Catch Total Slaughter on Saturday July 12th – Joe Budden vs. Hollow Da Don

Only 6 months after the biggest battle rap event of all time (UW’s High Stakes), Eminem and Slaughterhouse up the ante with an even larger scale event “Total Slaughter” going down this Saturday at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC.

Last month Shady Films premiered their new reality show on FuseTv “Road To Total Slaughter” , based on 8 of the biggest names in the sport matched up against each other tournament style, with a chance to land a spot on the undercard of the upcoming “Total Slaughter” PPV event. Revealed earlier this week in the last episode the last 2 battlers standing and set to face each other at the “Total Slaughter” event were the always entertaining and controversial battle rapper from Cali “Daylyt” and the legendary battle rapper from Harlem NY “T-Rex”.


One of the co- main events is a rematch of the classic “Smack DVD” battle Loaded Lux vs Murda Mook. Since their legendary battle in 2007 Loaded Lux has gone on to become in most peoples eyes The Greatest Battle Rapper of All time. Mook went on to pursue a rap career with the Ruff Ryders and eventually made his comeback to battle rap in 2012 at URL/Smack’s “Summer Madness 2” event against Iron Solomon. Though most feel he was victorious, his performance received more hate than praise. Many Including myself feel this battle wasn’t necessary and will be a let down compared to their first encounter. With that being said, we’re still interested in seeing how both MCs approach this battle.




The other main event and battle with the most anticipation is Hollow Da Don from Queens NY and the New Jersey Rap Legend Joe Budden. This may very well be the biggest battle of all time. With Hollow being one of the greatest and most popular battle rappers of all time and Joe Budden being one of the best lyricist in the game. We’ve seen a mainstream artist battle a battle rapper before with Canibus vs Dizaster , but we’ve never seen a relevant mainstream rapper who hasn’t passed his prime battle in the ring before. Many fans even casual feel that Joe is out of his league being that he’s never been on this kind of stage before and the fact that he’s facing one of the greatest to ever do it. But Joe isn’t new to this, even though they weren’t recorded he’s battle Jersey legends and even known mainstream artist such as DMX. For the first time this Saturday the industry and the battle rap world will face off, don’t miss your chance to witness history…

Tickets and PPV info is available at


Article by YoungGoldie of the IC, feel free to contact him in the Ill Community, join the debate on Total Slaughter:

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  • FahQ

    Yeah this shit gonna be gay. Trex killed it the ENTIRE show. Everyother battler CHOKED.

    SIDENOTE: Diz shouldnt have snuffed Math, because he already killed him in the 3, but fu(k Math anyway for randomly snuffing Serius (Fu(k Dose, he wack).

    Diz beat Daylyt, he should be going up against Trex. Budden a HOE, Hollow a HOE, and the two old fu(ks is fading away from life (Mook & Lux). These old farts need to move on, new people need to step the FLUCK UP!!

    AND, Budden a Hoe a55 fa99ot for voting against Diz the entire show. Eat a Di(k Hoe Buttman like Tahiry Do! UNO

    • Spirit Equality

      Nobody needs to “move on” if there are no competitors that can beat them. If you feel so strongly about it, get your bars up and *you* take out Lux. Till then, sit on the sidelines and enjoy the show.

  • FahQ


  • Clondyke Classic

    I think this shit is rigged for that Hollow nigga to win so they can shed some more light on that battle rap shit. If you pay for this shit you’re an idiot

    • Dreday410

      Don’t you think it would make more sense for them to rig the battle for JOE BUDDEN given SH has an album about to drop pretty soon ?
      Just because your ass don’t got 19.99 to spend means everyone else is a idiot

  • SupaDoopaGhost1

    Joey got DISTROYED by The Game in a battle back around ’04-05…. No one seems to remember that…

    • danboy1386

      I remember but i remember it the other way around?

      • Butch Magnus Milosevic

        Not me.

      • Spirit Equality

        I’m not even a Joe fan like that and I had Joe winning that battle too.

      • danboy1386

        I was a G-unit fan and remember thinking damn! The pump it up guy just wrecked them all.

    • The_Good_Life

      Game was riding that g unit wave but budden had way better bars. Game made a diss song to Maintain his look after that.

    • danboy1386

      You know who I think did take joey out tho…… Saigon.

    • Sadat

      I heard verses from every rap beef Joe Budden been in and he took no L’s. Killed the whole Unit. Only one that had a chance was Banks. Regardless of the outcome of him vs Hollow Da Don, the nigga can’t be discredited. He always got bars.

  • drac215

    I have to say cats jacked philly character and body language from the birth of video uploading and took it to another level. Now their like pre-scripted actors!!! The battle scene sounds and looks more like dolimite vs. jerome off martin for pimp of the year rather than a hiphop battle(beats,off the top). Take it back to the streets, peace

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