Iggy Azalea Sets New Record For Female Rappers

(AllHipHop News) Another day, another chart record for Iggy Azalea. The Australia native is now the longest running female rapper at number one on Billboard’s Hot 100.

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Iggy’s “Fancy” featuring Charli XCX is spending its sixth week in the top spot. That passes Lil Kim’s previous record of five weeks with “Lady Marmalade” in 2001. Kim’s collaboration with Christina Aguilera, Mýa, and Pink was included on the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack.

Only four female rappers have ever reached number one on the Hot 100. Lauryn Hill was the first to accomplish that feat in 1998 with “Doo Wop (That Thing)” off the Grammy winning The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. “Doo Wop” spent two weeks at number one.

The only other femcee to hit #1 is Shawnna. She stayed in the peak position for one week as a guest feature on Ludacris’ “Stand Up” in 2003.

Iggy wrote on Instagram:

Pretty good way to start July! Lots of motivation to continue to work hard. I’m putting all my energy into black widow now & hoping you’ll love the video for it as much as you all enjoyed fancy. eek! I’m nervous but excited.

Iggy’s The New Classic LP is currently at number 19 on the Billboard 200 album chart. It peaked at number three and has sold around 210,000 units to date.

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  • ZUBU

    This chick is sexy for certain, but dang is she the female version of Em? Much like Em is the hiphop version of Elvis. To quote PE’s Chuck D “MUTHAFUKK HIM AND JOHN WAYNE”

    • DJ7

      Nah B….she’s just the new prototype the machine is rolling out…model# 003

      The previous model# 002 (Kreyshawn…or whatever her name was) was defective and got rejected so ….. back to the lab

      Nicki was instrumental in making this model# 003 possible…her global acceptance from the “mainstream” audience had “think tanks” and investors alike working tirelessly to “market” this “new” product.

      If you’ve paid attention, like I have, the initial push for model# 003 was met with resistance b.u.t. as Nicki’s popularity started to fade, the 2nd wave of “marketing” took off for this “new” product.

      Now model# 003 is atop of imaginary charts, media headlines (radio, tv and ad based “urban” sites….uh hum….HHDX…SOHH… AHH) creating the false perception of “success”. Next, unlimited marketing and advertisement will ensue followed by endorsements thus creating more false perception.

      It’s only business to them, fans are the suckas…

      Nicki must realize and accept that it’s time to play the angry negro female to stay “relevant” or get faded…

      • ZUBU

        Damn, bro you broke that down for real. You speaking nothing but the truth DJ7………..Peace……..

      • DJ7

        It’s always peace fam…

      • RapItUp

        Previous model lmao!! Make them sound like cyborgs off the assembly line

      • DJ7

        Are they not?

      • RapItUp

        I 100% agree.. Your analysis is spot on though.. Hip hop scholar fa sho!

      • Celz

        I basically said the same thing before I even read your comment.. It’s an illusion. Justin Bieber is halfway talented. This chick not at all.. She’s not that cute, not that good.. Every real dude in here banged and forgot a broad that looks better than her. Makeup artists, stylists, and personal trainers will take any 7 to a 9 trust me.. The bytch is wack and that’s being generous..

      • DJ7

        U already know fam…unlike many who post up in the comments, I was around when hip hop was pure.
        Only fools and suckas fall for the okie doke tactics used by today’s research and marketing firms.
        Stay true to yourself and keep real hip hop alive by listening to what you like and not what you are told to like.

  • Markus

    Iggy Azalea, best female MC ever? Sounds wrong, doesn’t it?

  • EricHiesenberg

    she winning…applaud her.

    • WeakSauce


    • Twonpass

      hell no

    • Celz

      The bytch is a living puppet.. Without the management team, stylists, marketing reps, industry connects, and ghost writers.. She’d be another struggle artist making mochaccinos.. Trust and believe that.. She’s not model fine like the Kardashians and she isn’t half as talented as Ariana Grande or Jhene Aiko she’s a vehicle to sell lost kids shyt they don’t need nothing more nothing less..

      • Mahala77

        and plastic surgeon(nice a$$) Iggy!!!! real like my weave!!!

      • D’Heirus Lollis

        Lol 30.00 rappers have stylists and managers & shit, Why get mad because she attacked the entertainment industry the right way?

        “I can’t believe this, she should fire all her people and play local bars like my homies back home do, this is BS”… Umm, no.

      • Celz

        The right way? So I guess Hulk Hogan is a better fighter than Anderson Silva because he sold more tickets.. Get ya lame ass outta here.. She’s a commercial gimmick, as an entertainer I respect her. Lots of hard work to hit the gym, memorize lyrics, pr training and etc etc.. But she is not a musician or artist or poet. She is akin to a Lindsay Lohan

      • EricHiesenberg

        okay but billboard says she winning, applaud her.

      • Celz

        Appluad her for what exactly? Her handlers are doing a great job of paying radio stations off and making sure the commercial mash up of music that was given to her stays in front of the public eyes and ears. If you think this woman is in the same category as a Michael Jackson or some other talented pop artist then your stupid. Music is art, if your only skill is being marketable then I don’t respect you in the music industry. This dilution of talent increases piracy rates because it encourages one hit wonders and keeps money out of the hands out legitimate artists and musicians. Pretty soon the Iggy type artist won’t be able to hit her profit margins and only real artists will be interested in the low paying gigs.

    • reg joe

      Instead of applauding the positive success that she has made, most folks cant get what it takes to have a number one hit. Its timing, marketing, talent and everything has to line up just right, from the production standpoint, etc. Its not easy to get the #1 record in the USA under any circumstance. Christ! Stop hating on folks!!!!!! Not sure why these folks cant just say congratulations and simply move the hell along…..

  • Twonpass

    Future of Hip Flop

  • she is getting her dam shine >>>> there are a helllllllll of a lot more FEMALE MCZ WHO DO DESERVE THEIR TIME TO SHINE ! I LOVE IT

  • I woulda never guessed shorty would do so well… if kreyshawn didnt wait a year and a half to release her album… this woulda been her.

    • Dope

      Nah.. Kreyshawn was one of those impossible to explain one time youtube ”hits”. She couldn’t make pop friendly music consistently and overall she didn’t have that image that makes Iggy so marketable.

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  • $30071418

    She’s easy to market because of her unusual look and pop sound. all investors see is $$$ commercials and international branding. If they spend 10 million they’ll get back 100 times more by the time her hype has expired. Thats Entertainment For u.

    • Shawn Powers

      Unusual look? You only need half the talent to do double the sales if your white.

  • Senor Binns

    Wait, Nicki never had a #1 song? Yikes!!! She won’t like this! Expect her to throw more shade at the VMA’s

  • This is hard to believe so all this time Foxy, Missy, Trina, DaBrat, Remy, non of those rapper chicks haven’t done any of this? It’s kinda hard to believe……..Most importantly we all see why Lil Kim is the Queen Bee, because she is ALWAYS used as a reference point for all these rap chicks.

    • reg joe

      Ever heard of MC Lyte? You need to back that mess up a bit.

  • I could have sworn when Nicki was at the top of her game they stated that she was the first female rapper to have 5 songs on the charts at the same time….This is bullshit

  • 200K = #1 for 6 weeks?



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