta do cuh. It’s too many good rappers in the game to care about the bullshit. The only rapper I personally don’t like is lil Wayne cuz his bitch ass didn’t start claim’n a gang til he was 20 something and don’t know shit about the gang he claimed. That’s fucc boy shit

      • Elayorx El

        Man, I feel like that first sentence you typed sometimes, and if brothers understood what gangs were truly about originally, there would probably be an extreme decline in the numbers. I feel you somewhat on Wayne, but like you said, I guess he did what he had to did….lol You can get the last word on this fam, and I appreciate your commentary on this. Keep building, and stay bangin on these boards. Respect.

      • bisolabliss

        Ross’ problem from my point of view is that he refuses to limit that persona he portrays in his music to wax.

        He was a C.O. and he creates fantasy music like the rest of them – fine, but don’t get on the mic afterwards in interviews and whatnot talking like you live that life – just leave it on wax.

        He desperately tries to sell that ish too often and we all know he’ll get tested if/when the opportunity presents itself.

        He got barred from entering the venue and still gets to keep his appearance fee, why the need for this spin of a statement he puts out…to cement an image? What image? The one he portrays in his music that we all know is fake.

        Like someone said earlier, he needs to stop antagonizing street dudes…just record your fantasy music, make your money and keep it moving.

    • foshow38

      How can you even say “Real Hip-Hop was never supposed to be about entertainment” Whether it’s rapping in a cypher with your nigg@s or in front of 50k people your doing for entertainment That’s what Music is! Do the people now rap for exercise?

      • Elayorx El

        Nah, my bad if I wasn’t clear, but the wordplay can sometimes confuse the initial intention. That’s why I was mentioning the true origin of the word, “entertainment”. We engaged in a different type of, “entertainment”. Anything that can properly produce more, “feel good” chemicals in our bodies, technically can be considered entertainment, I guess. Again, semantics aside.

      • Myleage

        i like artists and comedians who both entertain and enlighten. the difference between Kevin and Hart and Dave Chapelle is vast. With Hart, you are entertained and leave happy. With Chapelle, you leave entertained and happy and a little smarter than when you first came. Playwrights used to use plays to both entertain and enlighten the public to certain moral issues of society. that is the difference between artists like Kendrick Lamar and Riff Raff. The beauty about music, especially hip hop, is that there are a smorgasbord of different artists and songs to choose from so if you dont like an artist like Riff Raff, there are thousands of other people to listen to.

      • Elayorx El

        No doubt.

  • Clondyke Classic

    I don’t even like Ross but what he said was real. If you really wanna go there then wait til the nigga get in the building then go see about him. Instead you fucc it up for everybody in YOUR city you claim to be the mayor of. That nigga don’t care about Detroit he tryna build a buzz and get some twitter followers. Fucc a tricc tricc

  • Peter Morris

    Ross is gonna get hurt if he keeps this act up. He’s STILL talkin tough.This nigga needs to lay low instead of antagonizing goons to prove themselves.

    • Clondyke Classic

      Ross got killers on his team just like errbody else

      • MAD LION


    • Celz

      Ross is fake but his money is long you ever seen Carlito’s Way.. I bet there is a few Benny Blancos running around.. Or he can just not do shows in Detroit and hit all of the other mid western cities and states.. Trick Trick is a about to take an L from a loser smh..

  • James Evans

    Bottom line Ross got paid and Trick Trick played his own people. That’s called ass backwards logic. He sacrificed his own people to pull a publicity stunt for his “No Fly Zone” mixtape. Lastly we as fans need to not get caught up in the hype! Cuz it ain’t hard to tell when you look at the sequence of events that niggas STUNTING! Trust me Trick Trick needed the publicity way more than Ross.

    • Trick dont need publicity in Detroit homey..I do agree that the fans lost tho

      • James Evans

        I agree not in Detroit but, he needs pub for the rest of the country. Did u see the tape he released yesterday? He stated how he released a Mixtape “No Fly Zone” 3mos ago but nobody wants to talk about his music just the Ross situation. So I’m thinking he created this situation to generate energy around the “No Fly Zone” mixtape. Why else do it? If you’re not taxin him? I live in the D and Trick’s “No Fly Zone” didn’t keep us from goin bankrupt. We made need a new mayor.

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  • dbfromdc


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  • Mac7504

    Glad he’s getting exposed….Officer Rickay….

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