R. Kelly's Ex-Wife Claims He Does Not Accept His Transgender Child's Change

(AllHipHop News) Two weeks ago, R. Kelly’s 13 year old child Jaya Kelly revealed in a Q+A on that while she was born a female she identified as a boy. Today (June 27th) reports surface that R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly believes the legendary singer has not yet accepted his child’s transgender lifestyle.

During the Q+A session, Jaya Kelly revealed that she now refers to herself as Jay and has identified as a since she was ““six or seven” and was hesitant to reveal tell her father. Jaya informed her mother of her and according to reports from TMZ, Andrea Kelly says her father still refers to her as his daughter. Andrea even goes as far as stating “That’s like calling him a background singer, not the king of R&B.”

Jay has stated in the Q+A that he desires to have “surgery and the medication to help me (be) who I was supposed to be”. According to her mother, Jay has yet to have that surgery.

  • Tyfromthechi

    What man on earth want they child to be transgender ill wait

    • La’shaun Saint Claire

      for real. who?

      • sadielady

        The law says a parent is responsible for housing, feeding, clothing, educating your child. Responsibility makes us protect and guide them. When a child makes a decision on their own doesn’t mean that because they are your child that you have to be in aagreement with jubilation or acceptance. At birth they told him she was a girl, her appearance and bodily functions confirms that also. In a world where freedom is too damn free, people feel they have the right to be whatever the latest passing fancy persuade them to be. If so and so can do it and everybody is OK with it, then so can I. Acceptance of drastic changes is not something that all will accept, even a parent. He fathered a daughter and no one not even her can make him alter that fact. Media promotes far too much for society too absorb, be like this, no, be like that and the world falls for it whether right or wrong. If you choose to, don’t expect everyone-else to jump on the bandwagon with joy for you. You’re on your own and only you have to live with it. Stay strong Kell, you’re entitled to what you believe also no matter what. If she feels you are suppose to accept then she too must realize that you don’t have too either and leave it alone. Let her do her, hell she’s the only one who have to live with it and if she was mine, she would be.

  • i’mreloaded!

    How is a parent supposed to react really? I love my son unconditionally, but it would take me a long time to accept dat BS. I would never turn my back on my kid. There’s really no right or wrong way to deal with that. Depends on the parent I guess. Man…… dat’s rough.

    • La’shaun Saint Claire

      Pu ssy is P ussy and di ck is di ck… you can get that sh it cut off and glued and you are still going to be what you was born. You can take on the spirit of the opposite sex, but until a woman can pump naturally like a man in the bed without plastic and a strap and a man can have ovaries and a uterus, and bleed, I can’t go along to get along.. just ain’t happening. He do not have to accept her life style just be there when she is in need but he doesn’t have to cheer her on….Just saying don’t take it personal.

  • Executive

    R.Kelly needs to tell her to piss off with that bullshit.

    • Chris


      • La’shaun Saint Claire

        I was just watching this movie, one of my favorites… just had to add that here.

      • Executive


  • badjoke

    what badly written article….

    • kixxxers

      What badly written reply…

  • SupaDoopaGhost1

    If she is yet to have the procedure to become a boy, she’s still a girl correct?.. So until said procedure is completed, why wouldnt he refer to someone who is anatomicaly a female as his daughter???. Just some smear campaign bullsxit for court cuz his Ex-Wife/Reality Thot is tryna get money outta him again.

    • La’shaun Saint Claire

      Yes, she is a messy whore that no one knew about. What didn’t she come forward when he was screwing all those teenage girls that wanted that celeb d ick just like he wanted that young cooc h? somebody please respond to that….

  • IceBergSlim

    Ok.. Lets address this like grown men. R. Kelley committed an unforgiveable act on a 15year old child and this man was in his 30’s at the time. His children didn’t abandon him during that crisis and I understand he is against her lifestyle choice and change and that’s where unconditional love comes in at you be a man accept it and keep it moving ..No Respect

    • pauleyPee

      … Assuming that he really feels an unsupportive way about it.

      • IceBergSlim


    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III


    • Southcidal

      They didn’t abandon him because he was putting food in their mouths.

    • equinox2009


  • IROC


  • RightOn

    Here is what I refuse to accept from you Allhiphop. You seriously need to stop being lazy and in a rush to post a hlaf-ass article. Do we always have to work hard understand just wtf you’re trying to tell us. A simple quick proof read will do the trick you f*&cking lames.

  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    he doesn’t have to accept his son nor daughter being that way. We do still have choices people, we all have short comings, some worse than others, but he doesn’t have to accept it, as long as he does his part as a parent he do not have to cheer his daughter on in her lifestyle.

    • Mistermario Lamarr

      amen!!!!!!!!!! The bible says in romans when one committs sexual immorality, men with men or women with women you worship the creature rather than the creator!!!! And took the glory of GOD and turned it into shame!

    • Ipullcards

      Cosign this totally!

  • El Dogga

    Um…….this isn’t no-ones business…..In house issue….and who still listens to R. Kelly???

    When did he start rapping? AllHipHop talking about an R&B singer parenting skills???? smh!

    • Ipullcards

      Cosign this except the fact that he is hiphop… He’s made rap collab song/albums with the biggest rapper/s ever..

      • El Dogga

        Yeah I know but still this subject matter isn’t hip-hop.

      • Ipullcards

        Understand what ur saying but it’s only relatable because it’s referenced about a hiphop icon. I say stick with music or the game. But now a days that ain’t possible. Ppl make more money off of bs & drama and reality shows than actual music shows “concerts”..

  • Rachel B

    How is a parent supposed to react to a child defying God’s plan for them? Oh please, it is not Christian nor scientifically supported. This little girl will always have ovaries. No matter what she will bleed every month. This is sad…. Sins of the father maybe.

    • Ipullcards

      No ur wrong! They have medicine that stops menstrual cycles.. That’s the easy part. They also have surgeries that rid woman of reproduction organs as well. It’s a new age. If you wanna be the opposite sex you were born u just need to be rich!

    • equinox2009

      God made this child just the was she is-how is that defying the Lord?

  • GP

    I mean may she saw the r Kelly tape and was like hell naw my dad not peeing on me. then again he might have touched his own daughter, no one knows why he divorced nor do we know why she turned out to be gay. its only news cause r Kelly famous, let hime be broke and an average joe no one would even entertain this.

  • Slaughtr


  • wickedjones

    And why should he.

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  • Clondyke Classic

    Honestly I would never accept that. If my daughter wants to be gay I’m cool with that but all that transgender bullshit is a no go

  • mfactor

    I wouldn’t accept that shit either. by all means get the change, I bet R Kelly still calls you his daughter

  • King Cold

    Good for kells, u were born a female so youll always be one to your father smh @ the mother

  • We are not living 2000 years ago in stone age anymore.

    Technology and medicine have improved.
    If she wants to become a man, let her become a man.
    What is worse than unhappy people?
    There have always been men who are behaving like women
    and here have always been women who are behaving like men.
    It’s not some trend or gay agenda. Just in the past these people
    were stoned to death or burned alive in the name of either
    Jesus Christ or Muhammed.

    We need to stop being uncivilized.

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  • Mr007

    When making all those millions, they forgot to find a nanny that would teach her about God. “Help me be who I was suppose to be”…….. I’m sure He didn’t make a mistake…..SMH

    • equinox2009

      “God help me be who I am supposed to be”, ? What would the nanny have done? Not sure what your comment means! God made me and everyone else-so are you saying he made a “mistake with this child?

      • Mr007

        That was the quote from the actual article. Those words didn’t come from me. So in my thought, it’s like this person is saying God made a mistake by making them a girl. He really meant for them to be a boy?That’s just how I see it. The nanny comment was more towards the rich couple that spent little time raising their daughter. Of course that’s all assumption, seeing I don’t know any of these individuals personally. Maybe if they had taught her more of God, as her dad himself has sung about, then she wouldn’t feel the need to “correct” what He has made.

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