Troy Ave

Troy Ave Says Game Dissing XXL Freshman Cover "Sounds Like Shenanigans"

(AllHipHop News) A month after Troy Ave was revealed as one of the members of XXL’s 2014 Freshman Class, Game discredited all the rappers in that class on “Bigger Than Me”. Yesterday (June 23rd), Troy Ave became the first member of the 2014 class to speak out publicly about Game’s diss.

In an interview with DJ Absolut, Troy described Game’s diss to the 2014 XXL Freshman Cover artists as “shenanigans”. Before admitting he did not hear the record himself, he did surmise Game’s premise from what he gathered from “hearsay”:

It was really hearsay but it was something to the effect of the class is soft and they’re not Weezy. He came in with Young Jeezy and stuff like that. It sounds like shenanigans to me. I haven’t really heard it so I cant speak on it fully until I hear the record and see what he talking ’bout. It aint affecting nothing that I’m doing over here for this New York City and this East Coast environment that I got on fire.

Troy recently released a remix to his single “Your Style” featuring Puff Daddy, Ma$e and T.I. Later in the interview he makes a comparison between the support T.I. has given to his young career to a rap veteran he’s been compared to more than anyone can count:

It kind of got the feel when 50 had to go with Eminem and Dr. Dre to get put on. Know what I mean?

Check out the full interview below:

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  • Killuminati

    you heard the diss track stop it!!!!!! go in on game …. east vs west

    • Arrie Mental Woodard


      • Killuminati

        yea we do…fuk it…east and north vs south and west lol

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        man you wild lmao!

      • Killuminati


      • Hate to say it but yall would lose terribly……

      • Killuminati

        mehhhhh…..prolly not…only lyricists coming outta the west or south is from TDE…fall back

      • Naw bruh u delirious if u think yall would win….All u can say is TDE are u serious? Who u got on the east tho? Curious

      • Killuminati

        i said north and east……for the north ill go with eminem, royce da 5’9 and jon connor,,bump j,, ill even say big sean cuz of his wordplay…..and for the east i would go with jay z (obviously) lol, nas, joell ortiz, u could even throw g unit in there they have battled many peeps b4…fabolous…the lox…all these rappers have longevity…south cats have no lyricism…j/s….who u got

      • I fuxx wit ya list bruh but them cats u named at the beginning is out the midwest….I’m from the midwest and listen to everybody u named but majority of em was midwest cats. I can digg ya list tho.

      • Killuminati

        in hip hop its the mid west…in geography its the north central region of the united states lol….

  • Savimbi

    Wow what a sucker this guy is, smh he went on his whole campaign of dissing “weirdo” rappers, now someone who doesn’t fit the “weirdo” rapper category disses him it’s shenanigans? he’s scuuuured Game went in…lol .

    • Obi Won

      Exactly!! I swear these new dudes be funny as hell

      • Savimbi

        He’s a bitch nigga for that for the simple fact that he was the loudest talking out of the entire freshmen class, and now he’s been called to duty but he switching tunes ….i was a big fan of the NYC the mixtape, then i followed him on twitter and those pre summer jam interviews turned me totally off…

  • pauleyPee

    Truth be told, Troy Ave. been around longer than Game… And on the independent mixtape tip, to boot.


      LOL. You mean he’s already peak.

    • baller187

      independent flop

      • pauleyPee

        I think it’s pretty clear that this dude shouldn’t be in any freshman section. But if ya money right, I’m sure XXL will put you in any section you want to go in.

    • bigg dogg

      nope ….game was in the bay in fillmore doing a bunch of mixtapes way b4 dre and 50…

      • pauleyPee

        I use to work for JT. You ain’t gotta tell me. And that’s not what happened. Game did a grip of tracks with JT. Real quick situation… JT knows distributors so that’s always the angle. “Do some tracks for me, I’ll get you a check.” So that situation was a real short endeavor that fizzled in ’03-’04… Game ain’t leave with any rights… Probably didn’t even care about the music. But it turns out that Game would get picked up by Interscope and JT, lucky as the luck he creates, happened to be sitting on a grip of material that all of a sudden found a mainstream demand. He sold the rights, cashed a big check, the distributors sold millions of units, and the rest is independent Bay Area rap folklore.

        Troy Ave., on the other hand… I ran into back in early 2004 on the fluke. I was touring Brooklyn for the first time. Boom! First nigga I see when I step out the subway. I ain’t even want that nigga tape… I was just trying to find some real live Egyptian Musk body oil. lmfao. But he was doin’ his thing. Had been doin’ his thing.

      • KingChandler

        Game murdered that old “Troublesome” track, even though he bit Pac’s delivery in it, “California dreamin, chronic smoke out the beamer, one hand on the nina schemin got these hoochie bitches feenin”, your comment just took me back bruh, bout to go pirate the shit outta that old album right about now.

      • bigg dogg


      • therealjjohnson

        So you call that “being around” ? I was selling tapes back in 2003 that doesnt mean I “been out” since back then.

      • bigg dogg

        thats wsup

  • Eli Pinilla

    This dude’s a weirdo

  • trilltalk1

    lol at the comments

  • baller187

    its funny when niggas r feeling themselves but no one else is, nigga talkin about he will only sign for 1 mill, nigga u best take 1 penny cuz aint no one hearin your shit

    • Ipullcards

      Speak for yourself air plays and top ten radio stations rotation says something different from here to chicago

  • Jonathan Bacher

    says he aint heard it, still has an opinion…right.
    fk m

    • Whoever be interviewing these cats need to have an mp3 player to play that shit on the spot or sumn. Then get these so called rappers perspectives and watch their face ball up at the same time. Put they ass on the spot so they can’t deny hearing it. That boy know he done heard that sht

  • I_AM_Houston

    Troy Ave touring all through his area just like the rest of them dudes, and making good money to do so. How can any of us hate? The boy 6 figures up and on tv, internet, and radio. Hes ahead of all of us on a success level to be honest….

    • therealjjohnson

      All of “us” ? I guess that would depend on who “us” is and what “success” means to you? For me…I’m doing just fine.

      • I_AM_Houston

        As far as being able to take care of any family thats in need at the time, not really have any money worries if something breaks down etc. Plus hes getting fame which is recognition of the given profession hes in.

  • Quintin Williams

    Usually a upcoming rapper would love the attention of a veteran rapper dissing them so they can show the industry what they got. These XXL cover rappers can’t even respond back properly…smh. I am not even a fan of Game but I like how he chin checked them

    • They done took too long to respond now…..they would have to create some super nasty gully gutter shit to get rec now….too late wit they soft asses…crazy cuz a few of them boys can spit a lil sumn.

  • Obi Won

    That’s what I be talking about. this dude went out his way to call K-Dot and them weirdo rappers numerous times. Pumping how he bringing street and hood back, but as soon as Game calls the XXL freshman cover class soft (including him), he didn’t hear the song and is focused on East coast music LOL!!
    Spare me the bullish, he curled up and went back to his borough real quick.

  • El Dogga

    Awwww……You scared of the Game??? Cuz he’s 6’4 and known for throwing fades out like a barber??? lol….

    You ain’t never gonna get on G-unit now! hahahahaha if you rode on Game. 50 would’ve backed you up!

    • Celz

      Niccas can say a whole litany of true shyt about Game.. But he does beat asses and diss niccas for sure..

  • Sadat

    Nigga got a reason to diss someone and bitches up. Nigga aint ready for that lyrical combat that real MC’s stay ready for. Game aint the most lyrical in the rap game. But going toe to toe in the rap ring would look good on the Troy Ave resume. Kendrick brush this nigga off like dandruff on his shoulder cause he knew he wasn’t ready and this proves he aint.

  • Ryan Cole

    Maybe he’s not dumb enough to fall for the trap? Everybody know Game is a rap troll who needs attention to extend his career. He begs for rap beef just to keep his name out there.

    • Savimbi

      Troy Ave is that you?

      • Ryan Cole

        Rerun, is that you?

        I’m just an everyday rap fan who can see through the bullshit. Game went and dissed a dude who he never heard of (Lil Durk). Dissed Jay for no reason other than attention. Game has too many “hey look at me” moments for me to take him seriously.

    • Obi Won

      Trap?, I didn’t see a trap, that song displayed how one rapper saw another GROUP of rappers being soft in comparison to the group he came up with and grew up on. If I was on that cover I would have something to say at least subliminally. Doesn’t mean I have to beef with Game, but before I get dismissed as a weak rapper where competition is inevitable, I’m defending my name at least. The fact that Troy Ave talked so much yang yang, is why he gets the full court press.

  • Clondyke Classic

    Troy average is a lame corny dude

    • Terrance


  • Black Avatars

    Never heard of this nigga.

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  • RealSpit

    All these new nigga’s is lame. So what!!

  • AHillerJonny

    Man, it’s hard out here for a freshmen… First Game and then Joel Ortiz calling them out sa a bunch of yes men and one nobody on the House Rules mixtape.

    • John Davis

      Yeah I liked both of those records but they wrong about Troy ave n lil durk but the rest wack but Troy dissed Kendrick so game had to respond

      • Celz

        Troy Ave is alright he’s over gassed.. This nicca ain’t the next Jada period.. And Lil Durk sucks.. Aight cool these niccas got some street smarts and don’t wear girls skirts.. Now they just need to learn how to rap better.

      • I heard a few songs from that jarred benton dude, he and the John Connor kid ain’t too shabby don’t know if they nuts dropped yet tho…lmao

    • TwoFirstNames

      Joell’s shit came 1st


    this is what wrong with the HIP HOP culture….this nigga can’t walk all around the whole city of NEW YORK with out protection..he be then caught a blade to the face talkin that shit…so young niggas and “white folks” who don’t know or care about the differences
    and pump these type of rappers up,like young thug, ,and his whole freshmen
    class it like their trying to “emasculate” the rap game too me! and they got help from the corporate powers at be!

    • Clondyke Classic

      Their agenda really doesn’t matter as long as real rappers keep rappin. It’s plenty good rappers in the game so who they push is a non factor


        yeah i go looking for that undaground sound cause, the dude that corporate america but in front of a nigga, is just a puppet!!! and
        its been that way tough! since about 99 or 2000 or even a before that!

  • End of Days

    Haha this dude staying getting interviews some how…

  • Cameron Ponce De Leon

    im a g unit fan but im riding witn game on this, troy ave and anybody aint gonna diss back, they aint got the skill or heart. that was a dope ass diss, they aint gonna go back n forth with game. so the only think he can do is down play it. but this is hip hop, niggaz more worried about the fan and money and not carrying about the culture.

  • ll3acdafukup

    I’m liking the movement Troy Ave is doing in NY but my dude that line where Game says crack in ya voice is directed at you (Troy) the nigga in the end of the video even looks like you lol Game is callin you out point blank… Either you take the bait and bite or chess move and do a pawn passé its your move bruh..

    On the real tho I think Jon Connor aint nothing to be fudged up with the boy got bars…

    • Killuminati

      yoooo game prob goin at troy cuz peeps compare him to 50….lol….

      • ll3acdafukup

        More than likely it’s cause Troy sneaked dissed Kendrick Lamar you know how Game get all in his feelings over other dudes, He will have a “change of heart”… lol

      • Killuminati

        Lol yea u right….but u can’t be the bully and the savior,,,it’s one or the other….lol @ change of heart

  • SteffGibbonsrae

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    • Killuminati

      tell yo grandma to page meeeee

  • H.B.

    Niggas too scared and unskilled enough to make a diss

    • That’s what it’s lookn like….what’s funny is i heard a few tracks from some of them boys that was on the cover and some can spit….guess they scared to jump off that porch tho

  • To be honest whoever in that freshman class done already took too long to respond…..I think it’s a lil too late 4 whoever tries now.