Hip Hop Rumors: Fan Questions Mya About Hov in the House of God!

Sometimes people do a little too much to try to get the answers they want…

A few days back Mya chose to address rumors of her alleged affair with Jay-Z, and she shot all of them down. Most people wondered why she even said anything, but NY Daily News reported that she had a very good damn reason to do so.

“Mya broke her silence this week and forcefully denied a long-term affair with Jay Z after the rumor turned to death threats, her manager told the Daily News on Friday.

“Someone walked up and asked her about it while she was accepting an award at a church,” her manager, Mike Killmon, told The News.

“At first it was just ridiculous, but then some die-hard fans start making threats.

She really couldn’t care less about the rumors, but she wanted to set the record straight when the after-effects started to become troublesome.”

Really though? You gonna approach somebody about a rumor like that in church? SMDH.


42 Responses to “Hip Hop Rumors: Fan Questions Mya About Hov in the House of God!”

  1. Jake Zero

    I need to taste her anal rectum. Just a taste. Then possibly slide my fingers through her moist emerald cave, then place my warm muscle inside of her. Upon pulling out, run my tongue around her anal rectum again. Just gently mind you.

  2. ZUBU

    Dang if Bey is not publically questioning Mya why are others in their biz. As if she really gonna tell someone if she was the side chick for many moons…..

  3. Markus

    Who would feel a way about who was sleeping with who if you weren’t directly affected? Celebrities I like cheat every other day and it doesn’t make or break my mood. People are wild.

  4. meanygreene

    you mean to tell me someone asked her about that, and not about if she has an album, reality show, anything, coming out? and of all places a church? really?

    • brotha_man

      being raised in a southern baptist church, thats where the most gossip was told.

      Did you hear about sister betty and deacon earl?

      • RightOn

        Buhahahahahahaha brotha_man u just had me dying with that one.

  5. Immortal

    Jay just admit you hit it…..she is a sexual upgrade. Bey slipped after pulling a Jlo and loosing all that GOOD weight

    • ILL Will

      Boy u must ain’t seen her lately, she done got hell a thick and sexy. Dime for real now, hips and thighs and booootay. Plus she got pretty hair….New mya killing old mya by miles…

      • Killuminati

        I’d love to see your girl if you think she is average

      • Weedras

        dudes like him are the reason we got all the weave head, fake ass, fake tits, bleached skinned, overly tattooed, chicken heads running around… smh

      • ILL Will

        Bruh she ain’t even got no tits so which mya u tombout? How she average? Real hair, real body, real cake and can sing. You sound like a sucka ….who u like then? Quit being vaginal on every post.

      • 5% Hov

        Mya always been average. FOH Wit ya Mya fan club having ass

      • ILL Will

        Mya fan club? Nigga please, wasn’t nobody thinkn bout mya til this article popped up. Then I thought, oh yea a a a that bitch was fine. I kept it real, u said she had fake knockaz…..I just corrected ur dumbass that’s all…

      • 5% Hov

        Nigga she was flat chested her whole life… she cleary has had work…. anyway I dont care

      • RightOn

        Pretty hair? You’re just one brainwashed negro ain’t you. WTF is a pretty hair? And your mama got what? Ugly hair? Sigh!

      • ILL Will

        Oh I’m sorry I meant fine hair….bitch u know what i meant…I like my women hair to be real u prolly a bald head hizznnl huh? Yea I said hiznnl, You must be one of them hose wit the cassie haircut, or u may be one them hose wit the lace front, or u might be one of dem hose with the fake ass long ponytail, or u might be one dem hose wit the updo, or YOU might be one dem hose wit tha slick back wrap…sorry if I want my broad to have good hair ho, u know what i meant, i done pulled out plenty tracks I just ain’t wit u fake hose nomo…

      • Immortal

        Nah I’ve seen her pics lately but when I was getting the pics for this, there were no really good ones for her other than these two. But I know what you’re talking about

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  7. Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Hahahahhahaa, yeah. Starting rumors and perpetuating bullshit. Who would do something like that?

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