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Ice T's Grandson Arrested For Allegedly Murdering Roommate

(AllHipHop News) Ice T’s grandson may or may not took his grandfather’s group Body Count’s name to a disturbingly real manifestation. Earlier today, reports surfaced that Elyjah Marrow was arrested for allegedly murdering his roommate.

According to reports, the 19 year old fatally shot his roommate Daryus Johnson on yesterday (June 26th) in their Georgia apartment accidentally while playing with the gun. Marrow was charged with involuntary manslaughter, possession of a firearm, possession of a stolen firearm and possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

Marrow is currently being held at Cobb County Jail

  • BlkG8rGrl

    MANSLAUGHTER, not murder!

    • SBRon

      Yeah, throw in stupidity as well…

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    Sad, and surprised that Ice-T is old enough to have a 19 year old GRAND son

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      How is this the case grandson illseed is talking bullshit

    • TruthHurts

      Ice T is 56 his son is 38 and the grandson is 19… That means Ice had his first kid when he was 16, and his son had a kid at 19. Not too shocking

      • 19 is grown.

      • Stop-Being-Nosey

        Ice-T doesn’t have a 38 year old son. Where are u gettin ur facts from ?

  • Gonja

    It say he shot him “on yesterday” lmao

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      now he stuck “on” stupid lol

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  • keenan88

    Horrible title. Allhiphop needs to do a dictionary search on murder.

  • GQ

    Real shyt, this happened to one of my guys years ago. He accidentally shot one of our best friends after the gun discharged, and killed him. The crazy thing is that the guy who got shot was the one who brought the gun to the house we were at to show what he just bought. One of my friends died and the other one is still serving out a 23 year bid. Guns aint a toy, if you’re not responsible enough to handle one properly, keep the shyt out your hands.

    • hoeyuno

      A homie of mine accidentally fired a shotgun(didnt know it was loaded) and blew his bestfriends brains out when we were like 15…my man got manslaughter and was released when he was 18.. shit was sad though and I felt horrible for both of them. .

      • GQ

        SMH sorry for your loss man.

      • hoeyuno

        Likewise my man..

    • soyhiphop

      Exactly guns ain’t toys..when I was little I whent to my cousins house and his neighbor who was about 11 years old accidentally shot and killed his 5 year old sister with his pops 380 he was in the army

    • Elayorx El

      Real. Shout to my boy J, that passed away the same way. I don’t understand, because he was a good dude. Never bothered a soul. Respect.

  • Zach L

    “may or may not have taken,” not took. These articles REALLY DO suck.

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  • C Black

    Shit always sound shady to me. Never understood how you can “accidentally” shoot someone, I mean you HAVE to pull the damn trigger, and why is the gun even pointed at something you DO NOT intend to shoot anyway?

    • Accidents happen.I know dudes who have shot themselves by mistake.Sometime some real Final Destination shit happens

    • The Arsonist

      I been in a room with a homie playing with a gun when I was in high school and that joint went off and put a hole in the wall, when you mix idiot+firearm=DEATH!!!

  • chippc

    Damn I thought lil Ice was his only kid he had with Darlene. Not to mention I thought Ice T was only around 40-45 years old. Gotta step my rap history up.

    • Mark Olford

      man that dude is 56….

      • chippc

        Damn shame that Wikipedia had to put me up on game.

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  • WhiteBlack

    marijuana? guns? wtf obv ice cube wasnt taking care of dude

    • Myleage

      so it’s the father’s fault if a 19 year old (who is considered a grown man) living on his own smokes marijuana and has a gun? i am guessing you are perfect and your father is Jesus

      • eddieknucks

        Right. It’s his grandson at that. Not his son. That’s not Ice’s fault.

  • Ihadtocommentonthis

    Poor kid. Hope they get him a good lawyer.


      no what he did was wrong smfh he needs to rot #ripbyrd

      • It was an accident, not intentianal.

        Maybe if guns weren’t “illegal” he would have been trained how to handle one by someone other than the idiot who taught or didn’t teach him.

      • Sweet Pea

        Guns aren’t “illegal” tho.

      • What state is allowed to sell a HANDGUN to anyone under 21?
        P.S. Some guns are illegal.
        Class 3, SBR’s. AOW’s, without PERMISSION / PERMITS.

        The government spent $7 million & killed 72 people, including 59 women & children at WACO, over $200 debt, because they SUSPECTED someone had a class 3 gun without the $200 tax stamp.

      • Sweet Pea

        So what’s your argument? That guns should be legally sold to under 21’s and that might have stopped this tragedy?

      • If it had to be summed up like that……yes.

        Specifically in this case, and I’ll explain:

        First time a kid gets behind wheel of car, it’s a stoley that someone left keys in, etc, so he pulls a GTA 5, etc. Do you think he’s going to crash? ( Possibly, odds would be against him. )

        Second kid does it, but this one has had drivers ed course in school.
        Which one would be the safer driver? ( *Odds favor the one with more training. )

        Ch’Iraq teen finds gun in dumpster, brings it over to friend to check out, who never held one, etc….he’s going to learn by trial & error with the owner, like in this case, & the tradegy is, it’s not over stepping on someone’s new Jordan’s, it was the shooters best friend / Potna?, which is why he brought it over to show in 1st place, etc.

        Contrast that with baby Hitler, who grew up in the country, where his dad taught him responsible firearms handling, and had him shooting rabbits for dinner since he was 5yrs, etc….with a duece duece because he couldn’t afford a pellet gun, etc, & fast forward 15yrs to the same Hitler Youth, in Ch’Iraq, and he finds a burner, the odds favor him avoiding the AND.
        ( *Accidental / Negilent Discharge )

  • Ohhhhhhhh he in Cobb T is gonna have to break bread to get him a good deal.I know about Cobb.He gotta long road ahead

    • Tre C

      what you know about Cobb?

  • He’s just an accident murderer

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  • water_ur_seeds

    The title makes it sound like he was on some straight up murder schitt not an manslaughter accidental gun going off schitt…

    And ‘on yesterday?’, I hate to point out grammatical errors, but it does get on my nervous coming on this site day after day and seeing them all the time, atleast correct them!!.

    RIP to the dude that died…’

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  • heavyboy

    An accident isn’t murder…… murder by definition is pre-meditated*

  • gp

    welp lights out for him, you playing with them red state. And his grandfather is Ice-t and the songs he made about the police these backroad crakkas going try to hang lil homeie.