Dame Dash

Dame Dash Talks Weed Legalization, The Devil, & DMX (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Dame Dash spoke with Redman recently for Hip Hop Motivation, and the two industry veterans discussed several topics including the legalization of marijuana, how the devil works, and working with DMX.

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Watch Dame Dash and Redman’s conversation in the video below.


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  • Killuminati

    Why is it always the peeps who have the least amount of influence in the game are ones who think they know the most?

    • Freezamon

      Depends on the game and pedigree. Dame is Vested and got jewels of knowledge.

      • Killuminati

        Lately it seems he’s just complaining about others who getting money….put that knowledge to good use and get paid and quit griping about others getting money…he’s looking thirsty lately

      • Butch Magnus Milosevic

        Do you listen to him speak or do you just read the headlines and prejudge?

      • Killuminati

        FYI I did the past few times they had interviews and it is just the same shit recycled….he’s mad he is irrelevant now and that’s that

      • Butch Magnus Milosevic

        If you’ve watched all his recent videos and commented… If he’s irrelevant wtf that make you?

      • Killuminati

        Sorry man I didn’t know you had a thing for mr dash

      • Freezamon

        Dude he’s now exposing those who been ripping off the culture without giving back. He’s been on this since day one. That’s why he was “black balled” in that industry because he would not conform to the Jew’s way of enslavement of black businessmen as they do.

  • Black Adam

    Havent heard the interview yet but Red is that Negra! Def checking this one out.

  • pauleyPee

    Dame Dash is on point right here, to a degree. I agree about his argument on marijuan-legalization politics. I totally disagree with his critique of “shadow strategy”… It’s a more sustainable approach to interpersonal problem solving for some. If a person has clout, being out front is sustainable… Not true for an independent agent.

  • Quintin Williams

    Is Dame wearing the same outfits that he wore in his old interview?

  • GP

    this niccka dame looks like a fat spike lee. my man got on a Hawaii 5-0 hat, with some check cashing window glasses. dame you the truth brah. is he serious in this interview or does that red pac got him talking sideways

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  • Markus

    I know there are millions of people who look forward to the day that weed is made legal. It won’t be a day to celebrate especially in the African American community.

    • Bulli$hPride

      Yes it will, just have to learn to conduct a legal business.

      • Markus

        The last part of your comment is just one of the reasons why legalization of weed would be a disaster. Those who sell it will be like deer in car headlights. Completely dumbfounded as to what to do with themselves. They’re dealers so how smart are they? Violence will rise and arrests will rise especially if they give weed that only if it’s medicinal tag. Once America has a stake in it and taxes it the party’s over for a lot of people before the first freedom puff.

      • Bulli$hPride

        When Floyd gets overwhelmed or caught with a hay-maker he adjust. We can’t afford to stay stagnate. I think there were 84 homicides in like 4 days in Chicago this weekend alone.
        The problem is most dealers aren’t hustler’s, they forgot to learn how to wash the money once/if they got it.
        I imagine we will be faced with the choice of learning to backstroke or drowning.
        The strong don’t survive, those who learn to adapt do !

      • Bulli$hPride

        One thing I came to realize is that if I don’t focus my energy towards my own progression I’m gonna fall hard out here. I can’t let that happen to me but I know everybody ain’t gon’ make it.
        If you push one day your going to look around and those numbers you used to call will be out of service. Time is not ruled by emotion but can be navigated with discipline.
        I’m on some create your own reality shit
        I’m done “keepin’ it real” I’m comin’ up with some wild shit from here on out. I suggest you do the same.

  • Bryan Strive Bradley

    i bet if you kick it with dame for a few days, you will soak up some good game. smart brother!!! google my name “whoisstrive”

  • Bulli$hPride

    I would watch hours of this.

  • ZUBU

    Dame is that brotha, it was a good convo. Brotha was dropping some facts.
    I know folks clown on Dame cause he has had some money issues, and he was not the nicest guy to work with. One thing is that Dame know how to get money so he will get it again, much like Donald Trump who has been relatively broke more than once, and he is not nice to work with as well. For some of yall who don’t know Will Smith went bankrupt early in his career, now Will papered up. Not everyone can get money, but once you learn how to get paper you can get it again. I got brothas that I have known for years who I love like fam who just don’t know how to get money, you can even position them to get money but they can never maintain it. I’m not certain if it is nurture or nature; if you’re born with the talent or you learn it, but some people have and some don’t.
    I have had ups and downs in this money game, but everytime I’ve been down I know i can get it again. I have that faith and confidence in myself, it just takes time and dilligence/determined effort.

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