Game & Lil Durk End Beef After Confrontation At L.A. Club (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) After addressing one another through diss tracks and interviews, The Game and Lil Durk finally met face-to-face this weekend. Both rappers were at the same party in Los Angeles, and the two men and their entourages exchanged words.

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Going by video captured of the incident there did not appear to be a physical altercation, but the L.A. resident and the Chicago native can clearly be seen addressing each other.

The issues between Game and Durk stemmed from Tyga’s song “Chiraq To LA.” The cut featured a verse from Game that including a few verbal shots aimed at Durk. The Coke Boys member alleged that Tyga paid Game to jump on the song and also referred to “Game’s wife” when asked what woman he would most like to have a conversation with.

Game later revealed on Twitter that the two sides have settled their beef.

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Watch video of Game and Lil Durk below.


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  • scullyson

    Quiet as kept game aint want no parts of Durk and his crew.

    • bigg dogg

      watch again….everytime somebody got in games face…game backed em up when he was talkin.. look again

      • Fittedcap1

        you lyin to yourself if you think Game checked em…if he did the beef wouldnt be squashed.. the game got the worst ego aint no way he would miss a chance to boast about it

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        truth be told neither one of yall know… just like the rest of us! its cool to admit it!

      • bigg dogg

        watch again…the lil bald nigga in black shirt was talkin then game got in his face and dude backed up and shut his mouth ..

  • The Legendary Troll

    SMH Game got shook.

    • bigg dogg

      i think they tried to run up and got shook….look at the body language

  • TheAfroRican

    Why even jump into beef that wasn’t even yours to begin with? Clown….

  • Killuminati

    damn game you are so good at making yourself look dumb as fuk lmao….coppin pleas out here you fukin goofball….

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  • Dreday410

    Game is 6’4 Lil Burk is 5’6 do we REALLY believe in a one on one fight Lil Burk is going to win


      2pac lost in a one on one fight? biggie lost in a one on one fight? just saying.. this isnt boxing

    • Megapsycho84

      Lil Burk? Lmao hahaha, I like that one.


    game you bipolar clown… what happen to ‘YEEN YEEN YEEN ON A MOTHAPHUCKA’

  • Markus

    The real winners in this is both sides’ entourages. The people behind the important guys always end up being the ones getting hurt or killed.

    • Ryan Cole

      That’s part of the responsibility of a weed carrier. They’re expendable. You can always find another flunkie.

  • gp

    they winners are game and durk they both live to see another day. that’s all that matters. but game shouldn’t be making threats if not going follow on them. made him look very bad.

  • Great ending to unnecessary beef.

  • youngplaya

    Dudes perceive what they want and say anything. I can see that from the post below. Not for one second do I think Game is soft or scary. I don’t know Lil Durk, but it would seem to me he would want to be easy in LA. Hell them Westside Cali niggaz the reason Pac and Biggie dead. You’ll get ya issue on the westside homez all that other noise is just that noise.

    • gp

      not everybody on the westside go hard thou. just depends on where you at and who you dealing with.

  • El Dogga

    Ok, I need all of ya’ll to go sign up at the nearest school and ALL become psychology majors!

    If you can breakdown a whole situation off of a 16 sec clip of people TALKING in a club….you are talented! Get your money! lol!

  • Obi Won

    It seemed wack for Game to beef with lil Durk anyway. Funny how Tyga eased his way out of it, but good chess move. Seemed like it was planned.

    • Lonnz

      I thought the same thing.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      man to game it wasnt no beef, it was just something to do.

      • foshow38

        Exactly Rap beef isn’t beef!

      • Obi Won

        lol, basically

    • Celz

      Prolly was Durk and Tyga was just in the studio vibin like literally a week or two before this “murder a nicca on sight” beef started over a song no one has even heard yet…

  • trilltalk1

    lol i couldn’t see what yall saw in 16 sec. all you experts in reading body language.

  • Ipullcards

    That don’t look squashed to me.. Just seemed like niggaz didn’t wanna die so they ran their mouths instead..

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  • NEGROS TRYING to be 50cent

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    lupus supporter too!

    illseed please don’t test the kid….I got help….(GOD DOE) (hint hint)
    “Dang, the BET Awards was real positive this year huh? I wonder why.” Check this out illseed (the name doe) you’re fortunate enough (a lame doe) to have a job and not die not not….dot dot POP Pop question? why would you forwa…………….. (the smell of fear enters the lungs) Ha ha

    • MyName

      What is this?

  • 7yoyo7

    Game ends beef with a kid, thats the most of this overrated story.

  • King Cold

    Wack. Tired of these wwe rap beefs

  • Who didn’t see this coming

  • Everything that is attached to rapper Game involves beef, drama, fighting, guns, violence….Like dam this dude carries a lot of negative energy.

  • hitman619

    Lil Durk walked up to game and Said “this ain’t what you want”

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