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Lil Durk Talks Club "Standoff" With The Game (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Now that the issues between Chicago’s Lil Durk and Los Angeles’ The Game are settled, Durk is speaking out about exactly what happened the night the two rappers confronted each other at a L.A. club.

Durk spoke with the L.A. Leakers about the incident, and the “Picture Perfect” rapper explained he and his crew felt the need to address the situation with Game face-to-face while both men were in the same room.

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Durk said:

The whole club scene was just like a standoff. Like, “I’m holding my ground.” And they’re like, “I’m holding my ground too.” Some people don’t do it like that. Some people rather not walk up to somebody in the club and do it. I heard plenty of times people ran from him. So I was just standing my ground. Where I’m from we don’t run. Especially for us being in another city on the come up. We can’t let nobody do that to us. You know? So we took it upon ourselves – We didn’t approach them like, “You hoe ass n***a. F**k wrong with you?” We just hollered at him like we just wanted to see what it is, see where we standing.

The entire ordeal between Durk and Game started over Tyga’s “ChiRaq To LA” track. Game used the song to defend Tyga by dissing Durk. According to Durk, a phone call was set-up between he and Game, and they were able to squash the beef.

Lil Durk’s new mixtape Signed To The Streets 2 drops today (July 4).

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Watch Lil Durk’s interview below.



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  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    game gave this nigga shine.when the last time you heard of this nigga being anywhere

    • Reese

      Stfu bitch they step to gayme ass in his own city that would not happen if gayme came tochiraq shoots fire gayme is down fuc boy ucali niggas is soft li tissue foh im from nj we fucs with chi niggas

      • Casor_Greener

        never has someone said so little with so much…think about it….

  • soyhiphop

    They are blessed to have careers (well game at least) and they do all this detrimental shit? Whens the last time you seen two judges or accountants face off in the club? Drop the hood act look what happen to 2pac and other countless example

    • ZUBU

      Bro, lawyers, accountants, judges, other business professionals face off in the country club. Same shiiit just a different location. Durk is a kid essentially so I would compare him to a college frat boy moreso than a business professional. Now we all know frat boys are pretty rowdy, white or black!

      • Sy

        How do you know this…..

      • ZUBU

        Ahh… Bro How do I know this??? OK I’m Black but many of my friends are White, Latino, Asian, etc. I’m well educated hence many of my friends are as well. I’m as comfortable in the boardroom as I am in the hood. Ahh, brotha do you have any more questions???

      • Sy

        I asked “how do you know this”, and your response is that you’re well educated, with friends from different ethnic backgrounds? Really? Are you educated enough to know that you didn’t answer the question? What I asked wasn’t offensive, and I was actually looking forward to you saying something that I didn’t know. So when you ask me ” Ahh, brotha do you have any more questions??? My answer is yes…the first one.

    • therealjjohnson

      Wait a minute. You think Pac died over rap beef? Like in real life you think Puffy and Biggie had Pac killed? You have to in order to use him as an example.

    • Celz

      They just boosted they careers.. The niccas who think this shyt is corny (like me) wasn’t about to buy no Game, G Counyt, Durk, or Tyga records period.. I have a couple game songs in rotation because he raps good. He misrepresents Cali half the time.. Game don’t even get love in the streets like that. Durk would have had an issue if the beef was wit YG on tha real..

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      them professionals you mentioned go head to head big time, and all the time, for example, directing clients to friends and ‘camp’ members, – its just not put in the media – so All the dumbassess like you who only see what you told on tv – try to pass that shit as knowledge you got – but America is 80% no experienced, no knowledge talkers like you – that’s why nobody listens

  • HaterOfTheYear

    good for them..maybe they can drop some actual good music now and quit suckin each other off

  • Papi Peligro

    “We didn’t approach them like, “You h0e ass n***a. F**k wrong with you?” HAHAHAHAHA. Cause you was going to get that LIL Durk Whooped

  • Montezuma1

    Game is in his 30’s. He’s in the club having stand-offs. SMH

    • ZUBU

      I agree Game is too old for that, but Durk approached him from my understanding so Game is forced to address the situation. Not saying Game is right but oftentimes if someone steps to you, you have to handle it if not you will have 10 dudes lining up to step toward you.

      • Montezuma1

        All of that is fine and well but why are they in the same hang out spots? That’s the problem. I see a certain crowd I know I don’t belong so I don’t have to get on their “level.”

      • ZUBU

        I agree with you totally bro, but sometimes them lil’ dudes try to come to adult spots? I try to keep myself out of spots them lil’ dudes frequent, having said that Game is in the rap game so he has a target audience which includes them young brothas. Hence the reason he may be in a spot where Durk is. Also not certain if you have been to LA or not (I was out there1-2 times a month throughout the 90’s early 2000’s) everybody who is somebody in LA be at the celeb spots. I was just an average brotha getting a bit of paper but I had invites/connects to the celeb spots…..

      • Montezuma1

        I feel you. Been to LA often. Not as much as you. Don’t go to the clubs. I’m past that stage and age. Don’t go to the hood. Got no business there. If I did I’d go. It’s all about how you move. I go places based upon an as need basis. When I was young I’d carry heat but then I started asking myself “do you really need to go there?” And 95% times the answer was no. Shit is real and as we age, start families and have children the consequences hurt more than us. Regardless of career choice grown men must move accordingly.

      • Terrance


      • ZUBU

        I feel you brotha, I don’t do the clubs much anymore. I stay away from certain spots. For instance if the club/venue has to metal detect you/ wand your girls’s purse/ have police officers off duty but in uniform in the spot that is generally not the spot for me. Because I know it is very likely that I will have a prob there. So I totally feel you my brotha, glad we were able to discuss our opinions as grown men. Thank you brotha peace..

    • Rico Allworld

      Jim Jones was doing the same shit 5 or 6 years ago.

      • Montezuma1

        Jim is a clown too.

      • $18592567

        this is true

  • regalpimp

    And to think this all started over a bitch.

    • Two_guns_Billy

      So many real niggas died over a no good bitch that aint worth shit…

      • Terrance


    • Celz

      Which one? Tyga or his girl?

      • $18592567


      • Gonja


      • Montezuma1

        I thought it was just me but Tyga looks suspect.

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  • headache84

    That shit was stupid.

  • Executive

    Holding your ground for what?! These niggas ain’t got no fight in them, they’d be running for a gun real quick. Just make your wack ass music and stop trying to play tough guy.

  • Mack

    Say it with your chest!

  • Htwn5440

    Shit was retarded anyway. Game put himself in the beef.

    • I like game music but u right like a mfa

  • Maitreya One

    i’m glad they are not beefing

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    • hoeyuno

      Why is the story always a third party?? My buddys uncle, my roommates sister etc…is that so people cant sue when they invest time in your spam whore ish and find out they won’t make a fraction of your “$19402”!!?? And why would you know the exact amount of your buddys uncles paycheck?? Answer me bitch!!

  • iamKingG

    Tha Koming coming soon…

  • baller187

    DURK would get his ass beat game to big for this little nigga, common man

    • I feel u bruh but I been fighting bigger dudes my whole life so believe me it can happen….some of them big boys aint nutn but brute strength and no wind. Being surgical, having quiks, and plenty wind can help u more than size any day unless of course you were blessed with the glass jaw. Basically size aint shit except for breaking a bitch. I ain’t on no gangsta sht no more but I ain’t ever met a cat bigger than a bullet neither. Although I didn’t listen to the vid it’s good to see they let it go. Expected, but good nonetheless.

      • ll3acdafukup

        Again DMX said it best real niggs against other real niggas most don’t want that headache. cause if you go hard then we will all go hard.
        Besides Chiraq is crazy right now remember how game ran to NY and made a video dissing shyne?.. Let him come there dissing Chiraq niggas and then say he gonna go lay up with a chic it won’t happen he know better.

    • ll3acdafukup

      Game does not want them type of problems with GD’s Durk is not a rapper who turned gang banger he been bout that life. As for Game, I know most bloods will ride with him but not all of em. From cook county to Thunderdome (Pontiac) them GD’s riding with Durk and know this.

      • I always hear people say durk been bout that action on here, i ain’t even tryna be funny but how yall dudes know? B4 u respond know this ain’t a diss, I’m from the midwest myself so I know what it is out here, but how do yall know? I know a few puzzazs cats that lived in my warzone of a neighborhood, no respect getting asz fck boys. You know what I’m saying tho, just cuz u from there don’t mean u been putting in work, or that you bout any kinda action. You might be from there and be getn punked in ya own hood on the daily. So where is the proof Durk bout that action? I’m not being funny I’m just saying. For all I know they let him rep the set while they running his pockets ey night. ….I ain’t even on that type of time no more but all these rap dudes be having them stories mayne…

      • ll3acdafukup

        No disrespect taken bruh and I feel ya, but I can’t sit here and dry snitch on this dude, but I will say he is from Englewood and that don’t have to mean shit to you, but if you ever been to that neighborhood there is no shakin and fakin going on. I have been up and down Hamilton Park bruh from west 73 rd st. to the Dan Ryan theres parts of that town niggas wouldn’t even get out of the car. So no I don’t know the youngin personally, but I do know youngin aint some punk ass bitch made fck boi. But if you really want to know run a background check on him I think they cost 24.99 lol I aint trying to be funny.

      • baller187

        thats what i be sayin

      • bigtokyo40

        Is it me or is it you young dudes don’t know the power of dollor, not knocking lil durk and his connects,but he offing of dudes in his area that he has more money,guns,and people to war for net worth is 8 to 9 million plus he has baby to cosign with him which he’s at over 100 million net worth…im just freaking tired of you young dudes playing dumb,becuase if it was that serious what if game, tyga,and baby put a million each which is 3 million.then will see if how loyal a gd’s will hold him down…smh!

      • ll3acdafukup

        Baby co-sign? lol you really gonna bring up a industry gangsta..SMH and by the way not only do I know the power of a DOLLAR I can spell it also youngin…

      • bigg dogg

        please stop

      • jacksjus

        In the Chi them GDs are about their set only. They aren’t even riding for each other nowadays, so I don’t know about this nationwide unity you’re talking. It’s all about the block.

      • baller187

        i live in LA nigga, game aint gonna back down period, when you look in the video durks little ass is off to the side shook wont even talk to game, that little punk aint gonna do nothin

  • Both of them lame

  • R.E Dykes


  • Top5iveAlive

    Well, it’s the 6th of July…where the tape?

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  • David Storm

    busta ass Chi niggas aint wit putting they hands up talking all that shit Durk got marked out him and his team

  • digitallife

    Will never understand why mofo’s with the greatest opportunities in life are so willing to risk it all away over dumb shh…watched the chiraq videos from vice and these kids are batshhh crazy

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