Hip Hop Rumors: Ashanti Joins The Money Team?

This particular rumor has been circulating for months now, and with the recent pics more fuel shall be added to the fire.

Nelly mentioned that Floyd Mayweather would fly one of his ex’s out to Vegas for his fights, we didn’t know which ex it was but we’re pretty sure now its none other than the former princess of Murder Inc.

BallerAlert reported Monday that the two were spotted together after the BET Awards.

“Last night Floyd was spotted at Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles for Headliner Market Group’s BET Awards after party hosted by YMCMB. Who was he also spotted extra cozy with? You guessed it, Ashanti! You may recall Ashanti’s ex mentioned that Ashanti knew Floyd and would fly to his charity events while they were dating. You may also recall that shortly after he said that, Ashanti appeared ringside to see Floyd fight against Maidana in Vegas on Cinco de Mayo weekend. Did Ashanti join the Money Team too?”

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.13.36 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.13.44 AM


Looks like Floyd may have the last laugh.

  • Petty button lol

  • Dhz30

    ashanti alwys been sexy

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  • baller187

    at least as usual she is giving it up she is always getting paid fot it, u know floyd be blowing thousands on them sprees for her while he bangin her, shej ust got done bangin ross

  • John Q. Public

    perfect example of why he don’t need to be hanging out with T.I.s wife

    • Black Avatars

      Gracious GAWD!!!

      • AlbertoRipRon

        LOL yea man, I would be busting all kinds of nuts up in that shorty

    • Jared


    • AlbertoRipRon

      Bruh, I was just about to mention those pics and you already posted them. That’s automatic props b. Damn she fine as cabbage and cornbread

      • John Q. Public

        yea she is… one of my favorites to follow on IG with pics like these.
        & she all natural too, none of that fake booty or implants

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Hot damn son, I didn’t know cake doesn’t crumble in water.

      • Changeclothz


      • TheAfroRican

        word lol

  • Markus

    Floyd is a great boxer but he likes to dabble in drama too much. It’s more about sticking it to Nelly than being interested in Ashanti. Unless she doesn’t care what Nelly thinks, Ashanti should know better.

  • What’s the money team? Is it a label or what? If so doesn’t Ashanti have her own label? The chick looks great but she been bouncing back and forth for a while now.

    • ZUBU

      Bro you are a straight up ass hater, anti black, ass hate monger. Everything you say you are tearing down the black community. Your pro-Kardashain post confirms it.

  • Ashanti reminds me of rapper Trina, they look so good, banging bodies and all, but for some reason they been single more times than they’ve ever been in a relationship. #justsaying

    • i’mreloaded!

      Show me a bad bish dat’s single, she’ll eventually show you why she is single.

      • For every beautiful woman, there’s a Ninja not willing to put up with her ‘chet!

      • These chicks been around before the Kardashians, and all them Kardashian girls are taken… It’s crazy

      • Yeah but Ashanti did better with Nelly than they did with….

      • ZUBU

        Every fine woman you see there is a guy somewhere who is tired of fukkin her fine ass. On the flip side there are, even more men that want to holla at her. such is life..

      • Yeah, but she wants the one that doesn’t want her!

      • Chris


  • i’mreloaded!

    I see why Floyd’s chick left him. No room for him, her, and his big ego I guess.
    People are just laughin at his hurt, emotional azz. Ashanti don’t want dis lame azz dude. She hopin Nelly take her azz back. She a bad bish fo real though.

  • foshow38

    Why not be sponsored?? She hasn’t had a hit in dam near a decade!

  • meanygreene

    what is it with Floyd and his beef with rappers. dude just need to grab a mic and make it official

  • joeyjoejoejr

    Either I don’t understand the point of this article or I don’t understand rich nigga’s issues. Why would Nelly give a shit about some other dude poking his Ex? She is a in his past. That’s like me getting mad cause some nigga dug a old pair of my drawl out the garbage and put them on. You got my seconds and I look like the chump? You don’t walk backwards in life fella leave that chick in the past and keep it moving.

  • Blck46fl

    This nigga is sucka for luv! At the end of the day Nelly can have her back if he really wanted to


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  • Papi Peligro

    Come on man. This ain’t how you do it. Female swap. EWW. You can have my seconds. Bye. But Floyd’s girl was fine though. I’d feel some type of way too.


    I still can’t understand why Nelly never settled down with Ashanti after all these years. I guess good girls finish last as well, or just get passed on to the next one….

  • And peeps are happy with seconds. LOL.
    I think for Floyd to do this, deep below he lacks self esteem.
    Floyd surely knows that he’d be nothing without that money.

    • ll3acdafukup

      Every chic out here was someone else’s unless you bag a virgin cmon son…

      • I suppose so, but you won’t go flaunting it in their former partner’s face will you?

        Then again he thinks Nelly did him wrong by dating his ex too.

    • John Q. Public

      did u hear him try to read at the BET Awards?

      if he couldn’t box he would be baggin groceries somewhere

      • Naa, I didn’t watch it.

        I do respect dude for mastering his craft, but not for certain things he does to cover up his insecurities. He needs to deal with them the right way.

        Bagging groceries ain’t a bad thing as long as he’s happy doing it.

  • KareemSayeed

    Ashanti is a pawn. This is some middle school sh*t

    • John Q. Public

      lol or Floyd is the pawn… could go either way

      but no matter what, if Floyd hit… He won

      • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

        floyd is a big ass trick you better believe she got something shiny or expensive out of that nigga

      • John Q. Public

        even if he did, Floyd makes videos of himself droppin thousands at strip clubs for no reason on the regular…

        but being able to say you beat up some pu**y last a lifetime…
        (assuming he hit)

  • $25041764

    the industry is big soap opera, shit funny tho, they got all the dollas and no got damn sence

  • simoneshelly

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  • B.U.

    How do you join The Money Team? It’s just a crew selling a bunch of T shirts and hats.

  • J Hariss

    lolz ashanti is a THOT…plain and simple!! No wonder nelly didnt cuff that. It speaks volumes as to why he didnt and why he never claimed her throughout the 10 years they were supposedly a couple. ashanti was living up to her hit song foolish. She was foolish for giving that nigga all her time but yet he aint claim her.Her music career isnt going anywhere neither… she should do porn. I dont see why not.. she loves the attention and to be in front of the cameras.. so why not?! She always posted up at some music award show/or events just to be seen knowing her presence isnt important.. she needa do porn and put her looks to use besides tv before they go down the drain like her music career. what will she have going on when her looks fade? I seriously doubt anyone gon be talkin about how good she looks when she old, dusty and wrinkled.

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