Hip Hop Rumors: Kanye and Kim Sell Dream House Before Moving In?

Every couple dreams of moving in to their dream home, and building their family from there.

Yeezy and Kimmy are no different, but from the looks of things, their home may be more of a hassle than a blessing…

The Daily Mail reports via US Weekly:

“Over a year ago they splashed out $11 million on a Bel Air mansion. 

Ever since, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have sunk even more millions into the sprawling Mediterranean villa, tearing down walls and adding new ones, so the property would be perfect for their A-list lifestyles.

But just when it seemed as if the house should be done and the parents to North, aged one, could finally be moving in, UsWeekly reported on Monday that the couple will be actually be selling the home.

The home looked ripped to shreds in January with walls missing and the pool removed. It was said that the Wests wanted to add a new gym, cinema, bowling alley and basketball court.

The couple reportedly were hoping to move in by July 2014. If they list it, they will most likely work with Mauricio Umansky who is married to Kim’s friend Kyle Richards and is on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.”



Did the wait become too much or were the funds running low? Hmmmm….

  • Dope crib!

    • InTheNightKitchen

      I concur, only downfall is it’s too close to another house on the left, unless that’s part of the property

      • I doubt it because of the treeline fence.

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  • Two people who tries their best to be perfectionist will lead them to go broke. Kanye and Kim need to get over themselves.

  • claudineabelson

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  • RapItUp

    Funds running low?? Kubes shut up.. Not keeping a tally on their pockets, but 15 mil. wouldn’t affect EITHER of these two.. You sound incredibly foolish

  • Sean Taylor

    If I pay anywhere close to $11,000,000.00 I’m having 20+ acres of land that my mansion will be sitting on and won’t have any neighbors near me.