Jeezy Gives The Skinny On New Albums

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Jeezy is all set to drop Seen It All and has revealed details in an exclusive interview.

“My fifth album is entitled Seen It All because I feel like I’ve been through a lot and I’ve seen a lot, and I’m still standing here and I’m still standing tall,” the rapper told Atlanta’s V-103. “That’s what it is, man.”

The rapper made some suggestions about why he hasn’t spoken on the more controversial moments in his life. However, he maintains, things have changed and he’ll be full of candor going forward.

“A lot of y’all know when I came in the game, I pretty much came in the game with my hands behind my back. ‘Cause a lot of the shit I’d a like to talk about or could’ve talked about probably would have got me in a lot of trouble,” Jeezy said. “This is probably my first album where I can explain and let niggas know where I stand. In layman’s terms, the statute of limitations is over with.”

The footage features singer Usher, rappers Future and Ludacris and deejays DJ Drama and Don Cannon, among others. 

Seen It All is expected to drop in September.


  • ZUBU

    Big Meech says that Jeezy needs to sit down with a lawyer and see about getting him home. Jeezy claims he putting money on his books, which is cool but a brotha want to come home if at all possible. I have never done any Meech like-time but all I know is that I didn’t want money on my books I wanted to get the fukk out? Word……

    • Casor_Greener

      Meech should have stayed out and then he wouldn’t have to worry about his books or his freedom.

      Jeezy ain’t paying no lawyer fees, it would be a waste anyway

      • ZUBU

        Shoulda, coulda, woulda,….. Funny how brothas who ain’t never did a day can speak on how another man should handle his…. hmmm

      • Killuminati

        ok so how much time have u done? u talk like one a the jailhouse lawyers lmao…did u work in the law library givin peeps false hope that they was gonna beat their case ??? foh Son!

      • ZUBU

        Brotha, I’m not here to name call (not your son, or anyone’s son for that matter). Not a jailhouse lawyer, in fact I’m a college educated brotha graduated with honors (Cum Laude), honorably discharged veteran, small business owner. I just know that everything you read should not be viewed as the truth. Now you my brotha are free to believe everything that the Govt. tells you, you are free brotha……

      • Killuminati

        ok brotha….

      • Mjg 7Mile

        Brotha. I’m from DETROIT, BROTHA. I’m in my 30’s BROTHA. I knew of Meech BROTHA. I seen/interacted with Meech BROTHA. HE/THEY SOLD DRUGS, BROTHA. BMF by way of Meech poisoned our communities BROTHA. I saw BMF initiate violent acts on innocent by-standards because they could. I KNOW THEY SOLD DRUGS BROTHA. My cousins are affiliated BROTHA. He is in jail for crimes he were directly and indirectly related to. Zubu i honestly thought you were joking the way you were taking up for that man. If you honestly think he is GUILTY I pray common sense takes over your household.

      • RapItUp

        you forgot a “brotha” in there

      • ZUBU

        I’m not here to judge Meech nor anyone else, I’m just stating that just because our Govt. claims someone is guilty does not mean that they are. One of my very best friends did fed time because the govt. claimed that he conspired to possess a controlled substance. The feds never caught him with nothing, they took a bogus phone conversation and made him do hard time, primarily because he would not snitch, he refused to cooperate so they set him down. He got caught up in a huge indictment and everybody of color had to sit down. There were two whites who were air traffic controllers at a local airport who were indicted and they never did one day even though the feds had proof that they not only possessed, but were using while on the job directing plane take-offs and landings.
        Our govt. loves to paint the face of the drug scrouge as that of a black or brown man, but in reality the CIA, NSA, DEA, etc. flood the cities with drugs and people like Meech, Freeway Rick, etc. do the time.
        I’ve never met Meech or his brother T, but from everything I have read they appear to be guilty. Having said that I never believe everything I read…. hence the 911 attack was bogus

      • ZUBU

        Brotha how much time have I done??? That is a question that has no value to me. How much education I have; How much I have helped my family, How I have impacted my community is far more important than how much time I have done or not done.

      • Killuminati


      • Breeze

        I think its best if you stop commenting. . . you sound like you the dude who washed meech drawls and will forever remain loyal to him lmfao

      • ZUBU

        My Brotha you sound like a kid….. This shiiit is intellectual debate and you obviously showed up unarmed!

    • Papi Peligro

      He’s done. Take the commissary.

      • ZUBU

        Bro, now you’re a legal expert? You know the details of Meech’s case?

      • WeakSauce

        I don’t think he but there is a reason why Meech is not out son!

      • ZUBU

        Brotha man I’m not your son in any capacity.

      • Killuminati


      • Breeze

        you haven’t given up yet? lmfao

      • TruthTalk

        Wonder how far you’d get if you focused on something more positive than a drug dealer that poisoned his own community. That dude is in jail for a reason he’s nothing to glorify nor go into detail about.

      • ZUBU

        Brotha, how far I could get??? Do you know anything about me??? What reason is he in jail for??? Because the judicial system says he is guilty???I’m listening bro, what impericial evidence do you have to ascertain your statement??? Impericial means “real proof, valid, proven, etc.”

      • He’s in jail because he sold drugs and didn’t give uncle sam his cut

      • WeakSauce

        I’m glad because you don’t sound very bright with your “Meech is innocent” statement lol

      • ZUBU

        I never said the man was innocent, I said just because the feds say he is guilty does not mean he is guilty. Reading is fundamental…. How many times have we seen innocent people locked up? I always question our Govt, its called being a free thinker. For instance I knew there were not any WMD’s in Iraq while most sheepeople just followed Bush off to war to kill innocent young men and women.

      • WeakSauce


      • ZUBU

        Back Paddle??? Of course it is two different cases, but the point is plain and simple do not trust our Govt. Our govt. is evil and just because they claim a person is guilty does not mean they are guilty as charged/convicted. In my 40 plus years on earth I can only recall one person who beat the feds John Delorean back in the 70’s.
        Most of us believe everything our govermental leaders tell us, heck I was even guilty of the same thought process for many years. There are so many instances of our Govt. putting their spin on stories. The OKC bombing the initial reports stated it was Arab/Middle eastern terrorists who did the bombing then it turns out it was a good ole’ American born white boy. The 911 attacks were not carried out as indicated. They injected black soliders with an STD in order to study the effects of the disease. I could go on for days about the things our Govt has done. On a micro level the feds where I live wanted a brotha out here who had been getting his money for many years and they could never get him. So finally the feds set him up to murder someone else just so they could finally get a case to stick on him. The feds sat in a car right across the street from his used car lot and watched a CI get killed. The CI got killed because the feds stole work/money from the brotha and made it appear as if the CI stole it. The feds set this man up to get killed. On a personal level I watched with my own eyes police let a dog loose on my relative while he was giving himself up the dog tore the underside of his arms because his arms were raised. The wounds punctured his lungs, I never heard a grown man scream like that before. Then the police charged my relative with assualting a police officer, because you know the dog is considered a police officer. The same night the police tried to stomp me out, tried to break my spine, then charged me with resisting arrest.To top it off they stole several hundred dollars from me as well. One of my other best friends got charged with murder because some dudes home invaded him, he beat the murder case and got self defense but the police stole 20 thousand dollars out of his crib. My experiences are real life brotha, this is why I’m very distrustful of the police/feds/dea, etc. So for me my brotha I do not believe anything the police say. Not all of them are bad, some are great men and women and those that are honest I respect them. I will add something from the onset of my life the feds cointelpro killed most of our civil rights leaders. Brotha do you know how they killed Fred Hampton??? Google Brotha Fred Hampton……..
        Peace to you bro my beef is not with you or any brotha.

      • southside4lyfe

        Im with you on that Big Meech even admitted to selling drugs they got out of hand and got too flashy that people started talking about them so the FEDS had to do something. If Meech’s goons wasn’t in the club every night busting somebody wide open he would be free.

      • ZUBU

        Bro, Meech ain’t never admitted to selling shiit, what crap articles are you reading? If he EVER admitted to selling anything he would not be able to appeal… Duh…

      • Papi Peligro

        LOL. It doesn’t take an electrician to screw in a light bulb.

      • ZUBU

        Bro, FYI just because our Govt. says one lone gunman shot JFK, MLK, RFK, Abe Linc, Malcolm, etc. it is the truth? You believe because the FEDS say Meech is guilty that he is?

      • Papi Peligro

        No I believe it cause Meech conveyed that lifestyle as well. But I’m not trying to convince you. Believe what you want. If you think that MEECH is on the level of any of those people above you lost. If anything the government would have kept MEECH going so they could lock up more black men. Through his promotion of the lifestyle and the drugs he sold. That way they can lock them up in prison and make them work for pennies and they don’t have to offer them any social programs. As the world continues to lose more and more jobs to computers. REAL CONSPIRACY NINJA.

      • ZUBU

        Brotha possibly you did not get the jist of this; I never compared Meech to any of the aforementioned individuals. I jut pointed out how our Govt has lied, deceived the masses many time over. Come on Brotha comparing Meech to Malik Shabazz?? Brotha please….. Brotha you are speaking to a grown ass man not a child. I would never compare Meech to any of those men, yet somehow you thought I did?? Bro, real talk how old/young are you???

      • Papi Peligro

        Bra. We don’t need stats. He did an interview on Allhiphop and went into detail. Even he slipped up and was like Jacob the Jewler wouldn’t take money from a I don’t want to say drug dealer but someone from the streets.





    • trilltalk1

      MEECH had 20 SNITCHES talking to the police and turned state on him. know amount of money or JOHNNY COCHRAN could get him out of prison.

      • ZUBU

        Brotha from your form of logic, because 20 snitches told on him he is guilty??? Brotha you really typed that in??? So essentially you condone snitches, or shall I say in snitches you trust….

      • Dude!!! he’s not getting out its over

      • trilltalk1

        i have know idea how you get that i condone snitching, from my statement. but whatever thats that internet logic. see talking to you nerds about some real street shit is impossible. cause 1st off you only know the lingo from watching hood movies and listening to these lying ass rappers.

        so when the convo go into some real shit yall don’t know what to say. so yall just start saying any old dumb shit to save face. let me make it my man you right i’m wrong now carry on.

      • ZUBU

        Internet nerd??? Brotha you are a million miles from reality. Not to boast about hood shiiitt but I got hood stripes. Having said that I also have a degree, in other words I’m an educated hood brotha. My mettle does not get tested.
        watching movies lol naw brotha movies are made about the things myself and my brothas have done. Obviously I can’t go into detail lest I sit here and snitch on myslef.

  • Mac7504

    C-Murder felt the same thing about P….lol

  • Dam I forgot about Jeezy he been gone for a minute….I like his rap voice

    • brotha_man

      Rap voice?????

  • bigdoe6

    No Shawty Redd i can’t mess with it. Jeezy music just not up to standards without Shawty Redd. Drumma boy always come through and Justice League but Shawty Redd has that stamp. End of story.

    • JimJames29

      You got your mind right!

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    Nobody checkin for this album jeezy

    • johnblacksad

      far from true… can’t wait for it to drop!

  • chitlin coon

    maaannn i haven’t been on this site in years…and i see why…rr has haters… but y’all ninjas are something else…with the godly single he just dropped with jay, even the trolls on wshh aren’t hating…but ahh community is? wow.

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