Hip Hop Rumors: Beyonce Hints At Jay-Z Cheating?

The Solange elevator beatdown scandal may have opened up a floodgate in The Carter’s household.

While performing live onstage in Ohio Saturday, Beyonce threw out a few hints that hubby Hov may have been sneaking around.

Queen Bey changed the lyrics to the song “Resentment,” instead  of the original line, “been riding with you for six years” she belted out “been riding with you for 12 years.”

There’s a few other lyrics switched up as well, but apparently Bey changes lyrics a lot during live performances. Let’s hope thats what it is, and that Hov wouldn’t actually step out on the baddest in the game.


  • GP

    who cares its Hollywood, everybody bangs everybody. so her point is? if she so damn hurt behind it divorce the man and move on. this bish stupid! another thing stop calling her queen bey, she not royal to nothing. only if god could punish those for calling her queen bey.

    • WeakSauce

      I agree, just look at Jlo, Kim K, Cameron Diaz, shall I keep going?

      • GP

        right and just think its young women out here who want to be like these ladies but don’t understand how a man would look at them.

      • WeakSauce

        Once again, I agree and I have been saying that but people always want to start throwing the race card when I say this bitch and nothing important but just another entertainer that like taking yall hard earn money. That’s all she is

      • WhiteBlack

        if im being completely honest right now , if i had to choose between beiber and beyonce, i’d probably pick beiber, beyonce and her devil “worshipping fans” literally force the music upon you with payola until you are convinced that the song isnt that bad, and or actually good…they have been doin this for years..where u literally cant escape a song from her catalogue, its scary…where as justin beiber i barely ever hear at all…just read about him on the internet..

      • Glasscut

        Yeah but the problem is women most of these women get up there in power they forget how to be freaky we are men we want that freaky stuff.. pause i mean i am not talking about no anal shit no.. just that head in a car.. That spontaneous head.. They forget how to treat their man like a king.. This is where some italian women are better.. they understand that if they’re a trophy and don’t want to do all the freaky shit. The man will find it elsewhere period and they let their man do his thing..

  • rs_yes

    For every hot woman, there’s some dude that’s tired of f*cking her.

    • Ipullcards

      Exactly! It’s social issue with men. No feeling adequate or some bs complex that explains y we can’t have just 1 like lays..

      • Dope

        Not really an issue. Everything get boring after a while, especially today when we have so many choices and want to try it all. And for dudes like Jay who can have anyone he wants, it’s even more tempting.

      • Ipullcards

        Yes but at the same time jay has the woman everyone wants, theoretically that should be enough

      • You already know it’s never enough…..I agree with ur statement tho.

      • Ipullcards

        Haha true! Sup bro hope all is well enjoy the holiday stay away from the drama!

      • aokot5

        Coolidge effect gets everyone at some point lol

    • EricHiesenberg

      Camel want something different.

  • Killuminati

    hey bey bey….

  • Markus

    It’s not like she’s beat down by life or over the hill. If she wants out I think she would have been out. The baby is young enough to deal with a change that extreme. Personally I think she and Jay are playing up to all the rumors to keep people interested and sell more venues out.

  • Glasscut

    Beyonce is just not freaky enough period.. And jayz is probably not having getting enough.. simply put.. If i was jay i’d find a jump-off make her sign a contract for services put an ironclad gag order on it.. He can get his rocks off and be a happy guy around a trophy woman that’s not freaky at all..

  • DaHomey6Deuce

    People act like Beyonce is da baddest female out know how many women out there..but are unknown in the game..people need to miss me with that baddest in the game shit

    • Dubz

      She pretty bad, not many female entertainers out that’s colder then Beyonce.

      • She actually may be colder than a lot of males out their talent wise….hell financially too.

    • Name another that’s as equally talented and as financially secure as her….oh yea and by the way they have to be beautiful and sexy at the same time. Seriously, who you got? Like seriously man, you sound like all the bum bitches that always hate on her.

      • DaHomey6Deuce

        1.Define Talent….than define talent in relation to beyonce
        2.What does talent and finance have to do with the “baddest in the game” reference I commented on
        3. Y’all so on these celebrities finances, like they pay you a %..Shits disgusting..get your finances up instead of acting like it’s yours..I got mine up that’s for sure
        4 When you challenge a statement its automatically “hate”…Tell me why..I don’t envy their lives one bit…
        5.Did I say I didn’t like her or wish her to do bad…

        The only two things you seem to mention is talent and finance..

        Mariah Carey would mop the floor with Beyonce in a sing off….talking about talent

        You’re completely acting like a lil fan boy, and not READING what people are ACTUALLY saying

      • I wasn’t even going hard at u cuz I really could give 2 fcks….I got my guap up and don’t really worry about celebrities like that. I was merely pointing out that homegirl doing her thing on a level these other hoes can’t touch. I agree Mariah is a better singer and has chips too but i was talking about the women present today. Since u tried to insult me I’ll just say I can prove I got chips, can u? Fck boy

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Having the same sex over and over gets old period. That is why you dont see people married for long.

    • Shonuff…The ones that have been married over long periods of time always got them cheating skeletons in the closet, they forgive and keep it moving.

  • El Dogga

    WHO CARES???????? I ain’t got no 401k stocks in their marriage! Who’s dropping albums this week? What are the album sales for the week????? TELL ME THAT!

  • majesticking

    Don’t ever forget this line even though he’s married me give my heart to a woman not for nothing never happen i’ll be forever macking remember this line from big pimpin so if he did or does he warned her, i’m just saying.

    • Myleage

      lol jay z personally said he is shocked by the lyrics to the song when he saw the words to it being projected at an event he was at



  • Terrance

    Bey is the Baddest because she IS…

    1. Eye Candy
    2. Talented singer
    3. Talented dancer
    4. Perfectionist at her craft
    5. Work ethic unmatched

    Just a FEW reasons.

    This, coming from someone that DOESN’T have her in rotation!

    She has EARNED her place…
    That’s why A LOT of women wanna be her and fall WAYYY short.

    They usually don’t have the talent nor work ethic.

    They got that WEAVE tho…#BIRDS

    • Bruh wasn’t lying when he said he had the baddest chick in the game….I have yet to meet a chick that doesn’t hate on Beyoncé.’s funny because it’s the truth. Career wise and financially she is honestly queen bee and there is no way to deny her. I’ve always liked her and always wanted to have relations with her since them early Destiny’s days. Don’t own one album of hers but she is Def talented 4 sho. I’m a hard core rap cat but I think she makes damn good songs, prolly better than most rappers…lmao

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  • Yeah right, just reaching for attention to the tour. This stuff is getting old.



  • ShortDogg

    It is true now! Jay cheated! Jay, you are a fool! Bey is a fool hooking up with Joe Camel! When are you girls going to learn that industry dudes are weak. Money run the dudes! Jay is doing them of course but not with or for his looks!! Money hunger freaks! Easy girls they will do anything for that dollar! They all want a Bentley!

    • Spoken like a true Dirty Mack!

      Dayum Homie!
      i thought I was a max playa hata….you on some Star Trek ‘chet…boldly going where no man has gone before, type ‘chet!

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    So is she calling herself a slave?

  • claudineabelson

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  • $25041764

    is this news?

  • G S

    I don’t get it..please explain. How do those lyrics suggest HOV is cheating

  • I don’t get why people hate on this woman so much. She beautiful, financially secure, can sing and write her own songs. She’s also a married woman with a family and I’ve never heard her speak ill of anybody. To be honest if u sum it up, a lot of bitches should be tryna emulate her…fck what yall heard she a bad broad man. I don’t own one album but I’d be lying if I said I don’t like more than a few of her jams….keep it a thousand

    • Breeze

      I agree with everything. . . Until u say “never heard her speak I’ll of anybody”. Let’s see. . . Keri Hilson, Michelle (Destiny’s child), rihanna. . . I’m sure there’s at least one more person I can’t think of

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