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Peter Rosenberg Apologizes To Chuck D (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Many people in the Hip Hop community including Dame Dash, Combat Jack, and Jay Electronica called out Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg publicly after the radio personality accused Public Enemy’s Chuck D of being an internet troll and not contributing to the culture in recent years. Rosenberg has now used his “The Realness” segment to apologize to the legendary emcee/activist.

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The “Ebro In The Morning” co-host began his mea culpa by mentioning going to see Do The Right Thing as a child and hearing the P.E. song “Fight The Power.”

Rosenberg said in part:

That wasn’t the first time I heard Public Enemy, but that was the first time Chuck D’s voice truly affected me. So to think that 25 years later I would have a voice in this culture that some people would actually listen to a little bit is truly a blessing. Something I’m very thankful for. To have used that voice in any way to show what was perceived as public disrespect to the great Chuck D is something that I am truly regretful for.

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Watch Peter Rosenberg’s “The Realness” below.

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  • Guest

    True hip-hop forgives.

  • The Legendary Troll

    But he wasnt lying though. what has Chuck D done recently???


      Whatcha want him to do, Bust a freestyle. Smh, your avi says it all.

    • Plenty!

  • Markus

    Dude finally came around and did the right thing. You never disrespect the pioneers.

  • El Dogga

    And Rosenberg’s opinion means?????……..I’ll wait for it….

  • MannyStylz

    rosenberg musta read jay-electronica’s tweet..

  • vandyll

    I thought he should apologize. I didn’t actually think he would though. Must of been a lot pressure coming down on him. Chuck D doesn’t have to do anything to stay relevant, because everything he spoke about in the 80’s n 90’s is still happening. All those jewels he dropped are still relevant 20 years later. Most don’t know but he was in the radio for a while as a host on a left wing talk show. He was discussing politics each n everyday from a black perspective on white radio no less. Just because you haven’t heard him on your hip hop stations didn’t mean he wasn’t relevant or active. He was moving at a level beyond your scope of vision. #respect

  • He did what he had to do. Now move on. Play that music you’ve been talking about.
    That revolutionary music. Waiting to hear some Dead Prez, Immortal Technique and
    to round it up. Add some of Greydon Square’s music. You guys need to stop being
    corrupt wh**es to the music industry. Just the same 5 songs because some manager
    cut a check. That ain’t Hip-Hop. If Hot 97 wants to stay relevant they need to bring
    back the real “Where Hip-Hop Lives” motto. It worked in the 90s so why are you
    guys scared to go back to the roots?

  • Kevin Anthony

    P.E. was that work though. Terminator X!!! Now..If we want change in Hip Hop..we gotta stop talking about the problem an start being a part of the solution. Support these artists who make Hip Hop from the heart for the love..not for the paycheck. Because of Payola and other politics..a lot of us will never get an opportunity to shine as far as the mainstream goes..unless we create our own lane as Indies..and hope the fans show up to support. But, You, me, we have the power not “Them” once we realize that, change occurs. Everything you see ain’t SPAM. Soundcloud Kevin Anthony

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  • Ok, cuz Hot 97 was done otherwise!

  • Slaughtr

    I thought so Peter!

  • diggdoug

    not buying it . we live by the rule , say what you mean ,mean what you say . stand by your words . now you wanna hug the mic ( i.e. the pic ^^^) and you sooo sorry !

    #dont believe the hype – p.e.

  • Black Adam

    Dont even want to hear from this clown.

  • So first Chuck D is a troll and now he’s the reason u listen to hip hop, I say we pull his hip hop card, somebody trend that #BergAintHiphop

  • Shalove2

    Why are these NYC jews sucking at the teat of Hip Hop?

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