Mac Miller

Hip Hop Rumors: Mac Miller's Girlfriend Leaks His Nudes

A woman scorned is nothin’ to play with. Mac Miller maybe learning that the hard way.

MediaTakeout is reporting that the rapper’s “girlfriend” was upset about the fact that Miller has been playing single, and what better way to get even than to leak a few pics of him butt a** naked.

“You see, he’d been PLAYING WITH A YOUNG LADY’S emotions for some time. He pretended to be single, but she found out hat Mac has a SERIOUS GIRLFRIEND.

So she did what SCORNED GIRLFRIENDS do in this new age of social media – she put him ON BLAST. Check out these ics of Mac sleeping AZZ-HOLE NEKKID in his Malibu home. Gee, we hope Mac’s LONGTIME GF doesn’t see these pics,” MediaTakeout reports.


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  • Jared

    No offense but the fact that he is a white kid from the suburbs and the dumb shit he talks about I think he could care less about this picture

  • anemia716

    Next album cover.

    shit, he was already naked on his last album, sitting a table. the bed is the next logical step.

  • foshow38

    Little by little this is website is turning into mediatakout spinoff.

  • GP

    mac looks like eric rowan from the wyatt family from wrestling



  • Brindle

    he gay for sleepen like that and put this out on purpose

    • Casor_Greener

      damn is everything gay these days…

      • BrotherMan21

        Grant Hill thinks this comment is gay

      • Schooly B

        Gay n!gga you gay. Lol *Riley voice*

      • Brindle

        Pretty much

    • Killuminati

      your gay for lookin at a dude sleepin like that….and u looked at that ish on purpose

      • Brindle

        You a homosexual for calling me gay… And how u know what I’m taken about if you didn’t look. Think before you type

      • Killuminati

        For the simple fact that u said “he gay for sleeping like that”….. Your gay bro just admit it…..



  • KareemSayeed

    New Age rappers don’t care, they use this to promote their image.. But imagine if this were jadakiss or fat joe, haha.. Hood points gone.. Nobody reply saying that it shouldn’t cause them to lose hood points cuz I agree.. That’s just how the streets go

    • realnixxa

      lol but what about meek

  • Mac7504

    Soo? Leak her pastrami puss pics Mac….LOL

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  • brotha_man

    either he was a virgin or she gives fire head…..the fetal position, tho. she ether’d Mac with that pic

  • WiseDT

    keeps on the socks


    lmao caught slippin

  • Markus

    Dudes only go fetal position with women they trust and yet now his hairy self is trending on twitter. But that’s none of my business.

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  • Thought Dog

    Great album cover. Call it “Life is really Good.”

  • kane pacino

    sleeping with the enemy . . new album n cover

  • simoneshelly

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  • BBG

    “The hairiest rapper in the game”
    – Mac Miller

  • digitallife

    So what…he ain’t married to neither one so he ain’t losing shhh. Mofo’s act like the next chick ain’t looking at these pics like “Oh he’s single now”.

  • ursocalledgod

    lmao damn this shit is uncomfortable to look at. some bitches truly aint SHIT real spill!! I would Of had a couple of my rats get this bitch together…ON SIGHT!

  • claudineabelson

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  • R.E Dykes


  • lol

    lawl he’s smiling in the picture.

    set up

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