Christian Rappers Flame & Lecrae Sue Katy Perry & Juicy J Over "Dark Horse"

(AllHipHop News) According to reports, a couple of Christian rap artists have filed a lawsuit against pop star Katy Perry. The rappers Flame and Lecrae claim that Perry’s hit single “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J stole from their 2008 song “Joyful Noise.”

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The case was filed in federal court in St. Louis, Missouri. Not only do the plaintiffs accuse Perry of infringing on their copyright, but they also believe their own song has been damaged because of “Dark Horse.”

“And by any measure, the devoutly religious message of ‘Joyful Noise’ has been irreparably tarnished by its association with the witchcraft, paganism, black magic, and Illuminati imagery evoked by the same music in ‘Dark Horse,'” the suit reads.

The lawsuit was filed by Flame, Lecrae, Chike Ojukwu, and Emanuel Lambert. Perry, Juicy, Dr. Luke, Capitol Records, and others are named as defendants.

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Listen to “Joyful Noise” and “Dark Horse” below.

40 Responses to “Christian Rappers Flame & Lecrae Sue Katy Perry & Juicy J Over "Dark Horse"”

  1. DC King Of Hearts

    Ummmm I see why they would say that and yeah they do sound a lil bit alike…I dunno, Katy’s sounds really grandiose but we shall see

  2. Mr. Starr Vision

    in the beginning its kind of similar but once the verses started and the chorus came around i completely forgot i was listening to it for comparison purposes….just the intro and the “you know what this is” part.

  3. WaltWhiteDFB

    Im a Christian and a Black man, and I get tired of all these people wit this Illumanati talk and all that, Egypt was a kingdom of intelligent and powerful kings and queens, that happen to be black, but now everything associated with it is either terrosim or occult…I really could careless live your life, try to do right, and be a decent person, help who you can help, and when its all said and done pray you did it right….but as for the song similar melodies and that’s about it….

    • Ipullcards

      Well can u discuss the topic at hand? Not bible thump. Don’t force religon on anyone. Have ur beliefs but this article/topic has everything to do with copyright infringement/copying hiphop. Not religon or abortion. Church and state are seperate let’s keep like that in hiphop. Pray all the good stuff read your bible pay your tithes be good Christian/Catholics but don’t force it on others, it is not the topic at hand! This isn’t a religious platform

      • WaltWhiteDFB

        First off who is bible thumpin??, im stating my opinion on this article, because if you read ii it CLEARLY has an element of religion in it, and furthermore I can say what the hell I want, I said im a Christian not Christ so please don’t get it twisted Woe. if read my comments idiot what I was trying to say is everybody quick to connect hip hop to the illumanati justification for the genres success…tighten up bro

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        dont read into it… thats his M.O. i think he was just trying to be sarcastic/funny

      • Ipullcards

        Yea but who cares nobody can prove there to be a god! So y do bible thumpers go so hard? Keep your beliefs yours! Don’t force any rhetoric on anyone else when that’s ur oerpsnal belief. N for GOD sakes, stick to the topic! Guys are worse than the reality tv watchers commenting on reality tv but not rap topics.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        I feel you im not with the bible thumping either. I dont think he was tho but i could be wrong.

      • WaltWhiteDFB

        Naw I wasn’t Bible Thumpin @ all I was relating the story together, because it had an element of Religion tied into…but like I said before I could give a damn what buddy talkin bout, I can say what the hell I want…

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        true that but like i said i didnt think you were bible thumping!

      • Rob Smith

        Life is a religious platform. Hip Hop is a religion. Jesus Christ is a prophet, the son of the Creator. He was the first Hip Hop artist rhyming in parable to hide his message to the poor so the wealthy wouldn’t understand him and only those who took the time to listen to his rhymes, they deserved the truth and the wisdom that changed their vision. Evil cultivated the church following into confusion and corruption. When you die, you either enter Hell or Heaven, REAL TALK.

  4. therealwayno

    Umm … No. This is a bunch of BS. I respect Flame and Lecrae as artists but this is lame as ever. That little melody is similar but that’s it. Great PR move tho.

  5. sarah752

    lol looks like they just want 15 minutes of fame. The songs have a kinda similar melody, but really thats it. Everything else is different. I’ve listened to Juicy J for a while and I know that beat and sound is completely consistent with his style, so its definitely not plagiarized.

    • Rob Smith

      These two MC’s have had more than 15 minutes of fame, little kid. Flame and Lecrae been producing supreme Hip Hop for a minute, still. Music is written with notes, those notes are owned, if someone steals them they have to pay for them.

      • Killuminati

        im white bro ……………. lol….thanks for sharing ur opinion mr smith!!!! u must have never seen the movie black sheep with chris farley….

  6. Tony Carr

    She stole Roar from the Sara B song Brave, so she is not above stealing songs. And she steals other people’s cultures too which is a little offensive.

      • Tony Carr

        People have intellectual property rights and I was talking about dressing up as an Egyptian and as a Japanese person in her last video. I guess you are okay with blackface too.

      • Tony Carr

        But music is music. Just write your own songs and if you lift someone’s beat pay them.

  7. Isheanesu Nyamukapa

    Come on now… It’s not just a simillarity. It might be a different instrument doing that melody, but that melody is still the same. You could complain about their religious views, but the FACT is, that little melody was on Flame and Lecrae’s record first… and that’s probably what the courts will decide. It’s like a less extreme case of what Robin Thicke did with Marvin Gaye…

    • golder1

      Robin Thicke publishing company won that case by the way. Having a melody doesnt mean it was stolen. They will have to do better than that

  8. Coach Roberson

    I have listened to Joyful Noise for years now and when I first heard Dark Horse, I felt like I had heard the beat before. It was not until I was working out and heard Joyful noise on Pandora when I finally made the connection. With as much sampling that occurs in the music industry,I figured some how Dark Horse was allowed to manipulate the beat. At this point I was not aware there had been a lawsuit. The content of the Katy’s song did not allow me to think these Christian artists would allow them to sample their music. Rapzilla merged the songs together and sped up Dark Horse, it’s a match!!! There is no winning this battle for Katy, its a wrap. One of the christian artists explains if you cant hear the connection its because Dark Horse beat is actually a slowed version of Joyful Noise. If you play them at the same speed then the likeness is indisputable.

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