Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert Explains How He Got Lebron James To Return

(AllHipHop News) For four years, the name Dan Gilbert instantly conjured up thoughts of an inflammatory letter directed at Lebron James after James announced he would Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. Today (July 11th), hours after Lebron James announced he would be returning to the Cavaliers, Gilbert explains how the reunification process happened and how James forgave him for the letter.

According to Yahoo, last Sunday (July 6th) Gilbert met with James and his agent Rich Paul in Miami and began discussing James signing with his former team, but not before the apologies were exchanged:

I told him how sorry I was, expressed regret for how that night went and how I let all the emotion and passion for situation carry me away. I told him I wish had never done it, that I wish I could take it back.

Moments before James’ announcement was posted on SI.com, Gilbert received a text message from James’ agent that read “Dan, congratulations. LeBron’s coming home.” According to Gilbert, he first heard of Lebron’s interest in possibly returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers three years ago, but still is incredulous of the turn of events:

I went back and forth in my mind, thinking: Could this really happen? It was a volatile thing for years, and now that it’s happened, I’m still in shock.

No word yet on the terms of his deal with the Cavaliers. Read the full story of Lebron James and Dan Gilbert’s meeting here.

  • Jake Zero

    BronBron couldn’t take the Heat so he got the f*ck out the kitchen!

    • Comeonnow

      Like the saying and the use here with the double meaning. I would say he ran out more if he went to another team like the rockets, Bulls (him and Noah seem to hate each other to much), or i dunno some competitive franchise not named the heat or Cavs. Then i think he gets basted by people as a Mercenary. But going back to Cavs is at least a good story, not saying he didnt abandon the heat largely due to the problems with Wade/teammates not named Bosh.

  • Jared

    It sounds like the owner shed tears maybe lol

  • scullyson

    So Basically Gilbert kissed up to Bron….Wonder who Bron gonna try and chump now that he dont have Chalmers around..lol

    • Dubz


      • scullyson

        lol…You think ? This will be interesting…

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  • tra mo

    Yea he would apologize once free agency hit why not the same day or week he said those things

  • EniggaMA

    Sorry? You had the letter up for 4 yrs

    • jnc3000

      didn’t he just take the letter down like sometime this week

    • Comeonnow

      Yeah i and no one believes Gilbert that he wanted to take down the letter 2 months after he wrote it. Its your site dawg why it take 4 year? Seems super insincere towards Lebron about how much a mistake the Letter was. Still Lebron is a grown man with kids im sure hes reasonable and can forgive stuff even something as irritating/insulting as Gilbert’s bitch style rant. Would be impossible to trust Gilbert going forward as far as what hes trying to do as it relates to boosting the rooster up and going out trying to get trade deals like Love. If Lebron meets him and still doesnt go back i have a feeling the letter magically reappears at some time. Just seems ingenious on Gilberts bitch part.

  • arrdeesss

    Lebron next shoe deal should be for a flip flop, fits his personality.

  • Ipullcards

    U better beg! He should of never left Cleveland in the first place ESP the way he did it! I’m glad he left to go back home and not anywhere else! He proved he was a winner now prove that you’re a great like MJ

    • jnc3000

      Why you say that, 8 years in Cleveland one finals, four years in Miami four finals two rings, sounds pretty worth it to me. Plus he did not nor do he own Cleveland shit.

      • Ipullcards

        See blk ppl always think ass backwards. If u listen to the man he’ll let u know he owed the fans! He owes them more. He’s a hero there! It was straight traitor sh1t when he left. Genral scope he can do what he wants, but there’s still accountability. That’s something u sound like is foreign to u. He gave pay Riley a courtesy visit to say far well. He didn’t even as much texted anyone from Cleveland! He said it himself today. Guess ya don’t actually listen

      • therealwayno

        If Lebron would have grew up to be a bum and a criminal, would Cleveland have his back? Hell nah. Lebron put it on himself to want to give to the kids and to the fans of Cleveland but it’s not owed. He made a decision for his career the same way you decide whether or not you want to go to your current job or a new one. What’s ass backwards is scrutinizing a young black man for making decisions that affect him and his wife and his children personally just because you see him on tv or read about him on social media.

      • 5% Hov

        fans?? FOH

        He owes them nothing.

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Negro please. Them heat boys thought they were untouchable, got their ass whooped and then Lebron ran for the border.

        An OGs never lied. An ass whooping changes lives.

        Believe that bullshit if you want. It isn’t about Cleveland, its about that ass whooping they got served. Lebron left Cleveland for the same reason he is leaving the Heat. Isn’t that about a bitch?

      • GP

        ok if LeBron left cause of ass beating how come he didn’t bitch a fit when then mavs raped em

      • AlbertoRipRon

        So you can’t credit Spurs with dismantling the Heat? That’s obvious as hell. Now Lebron is going back to Cleveland? An ass whooping changes the hearts of men.

      • Comeonnow

        I think he sorta thought more likely that not he was going to be in Cleveland again sometime (and before the last finals). Now i think if the Heat win three in a row its way harder to leave before another season. I think winning a championship would post off his Cleveland signing until they lost. Hard to leave a three peat or four peat you know what i mean? Ultimately tho i think he was going to Cleveland for longer than just the aftermath of the Spurs finals (recent one). Cause he coulda signed the same type of deal with the heat as he did with cavs, 2 years with 1 year opt out. Losing was a big issue (well the issue woulda been if they won) out of the way so it was easier for him to commit to Cleveland. And lets say they won and he did for 2 year 1 year opt out, if Love doesnt move this year that puts Lebron and Love both as free agents the same time and if they have any communication i think Lebron coulda convinced Love to come to Cleveland with him and lets do something special for the City/state/area and possible basketball (that team is serious man, could win 2 or 3 in time).

    • 5% Hov

      if he never left they would have never offered him a stake of the club…

  • The Legendary Troll

    Lebron better own a percentage of the team real talk

  • Guest

    One of the best comments on ESPN:
    BREAKING NEWS: 9.6 magnitude earthquake felt in Florida. The cause has been attributed to the collapse of the Heat bandwagon.

  • Immortal

    One of the best comments on ESPN:
    BREAKING NEWS: 9.6 magnitude earthquake felt in Florida. The cause has been attributed to the collapse of the Heat bandwagon. Chris Bosh had this to say:

    • Quartermill

      Damn!!!Chris Bosh has a grandpa face.

      • GP

        grandpa face, lol try the bitter beer face from back in the day.

    • Comeonnow

      Joke or not the Heat fan base doesnt deserve that team. They boo at really stupid inappropiate points. They show up late, barely cheer. Really dont appreciate what Lebron did for 4 years, guy made you guys top of the league and got 2 close to 3 titles in 4. 4 Straight Finals, come on he did everything. Its not like how Cleveland got done, Lebron did it classy and you can be bummed but quit the lighting jerseys on fire it smacks of trying to be like Cleveland who are actual fans who suffered for what 50 years in ALL sports for any hope of titles. The decision was a slap in the face, bad call, Lebrons a home kid so it hurts more. I saw a weak try to burn his 6 heat jersey, come on you copying Cleveland and have no reason to do that dumb shit. Quit with the theatrics making you look soft and hoeish. Be glad Bosh came back man, your team isnt horrible who knows in the next year and two you got lots of free agents just realize the next season wont be a finals run im sorry. Also Heat fans always leaving early, like game 6, but plenty other ones. Showing up late like i said, guys are bandwagon fans (not all, dont kill me Miami im not saying you dont have real hardcore fans just the fanbase in general is not that. Also so much stuff to do in Miami both fun wise and career, Cleveland isnt like that tho Lebrons return has reportedly brought in 500 million $ or estimated to just to the city of Cleveland. Across Ohio im sure they felt a bit of increase in lots of sectors of business. That is awesome, the city is in trouble on that front so seeing business flourish there or open there and jobs come up is a great thing for them. Hey Bosh came back, i was sure he would go Rockets but wants that money and loves South Beach so still Wade and Bosh, specifically Bosh is a very good player and will improve if anything cause he can do some post stuff again and have more on his shoulders which i would be shocked if he couldnt preform at a high or better level. Deng was a bad move, to much money but hey what else you gonna spend on at this point i guess.

  • BoldSpice

    He cracked that whip and Lebron got back in line.

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  • wickedjones

    yall get mad because they trade them like horses.

    • scullyson

      What player are you specifically talking about ? Lebron ?

      • wickedjones

        all of them.

      • scullyson

        Not a huge Lebron Fan but from what I can see he pretty much commandeered his own destination. Unlike a horse.

  • Troll_E_G

    That’s the best pic they can find.. that shit unflattering

  • jon dubock

    Sorry but he cannot be top 5 all time anymore….

  • pauleyPee

    I don’t see the problem. Kid never left home in the first place… Right out of high school he lands on the hometown team. He becomes arguably the best player in the league. The ownership, for whatever reasons, can’t get him surrounded with enough talent to get over the hump and win a title. He leaves… Doing it in a regrettable way… But we all make mistakes. Nevertheless, he becomes the undisputed best player in the league. Takes his new team to 4-straight NBA Finals, wins 2 NBA Championships, 2 Finals MVPs, and then opts out of his contract. He realizes that Miami fans suck. He realizes that Cleveland fans don’t. He takes a deep breath, he’s already accomplished what he was in search of when he first left… He hops on his horse, he’s a Cavalier afterall, and he rides home.

    How in the fu** can anybody spin this into being some type of negativity? Why? Same people sittin’ up, watchin’ Love & Hip Hop, underachieving, workin’ at FedEx (which is fine, in itself), dropped out of college, couldn’t keep a dollar in their pocket if they were a kangaroo ass people. Haters. Have a GD seat.

  • Man…. People are missing the point on this one. The Spurs put a whoopin’ on that ass so bad that they broke up the Heat! Damn! Popovich is the man! Now instead of contending with one team the Spurs have demolished 2 teams with no one in contention. Talk about some gangsta sh*t. Wow!

    • cindydtompkins

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      on the computer . see post C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

    • Sgt. H. Jennings

      Black Jay Supreme, I have to agree. The Spurs scarred them boys. Each and every last one of them. The Spurs did to the Heat what the Seahawks did to the Broncos.. Exposed them!!!! Oh well..

    • AlbertoRipRon

      Word up

    • GP

      hold up you cant give the spurs all the credit, I recall the mavs blasted the heat. To Miami Fans. Don’t mess with texas!

      • Comeonnow

        Yeah people say Lebron wasnt ready to lead or something. Bottom line it was the Mavs time, Dirk deserved one, hes an amazing and unique player. Cant hate on a guy like that getting a championship. Really playing what woulda happened, it really feels like the Spurs should of had their second straight title with this last one. What happened in Game 6 in the first Spurs Heat final was series of dumb choices and big shots. Duncan not being out there was criminal and dumb (by pop), same with Parker, i mean really they gave away that game 6 something horrible. But Give Heat credit and my man Ray Allen showing it doesnt matter his age the guy is one of the greatest if not greatest shooters now. Its him and Reggie Miller in my book. Korver is great and might end up there, or might be there i dunno. But it feels the Spurs snatched defeat from the Jaws of Victory. Those guys focused on that for along time, they wanted the heat in the finals to be able to prove a point and fix a wrong. And they embarassed the Heat, certainly Wade (he musta been hurt right? that was way to much of a fall off for just bad shooting). He had to have a bad knee or sprained/slight fracture somewhere i cant figure out how he turns into a non factor. Cant say its fatigue the dude rested so much, you cant rest him any more really so if thats not enough time off to be able to play through the finals then hes not anywhere on the level he was 2-5 years ago. Sad cause hes likable and plays a game thats exciting and physical, maybe to physical for his frame who knows.

  • Quartermill

    Lebron went to one final with Cleveland, won a few championships with Miami, but I think he is overrated. People keep comparing Lebron to Michael Jordan. But, when the Spurs beat the Heat in this years finals that proved he’s not on Michael Jordan’s level. When Lebron was playing for Miami, he had a starting lineup full of great players that have experience. Also he had great players coming off the bench.
    When Michael Jordan played for the Bulls he had the ability to make his team mates better. When his father was murdered he was still able to play at his best and win championships. Kobe caught a charge and almost lost his mind, lol. Jordan had the flu and a fever a lot of the times when he was playing in a game, and was able to play at his best. Players try to emulate Michael Jordan style of playing. Also, players try to perform his dunks in dunk competitions. Jordan played against teams like the Spurs on a regular bases. Jordan shitted on legends in basket ball.
    Lebron became dehydrated during a game in the finals against the Spurs, and had to miss the rest of the game because of muscle cramps. So, he can’t play through conditions like Jordan. Lebron has to develop the ability to make his teammates better in Cleveland. He has to make better decision during games. He has to win more championships or break records. Also, Lebron has to shit on players that are legendary in basketball or will become legendary in basketball. Otherwise, will never be on Michael Jordan’s level.

    • GP

      boy you smoking raw Columbia dope! Jordan shitted on legends? he damn sure didn’t shit on bird and them Celtics. he pushed off westbrook to beat the jazz. Lebron shitted on plenty of players. don’t do that brah give props where props are due.

      • Quartermill

        Jordan and the Bulls did shit on Bird and the Celtics. Not only did Jordan shit on Bird and the Celtics, they swept the series, and won the nba finals that year. It was not Westbrook who Jordan supposedly pushed off to beat the jazz, it was Russell. They showed the replay more than a few times, and it proved that Jordan did not push off of Russell. Russell was off balance, and Jordan did a crossover and broke that dusty niggas ankles. Lebron shitted on players, but not legendary players like Shaq, Mutumbo, Olajewhaun, Payton, and other legendary players from the nineties era. Plus the players of today is not as intelligent as the players from that era.

    • Comeonnow

      Lebron really had a horrible team in Cleveland. Its not a secret its a fact. Also he hadnt become a real leader which i think was an issue. Jordan is better i dont buy Lebrons the best ever now, Jordan is he had a killer instinct but also had a good team. Saying he didnt is ignorant. Im not saying he had an amazing team or all time team but he had great players and good pieces. Specially coming back, he had Rodman which i think in retrospect people dont realize how game changing that man was. Pippen is amazing, He had a few others but Pippen and Jordan were the main ones and Jordan was obviously the top dog. Also gotta look at coaches and organizations. Cav org is bad, Mike Brown is a bad coach. Phil Jackson (after he came back from Baseball) is the best modern coach but Pop is really close and i think a much better strategist and the type of coach to rest guys the proper way not like Spol (hes a good underrated coach cause Riley’s influence), Spol and the organizations way of using Wade and letting him sit far to much didn’t work. He still was done the whole finals cept one game. Could be all on Wade, maybe his knee/body is worse than they expect. He seems to have a very limited window to play at all even at a good borderline at times great level. He wont be like Dirk Nowitzki, he cant shoot threes and is a okay shooter otherwise ohh hes also not a 7 footer. He wont learn how to do that at this age. In his prime he attacked the rim like no one else, he was awesome to watch and had a ferocious quality to his attitude and playstyle. Hes taken to many dings and often cant play 70% of that. Hope he bounces back but dont see why he would. Blat i have no faith in, i think not getting Mark Jackson was a mistake and Calipari was bad timing, i think if he knew Lebron was a sure thing he woulda been with the Cavs and been a good fit.

  • GP

    ok why hate LeBron? I mean he do what he do. look at Jordan when he didn’t make it to the finals and win one I bet nobody dogged him and plus mike had a nice supporting team. I mean you think mike could win with a banged up pippen(wade) a soft luke Longley(Bosh), 50/50 steve kerr(Chalmers)and bj Armstrong(Cole) or a unreliable kukoc?(Haslem) fact of the matter is LeBron did the same thing mike did carry his team. so why all the hate im sure nobody talking about how Iverson yoked mike knees from him in that all star game, wait let me guess he was old when Iverson yanked him. or what about when mike missed that wide open dunk, im sure nobody want to bring that up. I mean seriously if you don’t have LeBron in you top 5 you smoking raw dope. the man was the youngset in the nba to all types of things. I mean yea mike got 6 rings bron has 2. if you going base it on that then that’s stupid. I think LeBron should be giving some type of credit for doing what he do.

  • Comeonnow

    Lebron doesnt deserve the hate. Hes going back to his hometown, a place that is cursed in terms of sports success. Hes not joining a all star team, its a good team (wiggins you cant tell but should be good, get love for Wiggins tho if they pass that up they are insane. I know you need like 2 others thurston and deion but still do it now, Love is a for sure thing, a unique player who fits perfectly for Lebron. Great catch and shooter, creative, great scorer, great great big man passer, amazing rebounder, a for sure thing that will get better hes only 24. Wiggins could be GREAT, which is why its scary to trade him. But i think you gotta get love now and take advantage of Lebrons age now (30) before he gets to 33 or 35 and is on the major decline. Love Lebron and Kyrie is a legitimate team, best in the East and can compete with the West. Maybe not win in the Finals but a good chance, atleast 40 or close to 50 (depending, Spurs would be hardest fight followed by OKC no doubt.) If Wiggins turns into a top 10 guy well still Love is a top 6 now. And again Love is 24, not old not in his prime. SO its not like your giving Wiggins 19 for a 29 year old guy, 24 is not old and fits in with when you think the Cavs would be serious contenders like 2 or 3 years. Maybe next year with Love depending on how other guys like Bennett and whoever else they dont trade turn out. But Kyrie Lebron and Love alone is three high level all stars with Kyrie being the worst, and i think he gets way better at the things he needs to with Lebron. Defense, Off the Ball shooting, Shot selection, and then you got three guys in Lebron Love and Kyrie who are top level passers. Lebron is the best passer in the game, Love is the best passing big man, Kyrie is a higher level passer, not the best point guard passer or top point guard but top 5 or 10 point guards. I think the Coach is the sticking point. He could be great but hes also such a un known, i think if the Kentucky Coach, cant remember his name, woulda known lebron is a sure thing and love is a possibility he woulda coached the Cavs and help them big time. Same with Mark Jackson, Lebron likes him and hes good. Blatt may be a genius but im scared of Russian coaches and how they work in the NBA. Lets hope hes a genius level coach. If its Wiggins and other picks and maybe a future first from the heat for Love you HAVE to do it, or if its Kyrie and maybe a pick or two you might have to do that as well (for love) considering Lebron is a Point Forward and Love is a way better shooter off the ball and overall then Kyrie is. Kyrie gets hurt some too, him and love are both bad at Defense but i imagine with Lebron around they get better.Next year a championship seems crazy even with Love maybe, i think you gotta look the season after that (and if love doesnt trade this offseason he will be a unresistricted free agent in 2015 so you still got a great chance at Love in Cleveland (they gotta get him man, Wiggins might kill them in the long run if he turns out a top 5 player superstar, and honestly makes more sense having Wiggins and trading Kyrie as like i said Lebron can pass so can Love so you need a top shooter which Wiggins is sorta but will be for sure down the line. Hes also a freak athlete man, like a 44 inch vert or something like that right? Thats amazing. Plus Wiggins is a defender, will turn into a lock down and might be able to defend some of the top guys and keep Lebron from having to expend to much energy on Defense. Maybe they can fleese the T wolves and somehow keep wiggins and Kyrie, i cant imagine that could happen they dont have the assets really but dumber trades have been made. Cause no doubt if somehow you get Kyrie Wiggins Lebron Love on a team, this or the next year, thats a all star team for real.You would have to lose Varejao and all the other previous firsts like Bennett Waiters (spelling), and Thurs ton. plus miamis 2015 1st round draft and im sure other promised firsts. T wolves would lose if they did that but maybe they arent getting better offers unless Golden agrees to put Klay Thompson in the deal which is good but you might need more on the Golden State side, not star guys but lower level prospects and future draft picks. No way they can keep Klay, unless Timberwolves lose their mind and are okay with Iguodala and guys like Bogart and other draft picks and future drafts. I dont think you can do GSW without Klay as the center which is a tough choice hes the best shooting guard in the league in my view. Hes a 2 way player and a shooter. young too and good chemistry. Love tho is so unique now a days you gotta get him if you can. Hes freaking young as shit too, 24 is perfect to put alot of money and trades into developing him. He would work anywhere like Pau Gasol in my opinion, they are alot alike awesome big man passers, scorers (loves much better at that) and rebounders (Love dominates anyone at that). Both cant play defense. Bulls did good, if Rose can play thats a top East team. Sorry for rambling