L.A. Bloods Set Reportedly Co-Signs Chris Brown

(AllHipHop News) Last week Chris Brown was caught apparently throwing up gang signs at a club in Los Angeles. Reports later connected Brown’s hand motions to Compton’s Fruit Town Piru Bloods set.

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TMZ reportedly spoke with Piru members to get more information about the R&B singer’s association with the gang. While the site reports Brown has not been officially initiated, he has been accepted as an affiliate.

The connection between the Bloods and Brown is not because the “Loyal” performer supports or takes part any in criminal or gang related activity. It is his charitable work and community support that the set appreciates.

According to TMZ, Brown gets the Fruit Town co-sign because:

– He’s hired several of them to work for him … giving their Compton community an economic boost
– Chris comes to the hood and hangs out with them
– He shot a music video in the neighborhood … and even included some of them in the vid
– He donated a thousand pairs of new shoes to Compton kids

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  • Twonpass

    Not a bad way to be affiliated.
    Give back….

    • the real way to give back. not the no fly zone way lol

      • Twonpass

        hahahahaha, Right

  • Dadon850

    “TMZ reportedly spoke to Piru members”…….lol..These new n!ggas will do anything for fame. Now TMZ is going to Compton interviewing Blood members asking them about Chris Brown. Why don’t they just have a damn reality show or something,

    • Casor_Greener

      This whole Chris Brown fiasco is getting cornier by the second. Some Fruit town dudes co-signing him…Can’t tell me I’m the only one who sees the humor in that headline….

      • Not as much as in your comment though!

  • RichFromBX

    okay, so the group that plays a major role in destroying communities (drugs, guns, prostitution) is supporting someone based on their community service…that’s ironic

    • Weedras

      Serious Irony!! lol!!

  • Executive

    Meanwhile most rappers bitch asses get extorted, beatdown and stripped of their jewelry.

  • scullyson

    I smell BS..

    • King Cold

      Same here bruh i cant even picture tmz in compton askin questions because my fam from there and cameras will get you blasted on site

      • scullyson


      • Hahahahahaa!

        True Dat!

  • atlantahiphopshop

    It would be real cool if we weren’t divided into gangs that killed each other for the block they grew up on though, or the color they wear. WTF Fighting over the Governments actual Street? It’s not really your block. We need to acknowledge and get down to the root of what these gangs really stand for, I don’t really get it anymore. Hate to say it was different in the old days, but it was. What are they defending/fighting for now? I know why Mexico still has Gangs but the United States?

    • TruthTalk

      There’s gangs due to the breakdown of the family structure. Today they don’t fight for anything worth fighting for nor are they organzied

  • hustle

    so basically what they are saying is he pays to associate with the bloods probably because red is his favorite color

    • tra mo

      Well initially that’s what the gangs use to do what Chris Brown is doing. Before the drug epidemic

      • Back when the Dems & repubs were represented in the red & blue corners of the boxing ring…#IJS

  • Megapsycho84

    Lmao @”Giving their community a economic boost” I nearly died laughing when I seen this quote.

    • TrafficKing

      you not lying brah. I laughed so hard I almost ovulated and im a man. No Homo. but come one they could left this reason out, they just opened up a fed investigation.

      • $36424596

        Why would you say that??

    • foshow38

      More like the weed man is getting a economic boost!

  • Megapsycho84

    And then bishop say’s: “What in the hell are these kids smoking on these days to come up with some dumb shit like that?”

  • Johnny Boy

    At least he gets co-signed, unlike other rappers…lol.

  • Jared

    Wowww…I never heard of any LA set even accepting any rapper lmao

  • Markus

    Giving back is cool. Nothing wrong with that. But if the people you try to help stay stuck in the same gang situation, as an entertainer you have to distance yourself from that. And if you’re presenting yourself as a gang member how are you influencing the people around you to make changes?

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  • Brindle

    So help me understand, because being from LA I do sometimes laugh at our ignorance… Aiight, let me know if I got this right, he gives back to the community by promoting the local gang that rips apart the community… 1000 pair of shoes for 6000+ kids was better than books which would’ve cost less… “he hired several” and that gave the whole community a boost? Nikkas?

    • Poseidon

      Lmao @ the skewed logic they use to justify him glorifying the set……

      Also, hiring gangbangers to beef up your entourage and keep you insulated from the chain snatchers is “giving the community an economic boost”?

  • #Friendly Extortion

    • Brindle


    • foshow38

      Paid protection

  • MrNoName2K

    CB is a wuss

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  • ZUBU

    I know Damus, Pirus, Bloods, who would not even think about letting Chris claim their set. They don’t want no bustas reppin the set. You either born in, or put on.

  • RobJMars

    Same goes for Wayne and Baby.

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