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Iggy Azaela: No Musicians Have Told Me I'm Not Authentic

(AllHipHop News) Irony is karma’s way of making the truth salient. A day before Nicki Minaj bested Iggy Azaela for Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the 2014 BET Awards, Iggy spoke on her authenticity never being questioned in the music industry.

During her acceptance speech Nicki applauded BET for continuing to “honor authenticity” after stating that she writes her own music. Many have construed it as a shot at Azaela and during an interview with The Guardian stated her authenticity has never been questioned:

I have never had any musicians tell me that I wasn’t authentic for being white and Australian. Not one. Even I had a warped perception of how I would be received in this business. What I’ve come to realise is that it’s the people who write about music – or who are outside it in some way – who have a problem with what I am doing. The only true insiders are the musicians themselves.

Check out the full interview here.

Photo Courtesy of Azaela’s IG @TheNewClassic

  • Myleage

    was it me or was young money acting extra at the awards??? it was embarrassing to see grown men and women act like brats. its no wonder their music has fallen off but they are still mainstream. i like wayne but he was acting like a kid and nicki was a plain ole bitch

    • Ryan Cole

      That whole crew is a bunch of clowns. Weed carrier is an achievement over there.

      • Myleage

        lmao i wonder how much money lil twist and chuckie get for carrying the bags and weed

      • Ryan Cole

        They get the car of their choice. Leased. And all the paperwork says “Brian Williams”.

      • Myleage


      • ChiVa02

        LMBAO!!! Now THAT was funny..LOL!!

    • MLB44

      What offended me the most was everyone in that crew was extra blood out, even Chris Brown wearing a red Pendleton with a red brim hat, and Tyga was supposedly a Crip but now he was blood out too with his red Pendleton around his waist like a bi&*%. None of those dudes ever banged until they were already rich and famous, and they still ain’t banged in the streets. That sh*& irritates me when they’re so many real ni44as who died or doing life over it then you have these fashionable industry bangers like young money. These real bloods in the industry need to stop cosigning for these clowns.

      • Ryan Cole

        Tyga knows damn well he’s not about that gang shit. He grew up rich. These dudes all bang from gated communities.

  • Ryan Cole

    Being white and Australian isn’t the issue. That fake Southern accent is. If you’re not writing your own rhymes, you’re not an authentic rapper.

    • jd

      100% correct sir.


  • Jared

    I still don’t believe Nicki Minaj writes her own shit

    • Ryan Cole

      If she’s not, her ghostwriter is a genius for getting somebody to pay for those rhymes. My 10 year old could use some money for the summer. Might have him send some shit over to the Young Money offices and see if he can write for Gudda Gudda or Young Chuckee.

  • King Flashy TheFirst

    Female rappers (well, females in general) are petty. When Nicki first blew up a bunch of female rappers were hating on her for taking their shine, and now she hating on iggy for stealing her shine.

    Its a cycle.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      your right about females in general are petty – very high level of jealousy in general and over the most pettiest of reasons

      • SBRon

        “Males shouldn’t be jealous…that’s a female trait…”


        Lol…even “GOD” gets jealous! well mind does, if he catch me
        “worshiping” something other than god himself..

  • I just think that if Nicki hasn’t learned anything from the music business, the one thing she should take from it is that you shouldn’t speak directly, or subliminally to the competition….Nicki just gave Iggy a whole new life and possibly millions of new followers based on one comment at the BET awards….Shut your mouth do your thing and keep it moving Nicki.

    • Chris

      I was thinking the same thing. SMH.

  • i’mreloaded!

    Look Iggy, when the hate comes, you’ve officially made it. Congratulations and keep putting out the music.

    • Celz

      Fucc her trash music

      • SBRon

        I don’t listen to either one of these hookas…

      • i’mreloaded!

        I don’t care for her music either, I’m just sayin keep puttin out music while her name is still hot because eventually Nicki will dismantle her or she’ll put out some bull$hit dat will get her azz dropped from Grand Hustle. T.I. is a smart dude. He gon pimp dat white bish dry while she buzzin.

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  • Papi Peligro

    They don’t have you going around with TI for no reason.

  • Executive

    I don’t know about y’all but when I hear on the radio that shit gets turned off.

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  • Just some bastard #alcoholic

    I’ve never heard either of the songs she has atop charts……guess I’m doing something right.

  • RealSpit

    A Australian accent in real life, but a fake southern black girl accent when on the mic. Fake butt implants, dont write your own ryms. Yeah your Authentic and the realiest ma.

    • Fosho3528

      God damn, you need to take AN English class. YOU’RE borderline illiterate.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Because you’re money. Of course no one is going to say anything in your face because they want that business.

    I never listened to shorty anyway but damn, I would smack that properly

  • brotha_man

    the only female running the game right now is Rhapsody ….all the rest are garbage IMO. Better listen to the “Betty Shabazz”

    • damn bruh! im glad im not alone out there saying this! And its Rapsody lol! They gotta be able to spell it right to find her!

      • brotha_man

        true! my bad the Iphone

  • R.E Dykes

    ok ko em them G 420 boss up

  • artcryme99

    she’s a “musician” now? What music she write?

  • best_believe

    Nicki’s fake ass need to remember that THAT BITCH REMY MA come touches down this month.

  • justus182

    Nothing more entertaining than when two fake “musicians” who make horrible music argue about who’s more fake and horrible.

  • simoneshelly

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