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Ja Rule Says 50 Cent Claims To Be A Victim, Addresses Slowbucks/50 Cent Feud + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Ja Rule on Hot 97 speaking about feud with 50 Cent ; 2003 on repeat. While promoting his new book, Unruly, Ja Rule spoke on his past feud with 50 Cent, addressed 50’s current beef with Slowbucks and more on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning.

Back in mid-June of this year, 50 Cent claimed to be the victim of false accusations of being a bully, because “All [the public] hears is the shot, they don’t see the person get slapped before it gets to that point.” Ja Rule references 50 Cent’s interview with Power 106 FM’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood back in mid-June

Now when I say in the book, that he insinuated to the FEDS and to the authorities that Murda Inc and whoever had something to do with him being shot, people say ‘Ja’s crazy.’ I’m not crazy. I’m telling you what homeboy did.

Ja Rule later claims to not admire anything about 50 Cent and claims only his debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ was good. While those feelings remain true, Ja did state to understanding 50 Cent’s side in his feud with Slowbucks:

I’m not at all condoning anything that 50 does, because me and him don’t rock like that. But, I understand his plight with [Slowbucks]. With the whole his son…putting his son on Instagram. You don’t play with the kids. When it gets down to the kids, it becomes a different issue. Sh*t happens, it’s Hip-Hop.

Check out the full interview below:

  • Jonathan Bacher

    fk u talmbout ja

  • walkerboy86

    Ryan Cameron on V103 said even he was there and said Ja Rule had a bat the size of the ones you get at the braves games and he didn’t even come close to touching 50.

    “I was here when you punched Ja Rule in the face….then he came out
    like Ja Rule what happened? And he was like Oh Nothing and then he had
    sunglasses on…I was like yeah something happened” – Radio Host

  • Tyfromthechi

    Didn’t 50 take ja rule chain in that same fight

    • orlando jackson

      didnt 50 cent took 9 bullets for that chain?

      • Tyfromthechi

        50 aint get shot over no chain and its not like ja shot 50

      • Word7

        50 aint get shot because of no Ja rule… 50 beef was with real street niggahs on some other shit!!!

      • orlando jackson

        50 got shot cause of the inc fuq is you talking bout …. go listen ghetto qu’ran, he even told the feds to go listen his verse cause his killer is on it …why he didnt say killerz but killer … when all the album was bout murder he got shot rii after it

      • FRUKOH

        he aint dead so how the fruk could his killer be on it?!

      • orlando jackson

        you rich his shooter… why only point the murda crew … the have files about it go on smocking gun

  • The Legendary Troll

    Whats said is people only clicked this article because of 50 cents name. Face it Ja, you will live in his shadow until you finally move past that feud and become your own man.

    • Tyfromthechi

      Yea man 50 still own this nigga

  • i can’t even take him serious smh. the whole way he telling this story lol. how come chaz never said brought this up?

  • jah is lien my people was right there chaz will clear the air real soon

  • Dreday410

    The things fake people do ………Now when Ja Rule first got out of jail he was giving 50 cent shout outs on Hot 97 and breakfast club say it was 10 years ago we grown now

    Now its time to sale a book he want to talk about it like he was the gangsta in the whole thing when his chain is in the video (Life on the Line) after the fight but you won…SCREAM MURDA, I DONT BELIEVE YOU

    • EL_BARK

      Yo talking bout the chain 50 returned???
      Once confronted???

  • Markus

    All this talking dude is doing to push books to the public. He knows that he can’t count on the strength of Ja Rule himself to be interesting so he has to relive the past battles he had and lost.

  • John

    50 will never forgive the beef cuz he really isn’t a forgiving person. Ja on the other hand claims to spiritual as I interviewed him for my job and he claims he found God in jail. He should forgive and move on. This seems childish and he’ll never beat 50 at his own game. Just gonna dig himself a deeper hold.

  • Ja rule is real 50 cent is fake. Facts!

    • soyhiphop

      U must not be from nyc ja is not no hood dude..50 is bubu from southside real ganster

      • orlando jackson

        im from nyc and bubu wasnt no hard nikka idk maybe you from up state

      • im from southside sutphin blvd and it is well known in my hood from back then 50 boo boo did get it in in the streets and it is facts ja was a witness knockin on doors he use to sing in the school band in john adams high and his who atl story is a lie

  • tyraydiggin

    Ja beat that nicca wit a bat

  • tyraydiggin

    Hste it or love it 50 is a pranksta but I respect his craft

  • tyraydiggin


  • soyhiphop

    50 was around godfather and them real southside killers he was around red and them sincere and them all these dangerous Ass niccas who vouch for 50 even when smurf was beefing with curtis he admitted 50 had the whole strip selling drugs for him and that he was feared…ja has no history he was a jahovas witness who started hanging with mic Geronimo irv gotti and other jamaica and hollis dudes..hes not a bust your gun type dude..the people around him made him. Comfortable enough to portray that thug shit..supreme and them

    • orlando jackson

      you wasnt there … we need more to believe you … fifty was a groupie

      • tra mo

        We dnt believe u either just for the record I seen videos where bang em, chaz, bimmy, etc cosign 50

      • orlando jackson

        so why 50 asked for protection if he was so gangsta??? smoking gun still has the files

      • Wholetime

        Bang em smurf hates fifty but even when he was beefing with fif and talking shit about the nigga he said that it was not fif who got that order of protection. He also said that fif was not a bitch ass nigga and that he does get busy. He said he aint respect how fif left him behind when he blew up and shit like that but he always said “i cant lie he was knocking niggaz out and had the whole block working for him”. even game at one point said ‘ i call him a bitch ass nigga cause he do bitch ass nigga shit but he not a bitch he will shoot and stab and fight so dont just run up on the nigga cause i said he a bitch”.

      • EL_BARK

        in regards to ur comment….
        about 50 & preme…. no 50 didnt say suck his dikc …..
        preme got involved & chump him when he told 50 to return the chain in exchange for the watch that got tooken in the scufgle in atl…. he did say fuk preme, he undestimated preme thinking oreme was a wash up has been gangster and since he wasnt from preme era. he was mislead by others or whom ever for thinking preme wasnt dangerous when by all accounts, he was preme. preme even said in an interview it bother him when 50 name drop him in ghetto quran, not because he said his name. but he insinuated preme was as dangerous as people thought he was and refering to his nephew as the one to be feared. in short 50 got out of line. he was warned….
        after he didnt take heed to the warning. he got checked….. nothing gangsta about that…
        no beef, no going to war, no getting even with niggaz no nothing…

        no one has ever been touch for that shooting on 50 orders…. to my knowledge.
        i dont understand whats gangsta about that….

      • soyhiphop

        How you know i wasn’t there tho? Listen I was more than there because god bless the dead red was my step brother..I ain’t gonna lie to you and tell you I knew 50 I was just a skinny 14 year old then but I can vouch without snitching that bubu gets busy like he said in his song..cause dude did that he did clap shit up and left jaws wired heads stomped out..he was a menacing fat nigga

      • orlando jackson

        he was no menace he got shot and beat up right after taking the chain …. you never seen nobody robbing ppl that are on the top? specially if you are menacin

    • EL_BARK

      Everybody in southside at one point had everybody selling for them…..
      He was in the streets but he wasnt what he portrays himself as….

      • EL_BARK

        And if he was as feared as u are attempting to lead people to beilieve.
        Muder inc and associates didnt get the memo.
        Preme was feared
        50 might had been respected big differernce

      • soyhiphop

        50 had another big king pin on his side tho…50 ran with a crew of killers this is shit I seen in 1997 when he was just bubu from 134th most of his entourage is them same grimey south side goons sincere Bryan jamaican joey donovan same dudes you see behind him..not them unit niccas only unit nicca from the hood was benard aka tony yayo banks is yayos people

  • Dhz30

    this ebro dude seems disingenuous

  • SOHO

    Jeffery you are way too old for the foolery and to be lying. In Atlanta back in 2000 you and 50 were face to face. You were really emotional yelling and screaming then 50 punched you and took your chain. He was walking around Queens shooting videos with it on. Your ego was hurt but you wanted it back so through a mutual friend you gave him a expensive watch in exchange for the chain. Soon after that you and 50 were in the same studio building so you and many of your friends jumped 50, Yayo and 50’s DJ because you didn’t want what happened the first time to happen again!

  • Christopher

    Poor Ja Rule, while 50 is off dropping new music, making albums, shooting music videos and movies, making new business deals, writing books, making TV shows and is on the Forbes list every single year Ja is off writing tell all books like Superhead did years ago talking about old altercations from 14 years ago.

    • Clondyke Classic

      What’s wrong with that?

    • Greg Gorham

      Rule is also making movies and working on another album.

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  • Clondyke Classic

    Aint nothin wrong with Rule tellin his story. At least he not goin around lyin

  • AMIR

    Now when I say in the book, that he insinuated to the FEDS and to the authorities that Murda Inc and whoever had something to do with him being shot, people say ‘Ja’s crazy.’ I’m not crazy. I’m telling you what homeboy did.
    Snitch ass 50 cent lol