Bang Em Smurf: G-Unit Had To Reunite Because 50 Cent Burned Too Many Bridges

(AllHipHop News) Former G-Unit associate Bang Em Smurf is not buying the reconciliation between 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck. The Queens native claims it’s only a reunion of necessity, because the parties involved had no choice financially.

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“At the end of the day they money getting low, so they had no choice but to run back to 50. Because 50 got them in contracts, and he won’t let them out,” said Smurf. “Remember at the end of the day, the industry don’t f**k with 50 and these n***as no more.”

Smurf then points out that a lot of the relevant rap stars in the game now like French Montana, Rick Ross, and Diddy are not going to work with G-Unit, because they all had issues with 50. As a result, the acts still signed to G-Unit are essentially blackballed in the industry.

50 Cent’s low first week sales for Animal Ambition were a point of discussion for Smurf as well. He believes the fact the independent album only sold around 47,000 copies in its opening week is proof the Unit is over as a marketable brand.

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“[The reunion] ain’t gonna work. It ain’t gonna last. It ain’t gonna get no money. Cause they ain’t selling no more units,” Smurf claimed. “50’s Animal Ambition just dropped some weeks ago, and he flopped. Once he flops, then G-Unit is gonna flop even extra hard.”

Smurf then goes on to say that Banks is a “lazy kid” and not a “hustler.” He also states 50’s decision to steal the hook for the mega-hit “In Da Club” from Banks hurt the younger rapper financially, and Yayo was upset with 50 because the G-Unit leader refused to help save Yayo’s house from foreclosure.

According to Smurf, these situations have caused friction between the G-Unit members.

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Listen to Bang Em Smurf’s interview with Mikey T The Movie Star below.

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71 Responses to “Bang Em Smurf: G-Unit Had To Reunite Because 50 Cent Burned Too Many Bridges”

  1. Joseph Thomas

    i don’t think he’s hating….i think he’s speaking the truth….banks and yayo weren’t doing anything or making any money outside of fif…..and fif knew it thats why he was talking crazy bout them….cause he knew they couldn’t go anywhere…i do applaud him for bringing buck back…i thought he was never gonna mention bucks name again

  2. Markus

    Rap is a young man’s game outside of Jay-Z. All the vets have been pushed aside because the average listener enjoys ratchet music and for those 40 year olds to do it is unwanted by the new rap audience. 50 and G-Unit should try performing on some cruises or something.

    • Ipullcards

      Puff still around, Ross been rapping since 96 I think? Wayne’s been rapping since he was 10 no jokes, Dj drama the reason young thugs even discovered, dre just hit a billion, worked on Kendrick’s album, TI has top 5 singles right now. Jezzy has hov all on his new album. Get what u saying but dig what I’m saying. It ain’t about young or old, it’s about musical relevancy

      • Pope Chuck Paul

        also who you’re standing next to. some of these cats run to the hottest dude so they can be hot. kendrick mentioned that on control. 50 isnt the type to to do that. he can afford to not go platinum and not owe anyone. other artists dont have that luxury.

      • Nyga07

        everything to do with who you stand next to… that’s why the older dudes who are still doing something are in the game. jay and puff basically have strong hold on the east and make all relevant artist go thru them. This is the main reason 50,jay and puff don’t rock…same reason jay held that remix to get money until after the first week. puff and jay are smart and know that if he gets too much shine it will threaten the position they have and 50 is uncontrollable, its just like hustling in the street, he is the rico of paid in full, and you don’t let him get the connect!!!!. Same reason the south are ahead and smart, they do the white ppl thing and say lets just all rock together for sake of business and get money( i mean no disrespect at all by this i think its genius). 50 simply is not with the bs and sucking up so it does hurt him in music.

      • Pope Chuck Paul

        Bingo. Jay is a hustler, puff is a pimp and 50 is gangster. a combination of other things that like you said makes him uncontrollable. plus he has his own money to do what he wants so really doesnt need anyone else to lean on.

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      I’m not coming at you, but once people get older become parents are they supposed to stop listening? Rap for older cats is a lane that should be explored.

      • Markus

        What i meant was the listener rejects the older rapper. If hip hop is in you, you carry it with you throughout your life. An older rapper will probably not speak to today’s listener the same as someone their age. Ignorant rap sells now and a middle aged dude is not where the kids want it from.

      • Runner

        I think there are 2 lucrative lanes, the young lane, and the 40 plus lane that still love hiphop but don’t want to listen to the young stuff.

    • Evil Troll Coon

      Nah,50 just trash. Wayne Em Nas Ice Cube & Pusha T outsold 50. It’s not anyone game. It’s about making music ppl wanna hear. I can’t name a 50 song outside of the Massachusetts lol

      • Markus

        Those are a few compared to thousands whether they are studio or unsigned.

      • Jonathan Bacher

        That wasnt the argument tho. And who knows how the division in signed/unsigned is. I dont know m all do you ?

        And there are plenty stars in rap pushing 40 or 40+. Snoop, Busta, Nas, Birdman, Andre3000, BigBoi, Qtip, WuTang, Ross, 50, Diddy, Jeezy, 2Chainz, Ice Cube.

        Shit even Ice T making a comeback with Body Count recently.

        So youre wrong.

      • Markus

        Okay from the group of rappers you mentioned here only snoop,2chainz, Ross and maybe jeezy are popular right now. Every other rapper you mentioned are either trying to be relevant or have moved on to some other facet of the industry. Let’s save everybody the suspense and say that Ice-T isn’t going to do good business with a rap rock record. My point was just because you can at 40 doesn’t mean you should.

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Bro, these youngsters are NOT more popular than Jeezy, 50, 2Chainz or Nas. Theyre NOT more popular than the ones you don’t even think are worth mentioning lol.

        Rich Homie Quan will never outsell Nas or even Jeezy or 50.
        Future is one of the hottest “youngsters” and he only sold 6k more in the first week than 50’s Animal Ambition WHILE BEING ON A MAJOR.

        You think they ever heard of a Young Thug, RHQ or Travis Scott in Europe or Asia ?

      • Markus

        Drake is not more popular right now then all those dudes? Or Meek Mill, French Montana or Kendrick? These guys outsell those guys. I didn’t even go pop with the macklemores or iggy azeleas who outsell all those acts combined. I’m just saying that music is youth driven. Just saying.

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Drake cant touch Em on sales / popularity.
        Kendrick cant beat Jay Z.

        The case of Dr Dre proves my point. This mf stamped his name on headphones and made him and the company BILLIONS. BILLIONS. Kanye does it, Jay does it, Em does it, 50 does it, Diddy does it.

        The young folk cant do that WHY ? cause they lack the popularity that you’re saying they DO have.

        Meek, Iggy (tho shes having a good run with her singles) and certainly French dont do numbers like that.

        I dont know what youre trying to prove exactly but there is no evidence at all that proves the newcomers and youngsters are doing better than the old veterans in sales / popularity.

    • 8Galaxy5

      Tell that to EM who is in London right now and will headline Wembley tomorrow in front of 80 000 fans,not once but twice.
      He is so in demand he had to set up an extra show at Wembley.
      Thats 160 000 tickets sold.

      • ILL Will

        White folks rock with their artists til well past 60…..he white so this isn’t surprising. I bet ur ass ain’t listened to em in years….

    • g MACK

      Funny, I made a comment a few weeks back about Fif and G-unit and hurt a lot of sensitive peoples feelings. I love old school music, but would hate to hear a Dj Quik or Ice cube album sound like a Soldier Boy album.

      • Markus

        Exactly and there’s a lot of pressure to do just that. Talib Kweli has a record out right now and if you hear him rhyming you can hear how he’s trying to sound like these new MCs to be current.

      • g MACK

        I’m a old head And you would never hear
        scarface sell out… Even under pressure Face and Dre’s set trends and not follow em and that’s just real talk.

      • Markus

        That’s for real. It’s a new day out there though. Music is in bad shape and in the wrong hands.

  3. scullyson

    LOL…Bangem sound like a bonafide sour puss. smh…The industry aint f’in wit too many cats who been to heights very few have gone. Brotha sound like he missed his calling or sumin. Stop hatin dog.

  4. Killuminati

    He didn’t steal the hook from banks! He didn’t have a name like 50 so he contributed it to make it a hit ….just like ja rule had to do with jay z on the song can I get a….. Wich also featured amil…..bang em surf jus mad that when he tried to use 50s formula and make a diss against 50 it didn’t jump off like expected lol

  5. grabo2003

    Ha ha ha lil’ smurf should go shoot himself. Hw he gonna diss anothet man’s sales yet he never sold a record to compare apples with apples. Everyine aint selling like they used to, everyone? EVERYONE. 50 & G-Unit winning all day. Smh at wack people bringing up sales when talking about Fif yet no one has sold as much as Fif since grodt!!!!!

      • ILL Will

        U sure bruh, i bought that sht and didn’t too much care for it. Don’t remember too many people riding too it either. Ion know though

      • Ipullcards

        Yea bro Check the stats think it actually out sold grodt.. Had big beef tracks with the Lox.. Had some crack tracks..

    • Evil Troll Coon

      Yeah…because none if his words were truth. Lol 50 fans are a joke.. if you want to support him bout his weed plate he just released

  6. Chris

    Bang Em Smurf makes many valid points. You don’t see Jay-Z trying to reunite the old Rocafella roster, do you? You don’t see Dr. Dre running back to Suge Knight, do you? They’re leaving the past in the past and doing well for themselves without it.

    • Evil Troll Coon

      50 was never ment to last.
      Lol Wayne wanted Drake and Nicki to be hot so when he left jail he’d still have a flame to catch. Eminem wanted 50 to be hot so he could catch that lame on returning with relapse. 50 never wanted his team to go beyond him & now even with the Unit his album tanked.

  7. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    smurf made a lot of good points, but at the same time many of the older celebs are not selling large numbers out the gate like back in the 90s & early 2000s with or with out a major label push.

    • Evil Troll Coon

      Wrong…They’re selling over 100k with half the effort of 50. 50 was all over tv,summerjam &in interviews& still flopped. K dots first album outsold 50 & was independent. Ppl hate to admit 50 is just the NY NELLY lol both had a run but they dead musically& nothing short of Game returning will save him. He alienated himself. Nickname soundscan killer


        wtf????? ahhh, Kendrick Lamar is not independent…..he’s on Interscope and Aftermath!!!!!! And if you talkin about Section 80, it didn’t sell no where near Animal Ambition!!! lol

      • Universe Sal

        WoW!!! NY NELLY!!! LoL, Lmao!!! Nelly did have a meteoric rise, he did have the St.Lunatics( in no way comparing skills to banks and yayo, totally different animals!) This is lazy mans research but me thinks Nelly’s first album almost went DIAMOND, aaaaannnnddd he did go at KRS-1….Tremendous Cojoknees! IM NO.1, 1, 1, 1

    • jason

      jay z last album magna carta sold 528k first week and thats after he gave a million copies free about 2 weeks dont use that excuse…


    As a true fan of Hip Hop & 50 Cent, Smurf is almost dead on correct!!!! The STANS don’t want to hear the TRUTH!!!! None of us know about the close personal shit but the industry shit he’s 1,000,000% correct on. 50 kicked Game out of G unit because he said I’m not dissing Fat Joe, The Lox etc because I’ve kicked it with them & have no problems with them…fast forward to 2013….50’s in the studio with The Lox, unfortunately it took Chris Lighty’s death but he squashed the beef with Fat Joe. Outside of any Interscope/Shady/Aftermath affiliated artists which MC’s that he felt where in his lane did 50 really mess with when he blew up??!?!! About 7 years ago in a King magazine interview 50 Cent compared himself & Jay-Z to how they were as drug dealers…his exact words were “Jay’s the type to let everyone make their money as long as he’s making the MOST $$$ meanwhile he said he’s trying to eliminate all the competition & have the block for himself”!!!! The problem now is that once you can’t destroy all your enemies & you’ve lost power (fans & major label support!!!) if you want to stay relevant you almost have to now make up with other mc’s especially if you plan on staying in the record business!!!!!

    • grabo2003

      I.m.o Fif has never started any beef, he has been the one to finish it. So other artists are the ones who have tried to go at Fif’s neck and he has dodged all those bullets hence the other artists have failed to destroy him. If Fif has lost the “power” then please do tell us who has the power? Fif and G-Unit dont need anyone to make them pop, they have always had the destiny in their own hands much like Em or Dre or Snoop do not need any mc’s to make them hot. The level of interest Fif has created since grodt is amazing for someone who some quarters call ‘irrelevant’. A fact is no one, outside of Em, has matched his success since grodt and he can back it up.

      Problem is at some point it became cool to hate on Fif yet he is the one guy who has been consistent in music content and hasnt followed trends like dance etc that is why wack ‘mcs’ like french, ross et al have tried to topple him without success.

  9. B.U.

    Smurf is right about some of those claims but he’s so disgruntled and outcasted that I can only take his words but so serious.

  10. kasshu

    SMh Grown men pushing 40years old still taking bout “Being a real street nigga” No wonder the younger Generation is lost these are the dumb asses they are forced to look up to.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      thats reality for some… cant expect everyone to come up out of their situation. some make it out some dont….

      • kasshu

        Everyone has the personal responsibility to be a better person for themselves and the ppl around them. This guy is scum who glorifies being ignorant no excuses. “You to old for that shit dog why you dnt stop it” 50 cent lol

  11. Blck46fl

    Them niggas never asked out of their contracts. If they wanted to go 50 would’ve let them go but be real what have any of them done over the past 5 years other than Buck? Banks released mixtapes wit no visual to promote any of the tracks, Yayo released mixtapes but never followed up with any. Lloyd Banks recorded tracks with Joe Budden and 50 didn’t stop that. Animal Ambition was a recycled project from Interscope with songs 5+ years old, Interscope gave him 23 million to release him and that project, the real up to date album Street King Immortal is set to release in September so never mind Bang em smurf..What has he done for the past 10 years?? He 40+ in Trinidad talking about being a real street nigga..GTFOH

  12. Jamoe

    The gunit album won’t flop. They got the hip hop community attention now and all they got to do is make good singles for radio play and it’s game ova. Also fif treated animal ambition like a mixtape wit the way he released the music dude got paid off a mixtape basically. He never let one song sit for more then a week.

  13. Dreday410

    Buck was already out of his contract before he went to jail….How you diss a nigga talking about you own a house on the Hills and all we hear is a FUKin ROASTER in the other damn interview

  14. Dreday410

    Why don’t Smurf keep it real and tell about the $1.9 Million 50 cent gave to him in a business and his stupid ass sold it for $10,000. Why don’t he mention the $30,000 watch 50 gave to him…..Why do nigga’s think you just suppose to give them shit, you work hard for it and harded to keep it and lazy nigga’s what it handed to them for NO WORK

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