Common: I Haven't Seen Racist Justin Beiber Tapes, But He's Not A Racist

(AllHipHop News) Add the C-O-double M-O-N to the list of African American entertainers defending Justin Bieber against racist allegations. A month after Mack Maine claimed Justin Bieber had “legitimately adopted the Hip Hop culture”,

Back in June, a video tape surfaced of Justin Bieber singing “one less lonely nig*er” at the age of 14. During an interview with VladTV, Common admits to not seeing the tape itself but deduces from Bieber’s recent activity that he 20 year old singer is not a racist:

He surrounds himself with black people. So, I don’t think it was something that—To be honest I never even seen the tapes, but I got the feedback of it. But I don’t think it’s something that he was saying wholeheartedly to demean a black person.

Common later reasons that Bieber, who was born and raised in Canada, “must have been raised in a place where he just didn’t know” about the implications of those types of remarks. Common also takes the time to reiterate the message of his longtime collaborator Kanye West’s 2004 lyric “racism still alive, they just be concealing it”:

We got so many other problems in America, racism is not at the forefront. We feel like ‘Oh, we have a Black president. Oh, we see successful people out there that are African American and Black. We doing multicultural movies, so racism [doesn’t exist]. But it still does exists. It’s just under the table. One thing I liked about during time is that it was just out there and put on the table. I rather it just be put on the table, because that’s the way you get to the solution.

Check out Common discuss racism, Justin Bieber’s tapes and more with VladTV here.

  • The tapes are out there where he clearly shows no compassion for black people… talking about murdering black people and kkk in the same breath is enough for me to question how he really feels about black people.. So how can u not put him in a racist category? They say he hangs around a lot of black people… I don’t know how that excuse him from being racist… it’s obvious hanging around black people and stealing there culture is very profitable for young whites…. he put that video out to let them know he’s still bating for the rite team

  • jd

    Watch the tape, Com.

    • El Dogga

      Right! You shouldn’t speak on stuff you don’t know the details on…..

  • MrNoName2K

    True.. I agree with Common. I don’t think he is a racist, just another lil rich boy that got too comfortable making noise who don’t know no better.. on the flipside though, someone in his circle need to collar him up one good time and let him know sh*ts real in the field and he can definitely get touched up.. they’re the ones who’s failing

    • Casor_Greener

      yeah he is just another stupid punk kid doing ignorant isht. much like our youth

      • brotha_man

        kinda funny how j. b can say racist things and america thinks its funny or cute. but if he was a black man shit would be all over cnn, fox, and Oprah!!

      • Casor_Greener

        and I’d be defending him too. When Bieber he did it, it was all over fox news and tmz but when black folks didnt make a big deal about it, they let it go.

        jay-z and other rappers make reference to white folks and crackers all the time but you don’t see them blasted on tv because everyone knows the context. every now and then people handle things like adults…

      • brotha_man

        i guess im a child. if he said kkk ish around me he would get dropped. but I suppose thats the effects from dealing with racism in my youth.

        but I hear you

      • ZUBU

        Word… Anyone who knows me, knows that there are certain things you can never say around me. You may harbor those thoughts but you better not express them around me.

      • Immortal

        Fox would have his A$$, lynchmob at the ready

  • >> In Rosenburg’s voice ” TROLL!”

  • ZUBU

    Not in agreement with Com on this. Heck I have met white chicks that love black men but some of them sluts are still racist. Just because you hang around blacks does not mean you like us.
    Lil’ boy need to be chin checked by one of his boys, but in my opinion all his boys are just along for the ride. So they will let him do whatever as long as they still live off of him. Now when he grows out of this stage and goes back to hanging around white folks, and no longer feeding brothas we will hear what some of them brothas really think about him. Some people have no pride, will sell their souls for peanuts.

  • Twonpass

    one day when the shit falls off the fan and lands in your lap, it will be clear as daylight….

  • Eric Stewart

    According to his theory the koreans and arabs that set up stores in the hood cant be racist either cause they surrounded by black folks all day

  • Sean Taylor


    Him saying he lived in Canada is a cop out.
    And if this wasn’t Justin Beiber the money maker people wouldn’t be giving him a pass.

  • DJ

    Talking about killing black people and joining the KKK(a organization that’s responsible for the deaths of thousands of African Americans) is not racist?Gtfoh

  • brotha_man

    My respect for Common is starting to plummet

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  • Art Roy III

    Hollywood got my G…shit is disgusting…

  • Markus

    I think that Common should check the videos out for himself. There’s a new vibe out here especially if you check sites like Vine and Instagram where white people are not only using the n word but the African Americans in these videos use the word and refer to the white people as n words. The pioneers of the struggle of African Americans did not intend for the adoption and use of one of the derogatory words of the English language. The younger generation have not only embraced ignorance but thanks to social media cooning and buffoonery are being transmitted all over the world. Completely disgraceful.

  • HatingWhitePeopleSince85

    These Niggas nowadays are nothing more then PROGRAMED SLAVES!!! And will say ANYTHING to defend they White Daddy! How do you defend somebody YET you haven’t even heard what he said?? O_o … Lol. Man i swear these 2014 Niggas are straight clowns!! NO BLACK PRIDE IN THEM AT ALL!!! WON’T STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR NOTHING!!! … SO DEAR 2PAC: IF YOU EVER READ THIS… WE NEED YOU ASAP!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What is 2pac going to Change?

      He worked for Interscope
      made Jimmy Iovine super rich,
      by dissing other black people
      and starting beefs.
      He was a posterboy for the
      stereotypes about black males.
      For every positive song he made
      he came with 3 destructive songs
      that even had videos.

      • LD51

        Wamp Wamp

  • Dan_Tebasco

    If he couldn’t take 1 and a half minutes to actually watch the clips who cares what he thinks about the issue?

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  • wshh administration

    If u ain’t seen the tape u shouldn’t comment

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