T.I.: I'm In The Process Of Signing Troy Ave

(AllHipHop News) Troy Ave may follow in Nicki Minaj’s footsteps and become another rising New York talent who signs to a label owned by a Down South artist. During the BET Awards weekend, T.I. confirmed that Troy Ave and himself are in the process of ironing out a recording deal for the upstart.

T.I. does not reveal much details on the deal, however during an interview with Power 105.1’s Angela Yee spoke briefly on the impending signing:

It’s in the works. We have verbals. Our lawyers just have to do their thing. But, it’s definitely something that we are looking forward to.

Last week Troy Ave spoke on his relationship with T.I. during an interview with DJ Absolut. According to Troy, T.I.’s assistance in his career to how “50 [Cent] had to go with Eminem and Dr. Dre to get put on.”

Check out T.I.’s interview with Angela Yee below:


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  • Ipullcards

    This is sad. The quote on quote nyc rapper to bring nyc back and going to a southern label & brand. Not mad but def jam wtf are u doing? Where are all these nyc labels? Plenty of acts no labels? Why is he not trying to be his own boss? Or is he singing a label deal and getting Atlantic distribution? Remains to see but seems like some hypocritical sh1t front troy. Rep nyc so hard but u singing with atlanta! Smh

    • Ipullcards

      Oh I’m from Brooklyn btw

    • Killuminati

      TRUUUU….all that talk and he goes to the south…but then again alot a new york peeps werent really fukin with troy so i guess the money made him change his tune….

      • Ipullcards

        he’s not like super nice.. To be saying u saving the Mecca of rap, u at least gotta be filthy with bars… He’s not on kiss’s level, fab’s or any mid-teir ny greats.. So he’s fufu to me.. But he’s catchy can’t hate..

      • Killuminati

        yea i agree with u….i either hate his songs or i fuk wit em….it helps he had NY djs behind him pushin his shit…its abt time…

    • Casor_Greener

      Cause NY boys hate on each other too much

      • Ipullcards

        Everybody hates on everybody.. It’s a black thing bro. Crabs in a barrel.

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  • KareemSayeed

    Hahahaha I always knew this fool was a walking contradiction.. “If you was rapping like a southerner don’t think I forgot” – Troy Ave… How about we flip that line and say don’t think we forgot all that new york > south talk..

    Trying to imitate 50’s flow and demeanor backfired

  • walkerboy86

    I have tried to get into this guy, but i honestly dont get the hype, his garbage and it feels like his being forced upon us, by a higher power.

    • RightOn

      “higher power” Lol the power is in your hands bruh.

    • Black Adam

      He’s def being shoehorned in.

  • InTheNightKitchen


  • Obi Won

    Even though its not set in stone yet, what happened to New York all Day?!?
    Now you about to sign to the self-proclaimed king of the south. I think that check shut him up real quick.

  • InTheNightKitchen

    Angie looked so much better with dark hair

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  • Troy Ave the type of dude to preach about how the black man should treat the black woman like a queen,but he ends up marrying a Lily white woman lol.

  • R.E Dykes

    ok ko em

  • Dreday410

    “Troy Ave may follow in Nicki Minaj’s footsteps and become another rising
    New York talent who signs to a label owned by a Down South artist”

    I was thinking the same thing this nigga was on Breakfast club talking all this NY shit and going down south to sign with iggy and TI ? NY = ATL

    • Myleage

      jeezy and scarface and ludacris and rick ross and dj khaled all signed to Def Jam so who cares?

  • bigdoe6

    He’s going to end up like Young Dro, Mac Boney, AK, Yung LA, and all the others who never put out a album.

    • Dreday410


      That’s why I give 50 cent a lot of credit like him or not at least his artist put out an album people be say “50 feed his niggas” but when you feeding nigga’s and they making 8 Million who else can say that

      5 G Unit member all 5 put out albums

      • King Flashy TheFirst

        You don’t know what your talking about.
        Kidd Kidd, Shawty Lo, Paris, Olivia, Spider Loc,40 Glocc, M.O.P. None of them put out an album when they were signed.

    • Myleage

      dro def put out albums. learn before you speak. Dro just put out High Times in October. he also put out killer mike, 8ball and mjg, B.O.B., trae the truth, and iggy.

      • bigdoe6

        Dro put out one official album. The rest of the material he put under Grand Hustle had no major impact. It’s like once he’s steeming he quickly melts cause they don’t know what to do with Dro. Only person that had success is BOB and that was due to Atlantic Records, not Grand Hustle. BOB is bigger than grand hustle. Trae the truth???? Come on dude. I like Trae but does he need Grand Hustle???? No. Ball and G????? Again, that situation never made sense because they are legends. They didn’t need Grand Hustle either but look what happened to their project. Killer Mike most def doesn’t need Grand Hustle.

      • Myleage

        b.o.b. had the “haterz” song out when he signed. he def. needed grand hustle and they put him on. Atlantic dont help artist make music, they just help push the songs once they are made. its hard to push artists who wont do for themselves. dro and b.o.b. both said it was T.I. who pushed them when they were comfortable and didnt feel like working. i think if t.i. help push Troy Ave’s agenda and let Troy Ave promote his own brand then the situation can work out.

  • he shoud be looking for distribution and be his own boss. he needs to stop referencing how 50 got on too. 50 was black balled from the industry. troy isnt.

    • SleepyTheGreat

      realist shit ever

  • matown2

    Some of yall niggas givin Troy Ave way too much plug, the only problem with is him actually has nothing to do with his music, his personality is why he will fail this nigga feelin himself too much far too arrogant, overly cocky, this nigga don’t know what humble is that’s why his fanbase is specifically limited to the tri-state area meanwhile nobody outside of his locale fuckn with him, if he make more tracks like My Day he might be goin somewhere but other than that he need to tone that shit down a bit. The end….

  • hoeyuno

    Mr. New York signing with the south! !!! TI a good look though and troy was already making noise independent so im sure this is the icing on the cake…it would have been cool to see troy sign with raekwons label or something but this is probably the best move business wise

  • claudineabelson

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  • EricHiesenberg

    Interesting that people say “they are in process” of signing someone etc. etc. Bad business move. just like Akoo.

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