Hip-Hop Rumors: ANOTHER 90’s Rapper Making A Comeback, But This Is Different!

Remember these guys? You better!

We lost the Mac Daddy a couple years ago, tragically, but the fact is – life goes one. And Daddy Mac aka Chris Smith aka CHRIS H.E.SMITH realizes this. The former child rap star is now back as an artist again. Peepthat a press release says:

Chris H.E. Smith (DaddyMac of Kris Kross) coming back with a solo debut
album this year, has produced and directed video art, “PYSB” (Hip-Rock)
and “HER” released on Youtube. He also has released a single “NOW”
currently available on iTunes and Amazon.Com. Check out the videos and the
new single “NOW” below:

I know its not a rumor, but do you think this dude can make a return to music?

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • danboy1386


  • water_ur_seeds

    That ‘Her’ tune is ok, atleast hes not coming back trying to fit in and sounding like Drake, Wayne, French Montana or YG…

    Saying that rapping a love song about hip hop, with hip hop depicted as a woman is abit played out…

    But still, best of luck to him…

    • Stop-Being-Nosey

      Why is rappin a love song about women played out ?

      • because its been done over and over and over and over again… hence played out. duh

      • Stop-Being-Nosey

        So are u implying that male rappers should rap about smashing men ? Sword fighting and wrestling in the sack ? Is that where you’re going with this ?

      • This nagga said sword fighting, don’t know why that sht made me laugh so hard…oh yea I’m in the clouds…

      • uhhh no im def Not impying that… dumbass. Just dont make a song about hip hop being a female and you rapping to her/about her.. do sumpin else.. like not rap a song to hip bhop likes it alive.. cause that shit is dead!!!

      • Stop-Being-Nosey

        Stop tryin to ride @water coat tail. U know damn well u didn’t mean the same thing he did or else u would’ve clarified that before his response. U already made it clear that you’re a professional peanut butter packer. Checkmate !

      • da fuq u talkin bout, u dumb as rocks son.

      • Stop-Being-Nosey

        Ooooo. Good one Willy Wonka. Somebody cue the laughs. *crickets*

      • ….

      • I ain’t a lovey dovey type dude either but I dont see a problem with a love song to a sweet woman……plus I’m infatuated wit pu$$y, guess that dude u was spitting to don’t get none or either he a hard core guerrilla pimp wit no love 4 tha hoze. I can go either way. Except that one way…had to correct that quik wit out saying no homo, saying no homo is….kinda homo

      • water_ur_seeds

        errrrrrr or maybe you cant read the comment correctly… i wasnt referring to ‘love songs’…

      • water_ur_seeds

        Because the woman is hip hop isnt it??? I only checked a little bit of the tune as Im watching something, my bad if Im wrong… But if he is rapping about hip hop in the form of a woman, its been done 100x before… Most famously I guess by Common…

      • Stop-Being-Nosey

        Ok, I follow u on that.

      • hoeyuno

        I use to love her….

  • I can’t hate on Kiss kross, i used to like them lil dudes….they had their own lil lane and trend. Don’t try to compare us to A little Bad little sad….them and they ABC beef…lmao I ain’t a hater and I wasn’t a Stan but I liked them lil guys. Hope Smitty succeeds….that’s wsup tho, plus he ain’t tryna just fit in.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    No. No. NO!

  • jon dubock

    sounds better than 90% of the wack shit on the radio today….

  • Papi Peligro

    Sorry bra. I know we always get this inkling to be creative and make music. Even white people so get out of here with that. But seriously its over bra. They not letting you jump on nothing at 40.

    • Da Ledgendary

      Not quite 40 yet, fam. Dude like 35

    • Thats the problem with the culture too. How in the hell is the Hip-Hop community suppose to mature when the listeners never want to hear a grown man/woman’s perspective? Can’t be 35 listening to and doing what these teenagers are doing.

      • hoeyuno

        No doubt…rock n rollers sell out stadiums from music they made in the 60s..johny cash made most of his hits in his early 20s but put out a well recieved album at 70..and his early ish was rebel music just like hip hop…..but our elite who spent there lives perfecting there craft are supposed to cash out at 30!!??

  • hoeyuno

    Warm it up kris!!!!

    • BulldogCG

      Im about to!!!!

    • I’m going to bump that track NOW.
      You’ve just reminded me of one of 90’s

  • hoeyuno

    I was in grade 5 when kris kross debuted on in livin color…that shit was dope for a 10 year old!!

  • 1hiphophiphop

    That first song is cool. I can see myself listening to it while on the road or something.

  • BulldogCG

    Okay on the real, I couldn’t listen to ten seconds of that garbage. I got all the respect in the world for what they did, I was in middle school, jumping with everybody else, lol, and if if he get this to pop, more power to him. I can’t listen to it though.

  • Markus

    Another rapper who didn’t prepare for the next phase of life when their career is done. While he was part of a group that spawned a tremendous hit that thanks to the nba is still playing throughout the country, the time to re-enter the industry for him has passed. I only hope that he sees good residual money and Jermaine Dupri didn’t completely rip him off.

  • El TrasheR’ino!

    • hoeyuno

      Yea the second song wouldn’t get a free download from me but at least he can actually play his guitar. …weezy just walked around stage with one with no plans to actually play it.

      • Yeah…but this ‘chet is pitiful, although he is actually good with the guitar, but this is Hip Hop, now if he was trying to be on some ‘ole other ‘chet, then by all means, it’s a good look.



    • El Dogga


  • Lonnie_Kushking

    Try getting radio work behind scenes, producing some young kids, ghost writing, selling cars or waiting on tables.

    When your dude overdosed, he killed your comeback tour money.

  • artcryme99

    Her is cool, nice beat yall quick to dis. the rock one aint my thing but not terrible

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  • soyhiphop

    Not to sound negative..but where was the comeback after you and your partner fell off? You wait damn nearly 23 years to make a comeback and notably after chriss kelly passed..I wish you luck tho stay on your grind

  • Executive

    I played totally crossed out till the tape popped!

  • I’m feeling this track “Her” it sounds different to what other artists are churning out, but I wasn’t keen on the second one, PYSB, I’m sure others may like it though. Too “rockish” for me.

  • WeeddiddouTT


    • scullyson


  • digitallife

    He was on some hippie music shhh for a few years, and then neo music imploded on itself. Gotta pay the bills…

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  • Twonpass

    funny people talking ish about him expressing himself creatively. Cant knock it.. Sounds pretty cool. say what you want its refreshing to hear something other then the usual fodder;

    Gay ass fashion
    bitches and hoes (half you dudes is gay anyway)
    money (most of yall broke and faking it – see French Montana)
    jewelry (rented, fake, knock off or knock it off)
    THOT (really, SMH, are ya’ll that lazy)
    Fags (Self explanatory)
    Chiraq -hahahahahahahahahaha silly rabbits
    (stupidest shit ever, you clowns wouldnt lasted 5 minutes in Iraq, FOH)
    Gangsta (even tho you got on skinny jeans and leopard print – gay as hell…FOH)

    Not a dam thing conscious on the radio or even being made… and wonder why this generation will go down as prolly one of the dumbest of them all…
    The music is a reflection of the society that listens to it. But that will go over quite a few people heads…look around…. This generation is so lost its not even funny…and they dont want to be found…..Go Figure…..good luck with that….

  • YaheardSyndicate

    No one on here can really say too much about Chris or if he wants to make a comeback. Homie was touring with Michael Jackson and going multi platinum before some of the kids on here were even born. He earned the right to pretty much make whatever he wants to make