Flavor Flav Has Over 100 Pounds Of Fireworks Confiscated By Police on 4th of July

(AllHipHop News) What type of 4th of July party would you expect from a man who still wears a huge clock around his neck? This past Friday (July 4th), Flavor Flav had over 100 pounds of fireworks confiscated by Las Vegas police officers.

According to his neighbors of the 7800 block of Via Ventura Court on the south side of the Las Vegas Valley, Flav had multiple pallets of fireworks stacked 4 feet high and Flav claims he set most of them off to avoid police involvement. However, around 8 P.M. police responded to his neighbor’s complaints about the firework display, confiscated over 100 pounds of fireworks and gave two fireworks-related citations.

Flav has been holding firework displays during his annual Fourth of July parties since 2009 and was stopped by police last year when he planned to set off $8,000 worth of fireworks. Finisterre Homeowners Association board member Harold Ewing claims the police suggested the neighbors petition the district attorney’s office to get involved in regulating Flav’s behavior.

Flav stated to Las Vegas Review-Journal that he will move the party to another location next year.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Picture me coolin on the 4th of july, and if you heard we are celebrating thats a world wide lie- Flavor Flav.

    • Markus

      You killed it with that


      Classic line from a classic song!!

    • Triple7_skylakegreat

      Schooled me

    • ZUBU

      The 4th has always been a difficult holiday to celebrate as a Black American. I generally enjoy the day off, but I can’t celebrate the nation’s independence from Britian when those of us here were far from free.

      • Casor_Greener

        What about Christmas?

      • ZUBU

        What about Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc? What is your question? What do you really want to inquire about? Don’t be coy, be direct.

  • Markus

    Don’t see the big deal.

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  • ZUBU

    @MAC1930 or Mac-something………….

    Enslaved in my mind????

    Not at all, I just see nothing logical about celebrating the liberation of a nation that deemed other humans as less than human. If you can’t understand that I’m not certain what to tell you. Do you think Jews have forgotten Nazi Germans? American soliders forgot WWII Japanese, American Vietnam era soliders forgot about the enemy of that era. Heck I know Americans who still dislike the French because they didn’t pull their weight in WWII. A lot of Americans died protecting the French. Do you think American Indians have forgiven the American Govt. for committing genocide against them? Do you think the Irish forgive the Brits, hence the reason the IRA members are considered terrorists?

    Mentally enslaved naw not the least bit, in fact I’m a free thinker. I don’t follow you or your rules.

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