Hip Hop Rumors: Jay-Z And Beyonce Cut All Ties From Ye and Kim?

Ok, so maybe Jay and Ye aren’t as close as they were, but is it because of Yeezy’s choice of who he decided to wife up?

OK! Magazine claims sources are saying that hip-hop’s favorite couple is fed up with having any ties with the newlyweds.

“An insider tells OK! that Jay Z and Beyonce have ceased all contact with pal Kanye West and his bride Kim Kardashian, who had spent the last two years pushing to get closer to the stars.

“When the rappers were on tour, Beyonce was forced to sit with Kim at shows and hang with her after, and she put up with it through gritted teeth,” says the source.

Now the newlyweds have even been spending more time at their New York apartment, just two blocks away from Jay and Beyonce’s home there, in a bid to get North to Bond with Blue Ivy. However, the insider says the superstars are fed up with being associated with the Kardashian brand.

“Bey and Jay feel like they’ve been dragged through the mud with all the drama surrounding their absence at the Kimye wedding,” says the source, adding that Jay has actually been moving away from his former BFF for some time. “Jay made it clear to Kanye that he doesn’t approve of the choices hes making in his personal life and it will end in disaster for his career.””

  • Markus

    Kim is dude’s wife. Not a girlfriend or side chick or even a friend with benefits. They’re married and that shouldn’t be an issue if him and Jay are true friends.

    • TheOnlyCoop

      I agree with you. But I also think part of the issue is Kim trying to force them into her reality TV world.

    • Sha Har

      She’s a whore of the worst kind. It’s like hanging with the neighborhood HOE. You speak but NOT hang out. And her family do not respect privacy. Let Kanye deal with that shit on his own.

    • Wolfperm

      The real issue is that Kim doesn’t just hang out with anyone.. she basically infiltrates legitimate celebrity circles in order to gather private/privileged information with the intent to blackmail.. sell it to the tabloids/gossip sites.. or reveal it on her show. That is how the Kardashians/Jenners move up the food chain.. and Kanye is just a pawn in their web of deception/lies.

      Jay doesn’t owe Kanye ish.. especially his wife’s friendship that would be exploited by Kim and Kris Jenner for E!’s reality tv cameras. Kim is a
      certified w h o r e. I don’t care how much money she has.. she will never be on Beyonce’s level/radar.. NEVER.

  • justmathoughts

    “We dont believe you, you need more people”…. Kanye and Kim were at the on the run tour in philly on saturday…

    • Wolfperm

      Sounds like Jay and Bey may need a restraining order.. Kim and Kanye are officially STALKERS.

      • justmathoughts


    • 5% Hov

      No they weren’t they were in London at wireless festival.

      Lying as mf lol

      • justmathoughts

        shhhhhhhhhh, im trying to start my own “hip hop” site

      • 5% Hov


  • WeakSauce

    Everyone likes to talk about how much love there is for Kim K. and shit. Lets just say this was a regular bitch from the hood. If she was from the hood and a nikka had her as on video doing what we know she can do and have everyone watch her on video, shit would be different. Every nikka and every bitch in the hood would be calling her a straight up hoe. They would not let this shit ride. So why they treating this bish so different? Cuz she got money? Bitch don’t sing, dance, act, play sports! What does she do? Oh yeah, have sex with famous people until she found a sukka that would put a ring on it. Anyway, I don’t blame them two hungry hyenas for not wanting to be a part of the circus!


      “Hungry hyenas” LMAO!!!

    • Sha Har


  • Killuminati

    Who cares.

  • Brindle

    I feel Jay and Bey on this one. Kanye’s a weirdo and Kim is just trash, they’re unpredictable and shouldn’t be allowed kids until they pass some kind of test. I can see it now, poor lil blue ivy at the West’s family home, with him having emotional break downs in one room and kim filming porn in the other

    • WeakSauce

      “with him having emotional break downs in one room and kim filming porn in the other”
      This shit was funny as hell! Kudos!

    • Guest

      dont believe the hype though, i seen kanye and kim with my own two eyes at the jay and beyonce show on saturday

      • Wolfperm

        Stalking.. as usual

    • Sha Har

      Agree. I wouldn’t want Kim anywhere near me or mine. That family is trash.

  • Guest

    I guess no more WTT albums in the near future lol

  • The Legendary Troll

    If thats ya boy then love him right or wrong. should’ve been at his wedding. let him learn from his own mistake and tell him about it afterwards

    • Boss

      True shit no other way to put it real shit my G

    • Dubz

      I feel you…but you know Beyonce wasn’t trying to go to that wedding…and if he want to keep his marriage you don’t show up….tough call. Just looks like he picked his wife over his homie.

  • ZUBU

    IMO…….. fukk Jay, Bey, Ye, Kim… fukk em all…. just my opinion. I will always listen to Jay’s old albums but the rest of the celeb stuff is too much for me. It’s like with sports stars, movie stars, etc. I appreciate whatever talent they have but what they do in private is of no concern to me….

    • Judah Nazayar

      SEE?? I told u./. its only a matter of time b4 this coon shit is played out.
      WHATS GOING ON RAP COONS?? LETS SEE SUM MORE COON SHIT… THROW UP A 666 or sumn..SO we can laff at u niggas for being slaves…

  • El Dogga

    Umm……if this ain’t about a Kayne, Jay or WTT album or Kayne making new beats. IT’S NOT HIP HOP AND SHOULDN’T BE ON HERE!

  • 1SOFLO1

    IN my humble opinion, AHH is reduced to making shit up!! ijs.

    • rocnation30

      I AGREE

    • thisthat

      Ik wil graag een ijsje 😉

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  • Jeromey Rome

    jay z just mad cuz he wanna fuk kim k

    • Jeromey Rome

      she still will get humped on!!

  • Immortal

    Illseed this one’s for you…

    • Frank

      +1 for the pic! lol

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  • Blck46fl

    jay needs ye ye doesn’t need jay especially with that horrible magna carter bs mess..Jay been cheating record sales since Kingdom Come and put def Jam in all that financial crisis. He has to ride ye’s coat tail in order to still be relevant

    • 5% Hov

      Nigga Jay don’t need record sales.

      Jay does not need Ye. especially with that horrible Yesus bs (fake pro black revolutionary rubbish)

      Jay nigga never stands to anyone for too long. (that goes for you too John Meillenly) On to the next one.

      • NoGoBoi

        man u goin at everybody who makes a comment about jay lol, you know he doesn’t have anything invested in you right? let people make their comments and voice their opinion, remember we’re entitled to that lol.

      • 5% Hov

        How do you know? Maybe I just signed for Roc as cleaner.
        Nigga please. Do consider I might actually Just think these thoughts…. no dick riding nesscary.

      • NoGoBoi

        How do I know he has nothing invested in you? Lol, fool if he did you wouldn’t have time to respond to every persons post pertaining to him. Also, your grammar is fucked, so I know you don’t hold a position as a blog responder lol.

      • thisthat

        LOL@ blog responder as a job

      • Judah Nazayar

        its probably jay z himself… lol u know these industry coons is trying to see what the streets is sayin.. the streets is saying..HEBREW ISRAELITE… but theyre NOT allowed to come stand wid us.. BUT NOI..oh yeah..becuz the whiteman created that organization..so u see rap dorks all up in that boolshet.. but that shet is weak. Israelite gods in the building

  • There was always a thing about Beyonce that bothered me..its like she always says the right thing, and never really offends anyone and it comes off as she doesn’t get to say how she truly feels…its cool to keep they’re relationship under wraps etc, but its like her handlers refuse to let her be human…i would love to be around Beyonce (even though i met her and chopped it up with her in the airport once) and just see who she really is, cause she’s from Houston and was alot more fun and Goofy with Destiny’s Child…she may just be putting on that extra mature front for the media…But if she don’t like Kim, i’d Pay To Hear Her Say “I Don’t Want That B*tch Around Me, or My N*gga…or My Baby, Don’t Kiss My Baby H*e!” lol i like Kim though despite how she’s been portrayed by the media.

    • Skappie

      How is Kim being portrayed by the media? As a h*e who became famous after s*cking a d*ck on camera and has a mother that p*mps them? Is there any other deep side to her story that is often misunderstood? FOH. Bey putting on a mature front for the media? So we’re not talking about the half naked vids of a married mother here? The twerking feminist? What are you talking about my dude?

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  • Jared

    On the business dude Jay had never been that guy to want that type of attention and it’s obvious the Ye ain’t been the same for a while musically. It may not be Kim K but that doesn’t help….

  • Judah Nazayar

    these guys are clowns. Especially kanye.. IDK why ppl care more than about jus these rappers music anyways.. its obvious these nikkas are dorks.. anjd if u knew them in real life..Youd be like wait.. “are u serious?”… trust me.. industry ppl are dumb and lame az shet

    • 5% Hov

      Jay a dork??

      Ok bruh…

      • Judah Nazayar

        oh that niggas NOT a DORK??? DID we not see that clown wid a aleister crowley sweater on?? i mean..what kinda coon as shit as shit is that? FOH nigga.. The whiteman puts spotlights on porchmonkeys..and niggas lose their minds. When has worshipping the whyteman..joining his boolshet and worshipping lucifer ever been cool?- fuccin never!! Thats that porch monkey shit.. That why our ppl are leaving this minstrl show..and returnning back to the our heriage..this hebrew israelite movement. No coons..no wack fucc nikkas throwing handsigns and all that cracka shit. Yes, these industry niggas are a bunch of fuccin geeks

  • Black Adam

    Who believes this ish?

  • erikamsheridan

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  • If this is true Jay has a history in these types of situations…just look at Jaz, Dame, or Cam. I bet Kanye wish he would’ve went with Dame right about now

    • Dubz

      Naw bro…no way he making the money he is now with Dame.

    • 5% Hov


      1) its not true. How they know?
      2) He was never bbf with Kanye. or Cam for that matter.

  • Cookie Fox

    The main thing is not Jay and Kanye, its more that Beyonce and Kim are two different styles of women, Beyonce and Kim probably never truly bonded…

  • Linda Blansky

    Kim is pretty. Beyonce is pretty and talented. Kim is a whore. Beyonce is not.

  • Judah Nazayar

    hahahahaa these rap Ninjas are straight LOSERS!!