DJ Quik Says His Music Being Left Off Beats Music App Is "Personal"

(AllHipHop News) Compton rapper/producer DJ Quik is upset music from his catalogue has apparently been left off the new Beats Music App. According to the two decade veteran of the game, that decision was personal. He expressed his frustration via Twitter.

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Quik Tweet1Quik Tweet2


Quik was not clear exactly who he was angry with. The creator of Quik Is the Name has admitted he has taken shots at Beats co-founder Dr. Dre in the past. His 2000 track “U Ain’t Fresh” was a diss aimed at Dre. The two later settled their issues and worked together on “Put It On Me” off the Training Day soundtrack.

UPDATE: DJ Quik now says his music is available on the Beats Music App. Read his latest tweet below.

Quik Tweet3

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  • therealjjohnson

    Legend in the game. No music at all?

  • F.U.

    I’ve been saying this for years. DJ Quik is the best Rapper/Producer to ever do it! In my opinion he’s the best producer in hip hop and maybe music period. He plays instruments and just creates great music. I guess Dre feels some type of way about Quik after all these years. That Tupac tweet was about Dre lol. I guess Quik and Pac had a conversation during the All Eyes On Me sessions.

    • TheAfroRican

      Best west coast producer in my opinion. I have always liked his productions more than Dre’s. Heck, I put Quik and Battlecat over Dre.

      • F.U.

        What ever happened to Battlecat! He use to lace Snoop, Tha Eastsiders etc. I’m an East Coast cat but those West Coast beats used to go hard! I’m not on that DJ Mustard crap. His shit sound like the Bay a few years ago. I never liked that hyphy shit.

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Good question. Battlecat used to have tracks that had a nigga feeling fly in his whip while I cruised down streets.

      • TheAfroRican

        Word. Tracks like Kurupt “We Can Freak It” and Ras Kass “Marinate” stay on repeat.

      • TheAfroRican

        I think Battlecat still produce music. I know he is still Snoop’s tour DJ. Oh yeah, I also put Daz Dillinger over Dr. Dre.

    • Charles Austin

      He’s mad bcuz he know’s people put Quik over him on the west coast.I live in the Midwest and of course if you say Quik better then Dre people will think your on drugs.I like Dre but I just prefer Quik’s music any day of the week.I think back in the day Quik was making his music for certain people but he ain’t cool with them anymore not to mention 2nd to None so his music ain’t fun or fly like it use to be but it’s still better then 90 percent of what you hear on the radio.

    • Johnny Boy

      His music is actually on the app. He took it back later.

  • j_pullia

    It has to be personal. Why else would Dre leave off one of the greatest to ever do it? Quick is a WEST COAST LEGEND!

    • Johnny Boy


  • dbfromdc

    NEVER BURN BRIDGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Otherwise you might have to swim!

  • bigdoe6

    Seriously i hope these brothers squash this if there’s any beef going on. The past is the past. Time to move forward.

  • pinchyosack records

    hope they keep that shit off there! you still commin to Denver for that show quik? nobody forgot playboy!!!!

    • F.U.

      I’m sure he’s been there many times and nobody fears Denver. Lol foh.

      • Ipullcards

        U better ask school boy q

      • F.U.

        Lol, one random shooting on an up and comer? Never been there nor never want to. And glorifying gun violence is immature btw.

    • Trig

      And fucc Denver ole bitch ass wanna be us ass niggas cuz… Claiming 60s and tryna be raw, and never even seen the Shaw …. Hahaha.. Nigga this South Central Los Angeles East Side Foe Tray… Denver ain’t never been shyt Datz on crip… And Dj Quik your music is on there Playboy checc again…

      • JondoE303

        Fucc you cuzz come to Denver n say that sh!t nobody wanna c like ol bankrupt ass California 74 groovin on all yall low budget weak sauce niggaz

      • Trig

        How u claiming 74 hoova and never seen Hoover st.??? You niggas iz jokes .. We have more traffic deaths in LA then Denver has homicides ah year.. Like I said cuz this east side south central 4oe 3ray Gangsta Crip.. Fucc outta town busta azz phony faggots.. Come tuh LA with that shit fucc boy… And fucc the whole entire Denver bunch of country mountain faggots..

      • JondoE303

        Whatever mitch nigga like I said come to the turf and yell out fucc Denver and c what happens fucc you fucc yo life and fucc what you stand for I’m done wastin time and energy on a dumb fool

      • Trig

        You shoulda never jumped your narrow minded ass in my convo bitch boy … This Los Angeles not kno fuccin Denver!! bitch azz Denver y’all the weakest city in the US period..we will fucc u rite over fuccin homo.. Next time stay in ur lane tuff guy.. The fuc outta here then… Nobody gives ah fucc about you boy are where you from.. Never talk about ah city you emulate and copy everyday of your pathetic life…

      • JondoE303

        Fucc you dummy I have lived there n for your information I got luv for my west coast locco but stupid fools like you make me laugh you don’t know shit about me crippin or where I come from you ignorant fucc it’s people like you that give blacc people a bad name stop fuccin wit grown folks sit yo ass in the corner and take a lil time out…

  • GP

    he talking like tupac got a twitter account or alive or something

    • Ionithus

      How so? A lot of folks who lost someone close to them reference words of wisdom they left behind.

      • GP

        I know that im just saying to be funny, an average slow person unlike my self would take that and run with it. but hey pac said he was exposing nickas n that’s why they couldn’t deal with him, cause sug knew if pac left he’ll expose him as well

      • SBRon

        That’s why he “left” dead…

  • Eli Pinilla

    Get the binoculars Quick, the binoculars!!!!

    • GP

      da heartz of men. classic beat n flow, pac da best.

      • Eli Pinilla

        U already know

    • Johnny Boy


      • Eli Pinilla

        *auto correct* lol

  • jeezuz_walkz

    lmao i guess he was the only person lookin up quik on the app

  • St7007

    I wonder what is left off he produced a lot of shit for Dre.

    • Ipullcards

      To much stuff

  • Reg Young

    But, I just pulled up the Beats App on my phone and DJ Quik’s music IS on there. Is he talking about new stuff?

    • stealth

      You didnt read the part at the bottom where he came back and said he was wrong.

      • Reg Young

        No, the bottom part was an update and was added after the original story ran. I was commenting on the original story.

  • Black people.

    As if Dre owns Beats.
    Jimmy does. He knows what music goes in there.

    Any rap beef in the past 15 years. It was only
    jimmy cashing in. 2Pac was not signed to Death Row
    first. Death Row entered a cooperation deal with
    Interscope to produce and manage 2Pac.
    Pac was the first rapper Interscope ever signed.
    And he is the reason why they became so huge.

  • baller187

    this peasnt cant touch the 300 bili man

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      peasant? smh

    • The Black Fist

      ”300 bili”

      im sure u meant 3 bill and still Dre got $200M out that deal

      • Clondyke Classic

        This nigga don’t know what the fucc he talkin about

      • Johnny Boy

        Yeah, like 800 Mill is nothing. Lmao

      • meanygreene

        how much did jimmy get?

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  • Clondyke Classic

    Unless you’re a true rap fan you’ll never be able to appreciate the brilliance of DJ Quik

    • GP


  • Terrance Goodman

    Quik is the name !
    Ya left out the g , cause the g ain’t in ya !

  • Jeffrey Wilson

    I think Quik is better producer than Dre anyways.

    • i’mreloaded!

      By a mile. Dude has nothing but classics.

  • Poseidon

    Easy there, Quik………. You got a little bit ahead of yourself, already thinking up a conspiracy lol.

  • Brindle

    this fool forgot his stage name or something, how he couldn’t find it?

  • Nic TheDragonslayer

    All that weed messed up his brain cells!! Investigate before you accuse.

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